We Have Some Wonderful Gifts to Enliven Home, Body and Mind.
Here Are Just a Few:

Zodiac candles, Extra-long matches in celestial packaging, Palo Santo wood, glass vessel candles, scented matches, perfumes, men's body/hair/beard products, men's colognes, Goddess body oils (and aromatherapy locket necklaces not shown)

Moving globes. In addition to Jupiter and Venus, pictured here, we have other members of our solar system. Powered by light and the magnetic field of the earth and a magnet inside, these globes rotate on their own. (Physics + magic, we always say!)
Books (...and many more not pictured)

Of Course, We Have Many Other Genres of Treasures, Too, as Well as a Great Selection of Holiday Cards. We're Just Trying to Keep These Notes Short and Sweet!

We Look Forward to Seeing You Soon
and Wrapping Up Your Gifties All Purty! 
fragment of Cleanse
c2018 Luana Kaufmann
One of Many Archival Pigment Prints of 
Luana's Cut-Paper Collages 
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