Current Challenges Facing Educational Institutions
This is a conversation you must be a part of.

If you thought last year was tough for education, wait until you hear what many educational institution leaders are facing this year with student and family mental health issues, under-vaccinated populations and break-through infections, staff shortages, and the real consequences of quarantine policies.

Our panelists cover all parts of the education spectrum: from the heavily-resourced Ivy-League world of Yale, to under-resourced community colleges and a K-12 college-prep charter school serving primarily economically disadvantaged scholars, to an urban public school district of 20,000+ students, 80% of whom come from families within a small range of the federal poverty line.

Join us for this incredibly important conversation reflecting the current state of and disparities within education in our country.
YANA Panel Discussion
Wednesday, August 25 | 6:30 PM EDT
All welcome to attend; Registration required
Blackstone Valley Prep, K-12
Community College of Rhode Island
Vice Provost for Academic Affairs & VP for Global Strategy, Yale University
Hartford Public Schools
Seth Zimmerman (moderator)
Associate Professor of Economics and Public Finance, Yale School of Management

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