November, 2015

Register Now for the NIPSA Annual Meeting on Friday, January 22, 2016

The Annual Meeting is a one day conference to be held at: 

Alexander Montessori School
14850 SW 67th Avenue
Miami, FL  33158 
8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

This event is free to all NIPSA schools.  Download the registration form attached to this email, fill it out and email it to

General Sessions

Session Title: "Boundaries" 
Presenter:  Candice Pinares-Baez
Educational Lawyer, Fisher and Phillips, LLC,  2016 "Law Firm of the Year" for Labor Law - Management by U.S. News - Best Lawyers®. 

Session Title: "Reframing Teaching and Learning"                     
Presenter:  Bena Kallick, Ph.D.                                                                      
International Education Consultant



Breakouts - First Group

Session Title:  "Educating in the Era of Helicopter Parenting"
Presenter:        Dr. Adriana Restrepo Munoz
Do you remember what our parents were like raising us?   Have you wondered how today's parenting became so different?  This session deals with how to successfully work with students being raised in the era of helicopter parenting and the impact on education and educators this parenting trend has had.  

Session Title:  "Outsouring Tuition Management"
Presenter:         Nancy Mendes
  Regional Vice President, FACTS Management

This session will cover the top five reasons schools outsource their tuition management and financial aid assessment.

Session Title:  "Training to Be on a NIPSA Accreditation Team"

This session will train individuals to successfully be a member on the accrediting teams that go to NIPSA schools to conduct accreditation/re-accreditation visits.

Breakouts - Second Group

Session Title:  
Technology:  The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Presenter:         Dr. Adriana Restrepo Munoz
  Guidance Counselor, Gulliver Schools

Are you a Digital Native or a Digital Immigrant?  Technology has changed the way we live, think and function in society.  So many aspects of our lives are easier while others have become more complicated because of technology.  This presentation looks at all sides of the impact of technology on us as society and things we can do prevent it taking control of us and our students.

Session Title:  Implementing Habits of Mind in the School Setting
Presenter:        Pete Lavaroni
 Director, Kittredge School

In this session, Pete will share how to implement the Habits of Mind Character Program into the school setting, the process for the school staff and the positive effects on the institution.  He will talk about the experience of his school becoming the first school in the San Francisco Bay area to become certified in the program.

Session Title:  Increasing Enrollment Through Inbound Marketing
Presenter:        RenWeb
This session will present ways to bring visitors in to our schools rather than having marketers go out to get prospects' attention.  The discussion will include earning the attention of customers, making the company easy to be found and drawing customers to the school's website by producing interesting content.  

Lunch for event sponsored by 
Facts Management