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Porsche Club of America, Redwood Region

April 2024 Volume 60, Issue 4

Upcoming Calendar

14 - Redwood AX @ Thunderhill AX.
20 - ZONE 7 Judging Clinic & Judging School @ HI-TEC, San Rafael Register
21-25 - Treffen Wine Country
28 - Porsche Owners Sunday Social Event – Vintage Oaks, Novato
30 - Board Meeting, Torches in Petaluma

4 - Auto Sport Detailing Tour Register
9 - 12 - Tour to Paso Robles Register
25 - Franz Valley Rally Register
26 - Porsche Owners Sunday Social Event – Vintage Oaks, Novato
28 - Board Meeting, Torches in Petaluma

23 - Porsche Owners Sunday Social Event – Vintage Oaks, Novato
25 - Board Meeting, Torches in Petaluma
29 - Goat Rock Rally
PCA / Zone 7 Calendar

13 & 14 - ZONE 7 AX @ Thunderhill Raceway AX.
20 - ZONE 7 Juding Clinic & Judging School @ HI-TEC, San Rafael Register
21-25 - Treffen Wine Country
27 - SVR's Foothills Journey Rally Register

3 - Cent. Coast DE. @ Buttonwillow
4 - Zone 7 Autocross - Salinas Airport
4 & 5 - GGR Club Race & DE @ Buttonwillow Raceway
5 - Zone 7 Autocross - Salinas Airport
5 - ZONE 7 Juding Clinic & Judging School @ Porsche of Stevens Creek 
19 - ZONE 7 Juding Clinic & Judging School @ Shingle Springs
27 - Zone 7 & Diablo Concours @ The Livery in Danville

9 - Zone 7 & SVR Concours @ Porsche of Sacramento
9 - 15 - Porsche Parade - Alabama
16 - CCR DE Laguna Seca (92db)
28 - Diablo DE. @ Sonoma Raceway
29 - 30 - GGR DE/CR @ Sonoma Raceway
Non-PCA Events of Interest
First Sunday each month – Cars & Coffee – Vintage Oaks, Novato
4/7 - ESCA's April Fools Rally - Santa Rosa. Flyer
4/21 - 356 Registry Cars & Coffee – Vintage Oaks, Novato

Sept. 26 – Sept. 29 – Third Annual Murphys Ironstone Concours D’Elegance.
This is another overnight in beautiful California Gold Country. After a spirited drive from the Bay Area to Murphys the weekend will include:
 28th Annual Ironstone Concours D’Elegance.
 Group BBQ dinner at the Historic Murphys Hotel.
 Tours on the twisty roads of Calaveras County.
 In-town wineries, shops, and galleries and more…
Stay tuned for registration information. While the host hotel has been sold out with members from last year, there are many more lodging options in the area!
From the Editor
David Bunch
der Riesenbaum Editor

We're looking for a webmaster to maintain our club's website. If you have experience and would like to join our volunteer team, please reach out to Stacy.

Hope you enjoy this month's der Riesenbaum.
If you have an article you'd like to include in a future issue, please email me.
President's Message
Sharon Neidel

Spring is finally here and hopefully some better weather.
I am looking forward to some longer sunny days to get out and drive my Porsche.

We have a new site for our monthly board meetings. We have moved to Torches Restaurant in Petaluma. The room in considerably larger and they are open later at
night so we don’t have to rush through our agenda. Just
a reminder, board meetings are open to all members.
You are always welcome to come and find out how the club operates. If you are interested and can’t attend in person we do offer a zoom option every month. Just contact our Secretary, Eileen Gaines, if you want to be on the list for a link to the meeting.

I want to offer a big Thank You to Don Magdanz and Craig Steele for their work
obtaining new radios for the Region. Touring is at the heart of our activities. We now
have new Region Radios that will improve our communication and hopefully enhance
everyone’s tour experience.

I hope everyone has an opportunity to take advantage of the nice this nice weather and
drive your Porsche. See you at an event soon.

Questions – email me.
Vice-President's Message
Pat Burke

It’s April already and Treffen is almost upon us! It’s going to be a busy lead up to the PCA National event hosted by our Redwood Region at the Fairmont Hotel in Sonoma. I have the honor of being a lead driver for one of the driving tours heading into and through the beautiful Napa Valley. I will have my wife Katherine in the right-hand seat as my navigator. It should be a memorable tour!

