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Seeking Certainty in an Uncertain World:

May 20-22 Midtown NYC

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This is an event where you can meet with, hear many world leading geo and finance experts who evaluate, advise, find, fund and value minerals projects of all types, working around the world. Don't miss it.

Expert engineers from 8+ world leading firms evaluating the world's projects will be with us. You can meet with they and many other mining, finance, regulators, advisors supporting world supply chains.

SME is an not for profit association focused on educating many, with 14,000 members in 100+ countries. Inspiring Mining Professionals Worldwide Get your questions answered. Space is limited.

Attend the breakfasts, lunches, refreshment breaks, receptions, any of four engaging workshops - with fine catered foods and beverages. In an excellent venue to meet others, build relations, share and learn.

Register now. Meet the experts, read the Agenda. They work every day world wide on key issues, sourcing metal, advising owners, operators, regulators. All must register in advance. No exceptions.

NY SME thanks all sponsors; RPM GlobalShearman & SterlingSLR Consulting, and SME Foundation and the others and speakers for their leadership and media partners. They make this possible.

Read the topics to be discussed here and below, beyond the Monday May 20 four workshops; three evening receptions and more.

At the Monday May 20 Welcome Reception will be two Guest Speakers: Dr. Kwasi Ampofo, Head of Metals & Mining: Bloomberg New Energy Finance (NEF): Is the US winning the race to secure critical minerals for the energy transition?; and Mr. Kai Hoffmann, CEO, SOAR Financial: The Green Energy Revolution – Do Investors Really Care? Financing Trends Join us!

Tuesday May 21, 2024 Agenda

7:00 AM Registration, Breakfast and Networking: Sponsored by: AtkinsRealis; Behre Dolbear ; DRAGlobal; SGS: Societe Generale de Surveillance SA

7:45 AM Welcome by New York SME Conference Co–Chairs: Tim Alch Executive Director, Alan Oshiki, Chairman and Shearman & Sterling LLP: Cynthia Urda Kassis, Global Project Development & Finance Practice Leader, Lead Industry Coordinator for Metals & Mining; Opening Remarks: Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration (SME): David Kanagy, Executive Director and Dr. Marc A. Herpfer, 2024 President of SME

8:10 AM I.1. Special Invited Guest Speaker - TBA

8:40 AM I.2. Key Trends Overcoming Challenges and Disruptions Impacting Financing Mines Today: Roundtable: SLR Consulting: Grant Malensek, Technical Director - US Mining Advisory, (Ch); Elevation Gold Mining Corp.: Doug Ward, Independent Director; Orion Resource Partners: Jon Lamb, Managing Partner; Rothschild: Karina Danilyuk, Vice President; ING Bank: Remco Meeuwis, Director

9:25 AM I.3. Coordination Mineral Development & Strengthening Supply Lines: Efforts Across the US Government: United States Department of Energy: Zack Valdez, Advisor, Office of Manufacturing and Energy Supply Chains, (Ch); United States Department of Defense: Joseph Sopcisak; Technical Integration Officer MCEIP OASD for Industrial Base Policy; United States Department of State: George Cajati; United States Department of State; Foreign Affairs Officer

9:25 AM I.3A. TBA

10:20 AM I.4. Critical Minerals: Powering Next Generation Technologies, Government of Canada, Consulate General of Canada in New York City: Christopher Wimmer, Canadian Consul & Head of Investment; and others (TBA)

10:20 AM I.4A. Restructuring Cautionary TalesSquire Patton Boggs: Stephen Lerner, global chair of the Restructuring & Insolvency Practice Group (Ch); Squire Patton Boggs (US) LLP: Carolyn L. McIntosh, Senior Partner; FTI Consulting, Inc., David J. Beckman, Senior Managing Director; Shearman & Sterling LLP: Fredric Sosnick, Global Operations Partner, partner in the Financial Restructuring & Insolvency practice (TBC) 

11:10 AM Refreshment Break: Sponsored by: CohnReznick LLP; McCarl's Technical Services

11:10 AM I.5. Bankers’ View of Financing the Development of Greenfield & Brownfield Mining Projects Today (TBC): ING Bank: Remco Van De Water, Director, Natural Resources: Metals & Mining Americas (Ch) (TBC); Contango Ore: Rick Van Nieuwenhuyse, President, CEO and Director (TBC): and Others (TBA) 

