January 2023
Classroom visit from a Farmer
We'll match your K-8 classroom with an agriculture volunteer! The volunteer reads a book, answers student's questions about growing food, and leads a NEW resource with a hands-on activity that explores Land Stewardship!
Healthy Foods from Healthy Farms
Students make connections between the food we eat and the people who grow it and process it by creating a healthy snack using Canada's Food Guide.

What's in Your Lunchbox?
GRADES 3 TO 6 | Hlth, ELA, SS
With this learning kit, students learn which crops, animals and plant parts are needed to make the foods that they commonly each.

Mission: Super-Human
GRADES 6 TO 8 | Hlth, Sci
A gamified resource with each lesson a 'Mission' where students work in groups to create a Super-Human to defeat villains that are trying to take over the food system.

thinkAG Website
GRADES 5 TO 12 | Careers, Hlth, Sci
thinkAG.ca offers students insight as to jobs tailored to their interests and personalities, to help them find their purpose-driven career.

Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month
GRADES K - 8 | Province-wide

Register for an agriculture volunteer to visit your classroom during March! They'll bring a NEW Land Stewardship resource that includes fun, hands-on activities and answer your student's questions about growing food in Saskatchewan!
Explore Digital Ag Presentation
GRADES 10 - 12 | Province-wide

Only available until April, secure your preferred date! Digital agriculture and technology-related careers are awaiting the next generation. Help your students learn about the exciting elements of digital agriculture and careers in the sector.
Resource Curriculum Map
Integrating AITC resources into your classroom has never been easier!
Our K-12 Resource Curriculum Map tool provides recommended resources that are mapped to curriculum outcomes for each grade!
Agriculture Student Scholarship
Do you know a student who is interested in working in a fast paced, tech savvy, exciting industry that has a lasting impact on our world?
If so, agriculture has the perfect career for them! The Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture is proudly offering a grand-prize scholarship of $4,000, and three runner-up scholarships worth $2,000.