As I mentioned in last months newsletter, I was in the Middle East for over 3 weeks
visiting Jordan and Egypt! It was the trip of a lifetime experiencing centuries of ancient history and culture. I only saw a few Porsches while on the road. Mostly Cayenne’s, one 911 in Amman, Jordan and a Taycan parked at a charging station at one of our hotels.

Looking at our Regions calendar, which you can find on our website, we have an exciting new event for the 4 th Sunday of each month. The Porsche Owners Sunday Social Event. It’s a "Meet & Gree."t with coffee from 8AM to 10AM in front of the Starbucks at the Vintage Oaks Shopping Center in Novato. Last month it was well attended by our members from across the area. I look forward to seeing you there on the 28th!

On May 4th, we are excited to be hosted by one of our great sponsors, Auto Sport Detailing of Santa Rosa, where we’ll learn all there is to know about detailing while enjoying coffee and pastries. One lucky member in attendance will win a complimentary car wash. After the demo, we’ll embark on a 50-mile tour through Sonoma County ending at Kin Windsor Restaurant for lunch. Please register early as it will sell out quickly. There’s a registration link on our calendar!

There are many other events both Redwood PCA and Non-PCA listed. To name just a
few, there are autocross events, rallies, a tour to Paso Robles in May, and in September… a weekend in Murphys to attend the Ironstone Concours d’ Elegance, and many, many more events to enjoy.

As always, I’m extremely honored to be your Vice President and I look forward to seeing you at one or more of our future events and, if we haven’t met, please introduce yourself. I’d love to meet you! You can always reach out to me directly at email.
I look forward to hearing from you! Thank you!
In the Zone
Brian Adkins
Zone 7 Representative
Diablo Region brianpadkins@gmail.com 510.695.5030
In The Zone April 2024

Hello Zone 7,

So great to see many of you at the Zone 7 Annual Awards banquet. Autocross,
Concours and non-competitive awards were presented. Congratulations to all
who participated throughout the year and to those bringing home the trophies.

I did want to highlight and congratulate those who received special Zone 7 non-competition awards. PCA, your Zone and the Regions really are “Fueled By Volunteers.” These awards are given to those who bring that volunteerism and passion to higher highs or if it is fuel, let’s call these folks Race Fuel.
Autocross Zone 7 Chair Brant Ballantyne and a team of Region Chairs, along with an army of volunteers continue to make the Series a success. The Autocross and Concours Series results are posted on the Zone Website.

2024 Autocross event 1 & 2 are open for registration. (see info below)

An exciting change for this year is that all participating Regions are now using the Zone 7 Classification system (we had been “borrowing” another system). Info and link are on the Zone website. Another change is that ALL participants who take part in a Zone 7 Series designated Autocross will automatically be earning points for the Zone Series. Not only
the Regions day of event results. When at an autocross look for the #1 car. We have added an award for Overall PAX winner from the previous year to carry the Zone 7 Terry Zaccone #1 car number. Congratulations to Himanshu Patel for earning that award in 2023 and to carry the Car #1 in the 2024 events.

The Zone 7 Concours Series spearheaded by Co-Chairs Simone Kopitski & Roy Schauben. Who do SO much, supporting the Region Concours are to be applauded. The winners are all listed on the Zone website. Here again we find another tank of that “Race Fuel”…. Zone 7 Concours "Appreciation Awards" for Volunteering and their passion to the Concours Series. Given to people that attended 5 or more events and volunteered on all those events.
Zone 7 Concours Co-Chairs Roy Schauben & Simone Kopitzki, Arthur Woo,
Jim & Linda McMahen, Susan George, Thorsten Kopitzki, Bill Boughton,
Carmen & Steven Lefzcik.
Zone judging class (zoom) is open for registration followed by your choice of 1 of the 3
in person class. You know where that info is … on the Zone 7 website,. Zone7.pca.org The first event will be held on Memorial Day as part of the
Diablo Region 40th Anniversary 3 day celebration.

For more photos, please take a look at the Zone 7 Facebook page we had a blast!
See you next year at the awards …

The cake was delicious …(decorated by yours truly.) 
Please look below for 2024 events and information.
See you at an event SOON!
Zone 7 ... stay connected.

Zone 7 Website Loads of info and links.
Zone 7 Facebook main page
Diablo 40th Jubilaum 

Mark your calendar to join and celebrate the Diablo Regions 40th anniversary
3 days of events!!