11:10 AM I.5A. A Fireside Chat: with Skarn Associates: Matthew Piggott, Head of Research, Non Ferrous Metals (TBC): The Impact of the Industry's Decarbonization Efforts on the Economics of the Industry and Various Commodities moderated by Matthew Johnson: Allen & Overy (Perth Office), Co-Head of Mining Group 

12:00 AM I.6. Current State of Key Funding Sources: Shearman & Sterling LLP: Lachlan Poustie, Partner, Project Development & Finance practice (Ch); International Finance Corporation (IFC): Namrata Thapar, Global Head of Mining; Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking; Alvaro Belevan Senior Director (TBC); S&P Global Ratings: Erin Boeke Burke, Director, Lead Analyst, Sustainable Finance, Americas: Torys: Braden Jebson, Partner (TBC) 

12:00 AM I.6A. Beyond Exploration: The Challenges of Financing Early-Stage Mining Projects: Refined Substance Inc.: Kimberly Darlington, President and Founder (Ch); Northern Graphite:  Hugues Jacquemin, CEO; Arianne Phosphate: Brian Ostroff, President; and Others (TBA)

12:50 PM Networking Lunch: Sponsored by: Government of Quebec; RESPEC; US Gold;

1:00 PM I.7. Guest Speaker: The U.S. Needs a Centralized Minerals & Mining Agency; Debra Struhsacker: Struhsacker Consulting: Debra Struhsacker, Principal; Women’s Mining Coalition: Co-Founder

1:20 PM I.8 Keynote: Government of Quebec: Senior Official (TBA) – held within all rooms with live Broadcast from the Shearman Room

1:55 PM I.9. The Importance of Government Support for Domestic Critical Mineral Projects - A Roundtable Discussion: Better in Our Backyard: Ryan Sistad, Executive Director (Ch); Wesben Global Ltd.: Danielle Comeau, MBA, MHR, CEO; Lithium Universe Ltd.: Alex Hanly, BEng, (Mech), MBA, Chief Executive Officer; Wallbridge Mining Ltd.: Brian Penny, Chief Executive Officer; RPMGlobal: Luke Stephens, Executive Consultant – ESG, Social Specialist (TBC)

1:55 PM I.9A. Metals Prices and Demand: What is the Outlook? How Best to Manage Going Forward: Bloomberg Intelligence: Mike McGlone, CFA, FRM, Senior Commodity Analyst; (TBC) CPM Group: Jeffrey Christian, Managing Partner (Ch); Bannockburn Capital Markets: Darrell Fletcher, Managing Director - Commodities; The World Bank: John Baffes, Senior Economist, Macroeconomics, Trade & Investment (Ch) (TBC)

2:45 PM I.10. M&A, Transactions, Mergers, and Consolidation Trends in Mining Today: Blake, Cassels & Graydon: Steven McKoen, KC, Partner (Ch); Bloomberg: Todd Sibilla, Commodity Applications Specialist; Shearman & Sterling LLP: George Karafotias, Partner, Mergers & Acquisitions Group; Squire Patton Boggs: Carolyn McIntosh, Senior Partner 

2:45 PM I.10.A. What is Driving Today’s Cost Overrun of Mine & Other Projects; What Can You Do to Mitigate Risk? RPMGlobal: Stuart Smith, President, Advisory and Consulting – Americas (Ch); US Gold Corp: George Bee, President & CEO (TBC); Dore Copper: Ernest Mast, CEO, President; Whittle Consulting: Gerald Whittle, CEO (TBC); McCarl’s Technical Services: Thomas Rauch, PE, President Technical Services

3:30 PM Networking Refreshment Break: Sponsored by: CohnReznick LLP; McCarl's Technical Services

3:50 PM I.11. Government’s Support of Critical Mineral Exploration, Development and Supply ChainsNorton Rose Fulbright: Laura Konkel, Associate, (Ch) (TBC); SAFE (Securing America's Future Energy) Center for Critical Minerals Strategy: Abigail Hunter, Executive Director; Investissement Québec: Jean-Francois Béland, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives; Nouveau Monde Graphite: Charles Oliver Tarte, CPA, Chief Financial Officer and Others (TBA)

3:50 PM I.11.A. Importance and Challenges of Concentrating and the Extraction of Minerals: AtkinsRealis: Tony Lipiec, Global, VP Process, Minerals & Metals (Ch); Glencore Technology; Scott Martin, FCIM, Sales Director North & Central America (TBC); SGS Societe Generale de Surveillance SA: David Anonychuk, Global Vice President, Metallurgy and Consulting (Ch); HudBay Minerals: Matthew Taylor, Vice President, Metallurgy Technical Services (TBC) 

