Issue 2
10 September, 2018
Interesting news, videos, and tidbits for the delayed coking,
fluid catalytic cracking, and sulfur recovery industries
Enjoy and stay safe!
Farmer Fixes
Duct tape. Who doesn’t love duct tape? I know a great way to patch up a little bit of a leak on the hydraulic system... Yes I’ve seen it all.
Sulfur Recovery: The Amine Unit
Part III of our Sulfur Series focuses on the glorious amine unit. Without it, a refinery would have to shut down.
Gun Drills
Back when I was working in the refinery, we would have what we called Gun Drills, a.k.a. Emergency Drills. It was very precise; if you weren’t where you were supposed to be, then you had an opening on the team and that could lead to defensive vulnerabilities, injuries or even loss of life.
Networking Secrets From a Pro
Marlea, master of exhibitions and events, offers insider tips to RefComm® vendors on how to maximize your time at the world renowned conference and exhibition for delayed coking, catalytic cracking, and sulfur recovery.
FCC Catalyst Losses
There are a number of scenarios that can lead to a unit shutdown due to excessive catalyst losses. Generally, inability to maintain regenerator bed level leads to an imminent unit shutdown. Since the stripper bed level is controlled with the spent catalyst valve...
Are You Operating as Safely as Possible?
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