Memorial Day weekend will be full of beautiful cars, tours, events, members, and guests. Following is a brief description.
Schedule of events
• 5/25/2024
* 3-Dealer Tour/Poker Rally, or
* Painting with Kelly Telfer
* Hors D'oeuvre Party at Karpark
• 5/26/2024
* 7-Bridges Tour/Gimmick Rally, or
* Livermore Wine and Beer Trolly
* Dinner at the Doubletree
• 5/27/2024 (Monday)
* Annual Car Show (Wash & Shine) @ Danville Livery
* Zone 7 Concours @ Danville Livery
Sacramento Vally Region invites Members of
Zone 7 Regions to join them:
SVR Tour to Anderson’s Conn Valley Vineyards II, July 27th, 2024.

Registration is OPEN.
What Better Way to Combine a Thrilling Drive in Our Cars with the
Equivalent Experience in the Wine World?
Come join us for a drive to the St. Helena wine region and this unique winery,
world renowned for its vintages.
Sitting on forty acres, this will be a truly unique, highly personal
and educational wine tasting experience.

Meet in West Sacramento (details TBD) @ 8:00 am, driver’s meeting
and departure at 8:30.
A wonderful drive to St. Helena via Lake Berryessa and Pope Valley
Details and Registration at http://msreg.com/ConnValleyWinery2024
2024 PCA and PCNA events

For a list of upcoming PCA events check out pca.org/events/
 April 21-25, 2024 - PCA - Spring Treffen – Sonoma, Ca. - Treffen website
-SOLD OUT in less than 8 Minutes!
June 9-16, 2024 - Porsche Parade, Birmingham, AL, - Porsche Parade website
-Registration open.
July 27th, 2024 - SVR invites Members of Zone Z Regions to join them:
SVR Tour - Anderson’s Conn Valley Vineyards II, Registration opens Feb. 1st, at 8:00 a.m.
What Better Way to Combine a Thrilling Drive in Our Cars with the Equivalent Experience in the Wine World?
Come join us for a drive to the St. Helena wine region and this unique winery, world renowned for its vintages.
Sitting on forty acres, this will be a truly unique, highly personal and educational wine tasting experience. If you are
● Meet in West Sacramento (details TBD) @ 8:00 am, driver’s meeting and departure at 8:30
● A wonderful drive to St. Helena via Lake Berryessa and Pope Valley
Details and Registration
July 28th to August 4th, 2024 - Treffen at Sea - Alaskan Adventure (Alaska Inner Passage) - Seattle departure and return port. Treffen at Sea website.
August 16, 2024 - Werks Reunion, Monterey, - Werks Reunion website
-Registration opens May 22, 2024.
 Porsche Parade, Oklahoma City, OK, 2025
2024 Zone 7 Autocross Series Schedule
Date Location Host Region
April 13 @ Thunderhill Raceway AX Pad Sacramento Valley
April 14 @ Thunderhill Raceway AX Pad Redwood
May 4 @ Salinas Airport Golden Gate
May 5 @ Salinas Airport Loma Prieta
Sept. 21 @ Thunderhill Raceway AX Pad Sacramento Valley
Sept. 22 @ Thunderhill Raceway AX Pad Redwood
Oct. 12 @ Crows Landing Loma Prieta
Oct. 13 @ Crows Landing Golden Gate
Oct. 19 @ Madera Sequoia
2024 Zone 7 Concours Series Schedule
April 20 Zone Judging School Hi-Tec, San Rafael
April 20 or May 5 Zone Judging School Porsche Stevens Creek
May 19 Zone Judging School Shingle Springs, Ca.
Date Location Host Region
May 27 (Monday) @ The Livery in Danville Diablo
June 9 @ Porsche of Sacramento Sacramento Valley
July 14 @ Mormon Station, Nevada Sierra Nevada
July 21 @ Carmel Valley Park Monterey Bay
August 4 @ Porsche of Redwood City Golden Gate
September 22 @ Porsche of Fremont Loma Prieta
October 6 @ Sonoma Plaza Redwood
2024 DE/Track/Club Race events
May 3: Central Coast Region DE. @ Buttonwillow Raceway
May 4-5: GGR DE 3 and Club Race 2 @ Buttonwillow Raceway
June 16: Central Coast Region DE. @ Laguna Seca (Note: 92 db)
June 28: Diablo Region DE. @ Sonoma Raceway
June 29-30: GGR DE 4 and Club Race 3 @ Sonoma Raceway
Aug. 2: Diablo Region DE. @ Thunderhill Raceway 3 mile
Aug. 3-4 GGR DE 2 and Club Race 1 @ Thunderhill Raceway 3 mile
Oct. 11: Diablo Region DE. @ Thunderhill Raceway 3 mile
Oct. 12-13: GGR DE 6 and Club Race 5 @ Thunderhill Raceway 3 mile

PCA Diablo: Porsche Club of America Diablo Region, click here for general information on PCA Diablo DE events.
PCA - GGR:  Porsche Club of America Golden Gate Region, click here for general information on PCA GGR DE events.
PCA - CCCR: Porsche Club of America California Central Coast Region, click here for general information on PCA CCCR DE events.