4:35 PM I.12. New Capital in Mining: What Works, and What’s Next? What About Silicon Valley? ExploreTech: Tyler Hall, Co-Founder and President (Ch): Resource Capital Funds: Atusa Sadeghi, Vice President, North America; Hindustan Zinc: Hugo Schumann; Chief Executive Officer, Silver; SOAR Financial: Kai Hoffmann, CEO; RedCloud Securities: Chad Williams, Founder

4:35 PM I.12.A. Case Study: How Québec Supports Mineral ExplorationInvestissement Québec: Jean-Francois Béland, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives; SOQUEM: Tony Brisson, President and CEO; Azimut Exploration: Jean-Marc Lulin, President and CEO; NQ Investissement Miniers: Sylvain Lépine, Managing Director (TBA); Abitibi Metals Corp.: Jonathon Deluce, President and CEO (TBC) and Others (TBA)

5:25 PM I.13. Nuclear Energy: Are SMRs An Answer? Hartree Partners: Matthew Rosales P. Geo. Mine Finance & Investments (Ch); Radiant Value Management: Isuru Seneviratne, Principal (Ch); Capstone Partners: Raymond M. McCormick, Managing Director, Energy & Natural Resources; Mazini Energy & Power Inc.: Chief Roy Jones; Skyharbour Resources Ltd.: Dr. Andrew J. Ramcharan, Ph.D., P.Eng., Senior Vice President, Corporate Development (TBC)

5:25 PM I.13.A. Opportunities, Operating, Risks Elsewhere: An International Panel: Mining Journal: Paul Harris, Americas, Editor (Ch); McEwen Copper: Rob McEwen, Chairman; Reyna Silver Corp.: Dr. Peter Megaw, Chief Technical Advisor; Reyna Silver Corp.: Lauren Megaw, Head of Investor Relations; Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP: Frank Mariage, Partner; EY Mining & Metals Centre of Excellence: Beatriz Orrantia: Corporate Director, External Advisor  

6:10 PM Tuesday May 21 Evening Reception Registration with two Guest Speakers: Mr. Rob McEwen, Chairman, McEwen Mining & McEwen Copper: How to Make Mining RELEVANT to Investors; and Dr. Dave Lawie, Ph.D., Chief Geoscientist, Chief Technologist - Mining, IMDEX Ltd: Unlock the Mine's Hidden Value: The Power of Ore Body Knowledge

We welcome you to register now, get your questions answered, meet experts working every day world world re these critical issues. No on site registrations. All must register in advance.

NY SME thanks all of the sponsors including RPM GlobalShearman & SterlingSLR Consulting, and SME Foundation for their leadership and media partners' support - without you this meeting is not possible.

Wednesday May 22, 2024 Agenda

7:00 AM Registration, Breakfast and Networking: Sponsored by: AtkinsRealis; Behre Dolbear; DRAGlobal; SGS: Societe Generale de Surveillance SA

8:10 AM II.1 When Faced with Arbitration: What Can Be Done? Shearman & Sterling LLP: Christopher Ryan, Partner (Ch); Allen & Overy: Patrick Pearsall, Partner; Secretariat International: Chris Milburn, Managing Director; SLR Consulting: Ian Weir, Technical Manager, Mining Advisory

8:10 AM II.1A. Why the Stock Exchange Junior Mining Companies List on Can Make a Difference: OTC Markets Group International - A Panel Discussion: OTC Markets: John Viglotti, Senior Vice President, Investor Access (Ch); OTC Markets Group Inc. & OTC Markets Group International Ltd.: Jason Paltrowitz, Executive Vice President & Director; Canadian Securities Exchange: Richard Carleton, Chairman; Abitibi Metals Corp.: Jonathan Deluce, CEO

8:55 AM II.2. Mining 4.0: What Are the Mines of the Future? RESPEC: Peter Christensen, Principal Consultant, (Ch); McEwen Copper: Rob Mc Ewen, Chairman; US Gold Corp.: George Bee, President and CEO; Newtrax: Larry Clark, Mining and Technology Consultant (TBC); and Others: (TBA)

8:55 AM II.2.A Copper: A Mineral Essential For Society: The Challenges of Getting it to MarketBetter in our Backyard: Ryan Sistad, Executive Director (Ch); National Investor Publishing: Chris Temple, Owner (Ch); Global External: Adam Hawkins, President; Nuvau Minerals; Peter Van Alphen, President & CEO; McEwen Copper: Michael Meding, VP and General Manager

