Greetings!  (Please excuse the incorrect salutation in the previous version of this email.)

You are invited to come wearing white and join in an action seeking respect, understanding, and peace as we regard one another in silence. In the silence that goes beyond words, we weep at each other’s suffering and refuse to turn away from the pain we have experienced. We come to this place of silence honoring our shared humanity while still acknowledging that the power we have to end the oppressions we face is different and the particularity of our experience of suffering is not the same. Yet, we have to begin somewhere, and we begin here, in the reality of our common being.

Sunday, October 16th, 4PM
Assembly Hall
Judson Memorial Church
239 Thompson St, NYC

This event is in solidarity with the March of Hope taking place October 4-19 in Israel-Palestine.

Inspired by Serbian performance artist Marina Abramovic's "The Artist is Present", two Israeli-Palestinian-Bedouin women artists, Moran Asraf and Basema Khuti, created I See You and have organized the action in different cities, universities, and colleges. We will recreate I See You in New York City!
  Please join us, invite your friends, and spread the word!

In peace and solidarity,
Roni Felsen
IREX Fellow
Fellowship of Reconciliation

ps. For more information, contact me via email at

Photo credits: Hadar Primor and Oren Halpern

 P: 845.358.4601