Xmas is coming!  And, we still have space for our Singles special weeks at the end of October.


Book our Lionfish speciality trip and become a Lionfish expert!  Kill them, eat them, wear them!

Want to help us spear the invasive Lionfish?  Dissect them, collect data, filet them and prepare them for jewellery making?  

Email us for more details

Single travellers welcome

The majority of our guests are single and we do not charge a single supplement.  Want to meet like minded people, book a 'singles special' trip during the end of October 15.

Had enough of the Xmas hype!!!

Spend Xmas on our little island, away from all the craziness...dive on Xmas day and swap the traditional turkey for lobster and lionfish!!!
ReefCI Founder Polly Alford is invited to San Andres, Colombia to share her expertise and knowledge on Lionfish.

'Sustainable Tourism on Small Islands' is an event organized by the  Seaflower Biosphere Reserve administrator (CORALINA) and the  Colombian Ministry of Tourism, taking place from the 10th - 13th November 2015

"What we would like from your presentation is the following: A short introduction about ReefCI, what motivated you to start the lionfish initiative, challenges of its implementation and overall results. We would like the general public to understand that visitors can be part of the solution to environmental problems. We could not find a better example of that than what you guys are doing at ReefCI in Belize." Lincoln Bent - CORALINA

"A Paradise with a Cause!"
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review from Julia - summer internship Aug. 15
Reviewed September 2, 2015

To put it simply, I love ReefCI. 

 This was my second trip to the island and, I spent four weeks diving, spearing, learning about the reef, and relaxing. I was with the company under the title of an internship and, I was afforded the opportunity of working closely with Tom and Hayley (excellent instructors and great friends!), as well as my fellow interns and the guests. 

 Tom Owens Caye provides a secluded paradise, great food, and it is impossible to ever be unhappy while on the island. Although I came as a certified Advanced Diver and elected not do any other courses, I simply had more time to do more conservation work and never found myself lacking for something to do. 

 After four weeks, I left with over 40 new dives under my belt, a vast knowledge of the Belize Reef system and methods of conservation, friendships that will last a lifetime, and memories I will treasure forever. I miss the island and everything about my trip. 

 Polly runs an amazing company and I cannot wait to return yet again to Tom Owens Caye. So, yes, I would highly recommend this trip to anyone interested in diving, marine conservation, or just a chance to try something new and exciting!
Visited August 2015