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We've Elevated Our Mission
and Focused Our Vision
Nantahala Health Foundation's Board of Directors voted unanimously during their meeting in April to elevate our mission statement and re-focus our vision for the future and to ensure we continue moving in the right direction toward achieving our goals.

These language and purpose enhancements resulted from the board's recent efforts to update our strategic plan to guide our organization over the next three years.

Our new elevated Mission Statement is:

Improving health and well-being for those
living in westernmost North Carolina.

Our new focused Vision Statement is:

Empowering partnerships for
vibrant communities and healthy people.

More strategic plan details will be announced soon. In the meantime, we encourage you to continue watching our website and social media for updates on our work to partner with local agencies to break down barriers to health and wellness.
NIMble grants available

Our Needs Immediately Met (NIMble) grants are intended to support an organization's one-time critical purchase, immediate needs for stabilization or crisis response, or innovative opportunities related to work to address health and well-being as defined by our Priority Funding areas. They are capped this year at $5,000 per organization, per year.

Our NIMble grants shifted this year from a one-time-only offering to a rolling opportunity. While there is no deadline to apply, NIMble grants will remain available only until dedicated funds have been exhausted.
Congratulations, Clay County!
Awarded $32M for new school construction
Clay County has been awarded a $32 million state-lottery grant to build a new 3rd - 8th-grade school.

This grant, awarded under the Needs-Based Public School Capital Fund, is part of the largest annual allocation under the program created by the General Assembly in 2017 from state lottery revenues.

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Catherine Truitt said the needs-based grants are a key support for districts where local tax resources fall short of needs for modernizing or replacing aging school facilities.
“Just as all students in North Carolina need excellent teachers in every classroom, students and teachers need high-quality schools in good repair that help support learning. These need-based grants are an important boost for many districts and communities, and most importantly, their students.” -- Superintendent Truitt
Click on the image above to watch Clay County officials make this exciting announcement via YouTube.
Recommended Reading: What is Health Equity?
Recommended Reading, because how we understand and talk about equity matters: In an effort to increase consensus around the meaning of health equity, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has provided the following definition:
“Health equity means that everyone has a fair and just opportunity to be as healthy as possible. This requires removing obstacles to health such as poverty, discrimination, and their consequences, including powerlessness and lack of access to good jobs with fair pay, quality education and housing, safe environments, and health care.”
ARC teams up with GrantStation to provide grant-seeking tool FREE to its members
The Appalachian Regional Commission's Nonprofit Resource Center provides its members FREE access to GrantStation, a powerful grant-seeking and grant-management online database.

ANRC provides technical assistance designed to foster long-term growth and sustainability for nonprofit organizations in the Appalachian region. Membership is free by signing up with the link below. Once you've joined, be sure to watch the GrantStation tutorial included on their website.
If your grant search via this FREE GrantStation platform turns up any interesting funding prospects, we want to help. From brainstorming to proofreading to information gathering, let us know how we can help your organization secure the funding you need to do the most good.
Partners Making Progress:
Healthy Homes Grantees Grow by One
Nantahala Health Foundation was privileged late in 2021 to have been selected by Dogwood Health Trust to partner with Highlands Cashiers Health Foundation in the management of $400,000 in home repair and modification funds for low-income homeowners living in our foundations' shared service area, reaching from Jackson to Cherokee counties and includes the Qualla Boundary.

Six organizations were originally selected for investments in their work to transform lives by making repairs and/or modifications to homes in need of health and safety upgrades.

Organizations offering home repair services are:
We are thrilled to report today that a seventh organization -- Four Square Community Action in Andrews -- has been added to this list with a commitment to apply all their resources to home repairs in Graham County.
According to the N.C. Housing Finance Agency, urgent home repairs can keep low-income seniors and people with disabilities out of costly institutions, saving up to $19 in Medicaid costs for every $1 invested. That means our combined $400,000 Healthy Homes Initiative with Highlands Cashiers Health Foundation is improving lives and generating a potential Medicaid savings of $7.6 million!

To learn more about how housing repairs and modifications create a healthier future for North Carolinians, check out the N.C. Housing Finance Agency's 2021 Investment and Impact report. Then, consider donating $19 a month (.63 cents a day) to help us continue this important work -- DONATE NOW.
Partners Making Progress:
Southwestern Community College
Nantahala Health Foundation has had the privilege on four separate projects to partner with Southwestern Community College to advance access to health and wellbeing throughout our region.

First, in 2019, we invested in their new optician program. In 2020 we supported their efforts to react to and overcome the negative impacts of COVID-19. Then, in 2021, we invested in their health-training programming, this time to support their purchase of a chemistry analyzer.
SCC officials recently invited the community to their Sylva campus to witness these programs in action and to dedicate their new Health Science building, where Nantahala Health Foundation's investments are supporting a variety of healthcare academic programs.

These investments are helping to put students on a progressive path toward rewarding careers in the healthcare field. Getting a first-hand look at the EMS simulation ambulance (left) and *mannequin recently were Nantahala Health Foundation Executive Director Lori Bailey and Board Chair David Garrett.

NHF Photos: *No mannequins were harmed during the taking of these photos. :)
Our Funding Priorities
Our grant-making priorities are designed to create a strong network of organizations by investing in your strategies to remove barriers to health.
Meet Our Partners
At Nantahala Health Foundation, we build partnerships with forward-thinking organizations focused on improving the overall health of the region. 
Our Values Statement

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