9:45 AM II.3. The Role of State Land Trusts in Resource Development: Stantec: Michael G. Nelson, Senior Mining Consultant (Ch); Alaska State Trust Land Office: Jusdi Warner, Executive Director; Utah Trust Lands Administration: Stephanie Barber Renteria, Managing Director, Energy & Minerals (TBC); Utah Trust Lands Administration: Kim Christy, Director, Utah Land Trusts Protection & Advocacy Office (TBC); Utah Trust Lands Administration: Chris Fausett, Managing Director, Surface Lands,; Optional Business Agreements (TBC); Utah Trust Lands Administration: Tyler Wiseman, Tyler Wiseman, Geoscientist & Lease Manager (TBC)

9:45 AM II.3.A. Strengthening Critical Minerals Supply Chains: A Technical Perspective: SGS Société Générale de Surveillance SA: David Anonychuk, Natural Resources, Global Vice President, Metallurgy and Consulting (Ch); RPMGlobal: Philippe Baudry, Executive General Manager, Advisory Services; SRK Consulting: Matt Sullivan, Mineral Economist; Stantec: Michael Stine, Manager, Mining Economics and Strategy; DRA Americas: Pierre Julien, Executive Vice President, DRA Group Holdings, President, DRA Americas  

10:30 AM Networking Refreshment Break: Sponsored by: CohnReznick LLP; McCarl's Technical Services

10:50 AM II.4. The Challenge of De-Risking the Permitting of Mines TodayHolland & Hart: Laura Granier, Partner (Ch); American Exploration & Mining Association (AEMA): Mark Compton, Executive Director (Ch); SWCA Environmental Consultants, Andrew Harley, PhD, Client Services Director, Mining; Big Rock Exploration: Gabriel Sweet, Vice President, Operations; Mining Minnesota: Julie Lucas, Executive Director

10:50 AM II.4.A. Understanding the Impact of Financial, Technical and Operational Issues on Execution Risk on a Mining Project Portfolio: SCM Decisions: Michael Samis, Ph.D., P.Eng. Principal (Ch); Anglo American Steelmaking Coal: Andrea Rutley, Head of Technical & Analytics; DRA Americas: Pierre Julien, Executive Vice President, DRA Group Holdings, President, DRA Americas; Colorado School of Mines: Tom Brady, Professor, Mineral Economics (TBC)

11:35 AM II.5. Energizing Growth: Unleashing Human & Capital Potential in Battery/ Critical Minerals Ventures: MRC Consulting: Lindsey Schultz, President; Lomiko Metals: Belinda Labatte, CEO and Director, Interim Chair of the Board; First Phosphate Corp.: John Passalacqua, CEO & Director (TBC); Surge Battery Metals: Greg Reimer, CEO; Hammond Group Inc.: Terry Murphy, President & CEO

11:35 AM II.5.A. Valuation Issues Concerning Renewables & Mines Today: RPMGlobal: Stuart Smith, President, Advisory and Consulting – Americas (Ch); CohnReznick LLP: Steven Munson, CFA, ASA, Principal Valuation Advisory Services (Ch); Kroll Canada Ltd.: Peter Lam, CPA, CA., CFA, Senior Director; Trident Royalties plc: Justin Anderson, Vice President, Americas (TBC); PMV Research, LLC: Michael Spohn, Principal 

12:10 PM Networking Lunch: Sponsored by: CohnReznick LLP; RESPEC; U.S. Gold

12:30 PM Lunch Speaker(s) (TBA) – Broadcast in all rooms from the Shearman Room will be a Special, First Time pre recorded Video Interview, Fireside Chat discussing: "The Global Economy, The Commodities Markets and More" with Dr. Marc Faber, Publisher of The Gloom Boom & Doom Report and Director of Marc Faber Ltd. and Peter Boockvar, Chief Investment Officer, Bleakley Financial Group and Editor of The Boock Report; moderated by Michael Fox, Publisher, The Prospector News. Following will be Terry Lynch, CEO of Power Nickel, talking about: Canada’s Junior Mining Capital Markets Are Broken - Here’s How We Fix It.

