Online Seminar
with Dr. Agnes:
Friday, May 20, 2022
9:00 am-10:30 am (PT)
This month, we are offering an online seminar presented by the founder of BriteMinds, Dr. Agnes. In “Beyond Children’s Behavior,” you will meet with Dr. Agnes and acquire a deeper understanding of how the child’s mind works.

Dr. Agnes will present practical strategies, scientific literature, video clips, and vignettes to illuminate the hidden world of children’s minds. She will discuss how dormant and invisible triggers may activate adaptive and maladaptive behavior responses that are often surprising to parents, teachers, and siblings. By the completion of the seminar, participants will be better able to listen to and communicate with children, understand children’s not-so-obvious internal experiences, and facilitate children’s self-regulatory processes more successfully. Zoom link will be sent to registered participants. Fee: $75.00

Enjoy a Better Quality of Life with an Organized Mind!

Teaching your child executive function skills is one of the best ways to help them learn to prioritize, organize, learn, sustain attention and focus, and much more, and is included in each BriteMinds lesson plan.

Distractions and interruptions can be due to factors such as disorganization and feeling overwhelmed, overexcited, or fatigued. Children facing challenges are helped by their BriteMinds academic coaches, who work with each student’s individual strengths to build habits of sustained attention in a healthy and emotionally balanced way. We help your child develop executive function skills, acquiring good habits and learning to blossom academically. 

With backgrounds in fields such as psychology, education, and counseling, all BriteMinds instructors are trained in our teaching and organizational methodology. 
Thank you, BriteMinds!

“The teachers at BriteMinds are very friendly, charming, and always encouraging us. That’s why we study even harder. We really enjoy going to BriteMinds because we learn and also play. Our teachers always make us laugh. We learn things that help us in school. We have so much fun when we write stories.” – S.G.
Schedule a free MEET and GREET. Meet our instructors and see how BriteMinds works. Students appreciate our individualized attention to their needs and are motivated by taking leadership in their academic journey. BriteMinds is a community where students and instructors are collaborative partners. We look forward to meeting you online or, as safety measures permit, inviting you to visit our beautiful facility!

Enrolling NOW:
BriteMinds Summer Program!
May is a great month to prepare for BriteMinds Summer Program, which begins in June.

We have plenty of educational and fun skill-building activities to help teach students during the summer months. We write precise observational notes and descriptive evaluations for each student’s individualized learning plan to help them reach their learning potential. Academic aptitude and academic readiness are integrated into all BriteMinds lessons. View our Summer Program flyer.

Call us at 310.541.2005 to find out more about our summer specials. Children enjoy learning with BriteMinds!