Out with (Some) of the Old; In with the New… 
Collection of Thought Leadership Content, Presentations & Events from 2021
Plans for the New Year including In-Person Events
As 2021 draws to a close, we look back on our full-year operating in a completely virtual fashion with many feelings of appreciation. Given the ongoing impact of the pandemic and the competition for the hearts and minds of people like yourself, the year turned out much better than could have been expected.

We are thankful for the HCEG Network: our community of members, newsletter subscribers, social media connections, partner organizations, and sponsors who helped us make the best of the challenges and ongoing uncertainty that continue with the pandemic and its variants.

With all activities continuing virtually, a special highlight of 2021 was the launch of our small group Focus Area Roundtables. We also supported the delivery of thought leadership and networking opportunities based on an HCEG Top 10+ augmented by a special survey gauging COVID-19’s impact on the HCEG Top 10.

In this final newsletter of the year, enjoy a recap of the year’s accomplishments along with a glimpse into new plans for 2022 and an early look at the 2022 HCEG Top 10 and the upcoming 11th Annual Industry Pulse survey.

Thank you for being an integral part of the HCEG Network as we enter our 34th year of “Guiding Executives Through Innovation, Change, and Growth.”

Best health and happiness now and throughout the coming year.

Ferris Taylor
Executive Director
2021 Content & Activities
Throughout 2021, members of the HCEG Network were provided access to and opportunities for involvement in dozens of online, digital events, content sharing, and networking opportunities that advanced our mission of promoting innovation, change, and growth in healthcare.

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Resources from Sponsors, Partners, & 3rd Parties
In addition to thought leadership, presentations, and events produced and presented by the HealthCare Executive Group, we co-produce and/or share content, presentations, and events with our sponsors, partners, and others serving the healthcare industry.

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3rd Parties
2022 HCEG Top 10 – Executive Priorities for the New Year
For over a decade, an annual list of challenges, issues, and opportunities healthcare executives may face in the coming year has been created in the weeks leading up to HCEG’s Annual Forum. Forum attendees then rank the top 10 items to create the next year’s HCEG Top 10 list.

Given that HCEG’s in-person Annual Forum did not take place in 2021, a new selection and ranking process was developed and kicked off a couple of weeks ago. Although still underway with an early January closing date, we are pleased with the number of responses and additional comments received so far from the leaders of health plans, health systems, and care providers who have taken the time to complete and return their ballot.

While results and commentary on the 2022 HCEG Top 10 list will be shared shortly after the survey is closed next week, early results reveal that Costs & Price Transparency and Consumer-Centered Healthcare remain at the top of executive priorities. And some new entries likely to make the 2022 list include Primary Care Innovation, Responding to Digital Health, and Value Creating Technologies.

See this list of focus areas available for selection and ranking on the 2022 HCEG Top 10

If you’re associated with a health plan, health system, or care provider who did not receive a ballot and would like to participate, you may access a ballot here.
11th Annual Industry Pulse – Drilling into the HCEG Top 10
For over a decade, the Industry Pulse survey has been co-developed by the HealthCare Executive Group with our technology sponsor partner, Change Healthcare. This long-running survey provides a deeper dive into select focus area topics of the most current HCEG Top 10 list, requests national input and insights, and helps enhance HCEG’s 2022 content presentation, sponsor partner engagement, and networking activities for the coming year.

Details on the 11th Annual Industry Pulse survey will be shared in January. If you’re interested in participating in this survey, reach out to us via email and look for more in our next newsletter.

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In-Person Presentations & Networking Events
Late in 2021, we witnessed the cautious return of a few in-person healthcare conference events. While there is no clear virtual equivalent of real-life networking opportunities, the need to balance the safety of attendees and ensure the best use of resources is clear. Accordingly, HCEG is currently in discussion with some of our partner associations about providing a series of executive-level, in-person HCEG sponsored sessions in conjunction with those partners' planned 2022 conferences.

We’re excited about continuing to provide a forum for members of the HCEG Network that’s focused on the soon-to-be-released 2022 HCEG Top 10 and enhanced by the 11th Annual Industry Pulse survey developed in January of 2022.

Based on how existing pandemic variants evolve over the next few months, HCEG will be making formal announcements about plans for HCEG-hosted events in the coming year – virtual and/or in-person - in the next month.  At a minimum, our Focus Area Roundtables will provide the content and panelists for a virtual HCEG Annual Forum later in 2022.
Join the HealthCare Executive Group
Executives at health plans, health systems, and care providers meeting the following two commitments are eligible for a complimentary membership in the HealthCare Executive Group for 2022:

1. Voting and ranking the 2022 HCEG Top 10
2. Making a New Year’s resolution to engage with the HCEG Network in 2022

If you have an interest in joining a unique association of healthcare leaders and industry professionals that has existed for over 30 years, spend less than five minutes right now and complete a ballot for the 2022 HCEG Top 10 here. At the end of the ballot, you can indicate your interest in a complimentary membership with the HealthCare Executive Group for 2022.
Special Thanks to All of Our 2021 Sponsors
Learn more about our sponsors here.
Partnering with HCEG
If you or your organization is interested in learning more about becoming a member or expanding your thought leadership and brand awareness to leaders of health plans, health systems, and care providers, email us at info@hceg.org or call 617.302.6224
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