1:30 PM II.6 New Technology: The Goal Is Increasing Productivity and Output. Does AI and Other Technology Play a Role: ExploreTech: Tyler Hall, Co-Founder and President (Ch); Prospector Portal: Emily King, CEO; IMDEX Limited: Dave Lawie, Chief Geoscientist and Chief Technologist, Mining (TBC); InSkill Inc.:  David Talbot, Founder and Managing Director; Orbital Sidekick, Inc.: Peter Weaver, Vice President, Business Development; SB Quantum: David Roy Guay, CEO and Founder

1:30 PM II.6.A. What Role Can Recycling Have in Supplying Future Needs for Critical Minerals?  SGS: David Anonychuk, Global Vice President, Metallurgy & Consulting; Glencore: (TBA); Geomega Resources: Kiril Mugerman, President & CEO, Exsolve: Rob Bergmann, Co-Founder, CEO & Director; BacTech Environmental Corp: Ross Orr, CEO; Hammond Group, Inc.: Terry Murphy, President and CEO

2:15 PM II.7. What is Critical in Mining Today: A Roundtable DiscussionClearCreek Digital: Trevor Hall, President (Ch): Critical Minerals Institute: Jack Lifton, Executive Chairman; Greyfriars, LLC: Matthew Zolnowski, President and the Wilson Center, Global Fellow of; Energy Fuels Inc.: Mark Chalmers, President & CEO, Director (TBC); Appia Rare Earths & Uranium Corp.: Stephen Burega, President (TBC); Western Alaska Minerals Corp.: Kit Marrs, Co Founder and President

2:15 PM II.7.A. Managing Project Risk Associated with Renewable Energy and Energy Storage: Burns & McDonnell: Dave McLane, PE, Mining Manager (Ch); Burns & McDonnell: Dan Kenny, Manager of Mining Construction; CohnReznick LLP: Steven Munson, CFA, ASA, Principal, Valuation Advisory Services; RPMGlobal: Phil Baudry, Executive General Manager, Advisory Services (TBC); RPMGlobal: Luke Stephens, Executive Consultant – ESG, Social Specialist (TBC); SRK Consulting: Matt Sullivan, Mineral Economist (TBC)

3:05 PM Networking Refreshment Break: Sponsored by: CohnReznick LLP; McCarl's Technical Services

3:30 PM II.8. New Emerging Technology Aiding the Business of Mining: Crow Industries, Inc.: Dr. James Crowell, Founder (Ch); Exterracarbon: Oliver Dufresne, President; Abcourt Mines: Dany Cenac Robert: Advisor Technology & Communications; Green Graphite Tech: Gillian Holcroft, Eng., M.Eng., President & Co-Founder

3:30 PM II.8.A. Valuation of Gold, Mining and Renewable Equities and Projects: PMV Research: Michael Spohn, President (Ch); Stuhini Exploration: David O'Brien, President and Chairman; Soar Financial Partners: Kai Hoffmann, Founder and Managing Director; SLR Consulting: Grant Malensek, Technical Director - US Mining Advisory; CohnReznick: Steven Munson, CFA, ASA, Principal Valuation Advisory Services (TBC); Van Eck Associates: Adam Graf, Senior Mining Analyst (TBC)

4:15 PM II.9. The Importance Of Communications in Mining: Global External: Adam Hawkins, President (Ch); Pushtree Partners: Alan Oshiki, President (Ch); Social Suite: Seth Forman, President; Vorticom, Inc.: Nancy Thompson, Founder; The Prospector News: Michael Fox, Publisher

4:15 PM  II.9.A The Importance of University-Research: Quebec Ministry of Natural Resources and Forests (MRNF): Jocelyn Douhéret, Director of Mining Policies; Virginia Tech: Aaron Noble PE, PhD, Professor and Department Head, Mining and Minerals Engineering; Laval University: Jocelyn Bouchard, Ing., PhD, Full Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering; NioBay Metals: Jean Sébastien David, CEO; and Others 

5:30 PM Wednesday May 22, 2024 Evening Reception Registration with two Guest Speakers: George Bee, President & CEO, US Gold Corp.: Mineral Resource Development – Key Considerations; and Dr. Peter K.M. Megaw, Consulting Exploration Geologist, President of IMDEX/Cascabel and co-founder of MAG Silver; in a fireside chat with Lauren Megaw, Investors Relations, Reyna Silver: Size Matters...But Grade Matters More

Do not miss out. Register now Get your questions answered, meet with real experts working every day around the world re these critical issues. No on site registrations permitted. All must register in advance. CTMF 2024 Agenda

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