Porsche Owners Sunday Social Event
Uncle Ferry
wants you…
to join the
April 28,
8 am to 10 am.

What’s this, you ask?
It’s the Porsche Owners Sunday Social Event…

Who’s invited?
Any Porsche owner or driver, regardless of the model they have.

When is it?
Every fourth Sunday of the month from 8 am to 10 am.

Where is it?
In front of Starbucks, at the familiar Vintage Oaks Shopping Center,
in Novato.

How much will it cost?
Nothing, nada, zip, zero.

Why is this happening?
It’s an opportunity for Porsche owners to have an informal get-together, at a North Bay location, before going to brunch, heading to the hills, cruising to the coast… or, wherever one wishes to drive that day. It’s a chance to meet and talk to your fellow Porsche owners. It’s a chance to put names and faces with the cars. It’s a chance to show off your ride!

See you there!
Upcoming Events
Charity Corner April 2024
Ben Davoren
Redwood Charity Liaison

On “Pi Day” (Thursday March 14th ), Redwood members
were at it again working as a team at the Redwood Empire
Food Bank in Windsor, repeating last October’s “work a bunch and earn your lunch” volunteer event. As we did then, this Charity Adventure included a one-hour driving tour beforehand and a club-hosted lunch afterwards.

The weather cooperated wonderfully with a warm day sandwiched between rainy ones,
as 9 Porsches in tight formation headed east on Mark West Springs Road then up on Franz Valley Road. With great relief as a gravel truck got out of the middle of our pack,
we had uninterrupted fun up and over the mountain to the mythical town of Kellogg (it’s there on the map, but nothing to see). After sweep Jeff Hall gave the "all clear", we turned north along Highway 128 before heading back to Windsor on Chalk Hill Road. The great news is that all the construction work of the last two years on 128 is done, leaving fantastic new pavement. The less great news is that trucks still travel it and there aren’t any real turnouts through the twisties. We still had a great run, but ended up a few minutes late to the food bank.
Apples & Spuds!
Spuds & Apples!
There, our gang of 16 went into action in “the big room”, where we were greeted with massive boxes of apples and potatoes. After picking a spot, a scale, and a giant handful
of net bags, it was time to crank out as many 3-pound bags of either fruit or tuber as possible, and fill other giant boxes that the warehouse staff take away.
That's a LOT of Apples!!!!
Everybody worked incredibly hard, and we bagged 7327 pounds of these babies, the equivalent of 6106 meals for our less fortunate neighbors. That doesn’t count the damaged apples that made it to the feed-the-local-pigs bins, so we helped them too. The good apples actually looked better than a lot of the ones you might find at your local grocery! As we got close to lunchtime, it was sort of difficult not to just grab one and take
a bite.
The Gangs All Here!!!!
After cleaning up the scales, tables, and floor, we made the quick trip to the
Barley & Bine Beer Café. It’s apparently no longer a secret, so busier than our original experience last fall, but we all got to sit together along their large high-top table, and the food and drinks were again excellent.
Tacos are coming!!!
Kudos to Larry Badiner, David Bunch, Lisa Davoren, John Dolan, Peter & Margie England, Essy Fariab, Kurt Fischer, Eileen Gaines, Jeff Hall, John Jackson, Cheryl Lawton, Don Nohai, Kathleen Smith, Rod Williams and especially Duke Ferris, as this was his first ever driving tour with the club! It’s both fun and rewarding to represent our PCA region in this way. It’ll happen again later in the year and I hope you can join us then!
For more pictures of the day, please check out Paige Gaines’ collection in our
From Gilligan’s Island to Queen!
From L to R, Jeff Hall, Mark Zimmer, Don Nohai, Craig Steele,
Pat Burke, Kathleen Smith and Don Magdanz.
Jeff Hall

On March 29th, seven intrepid members embarked on what was initially planned as a three-hour tour… The goal was to get in, yet another, practice run for our upcoming Treffen event but… Soon,
the attention turned to, “what if we use this adventure to learn more about using our new, high-end/tech walkie talkies?”

We started our day at the Viansa Winery where the GM was kind enough to open the doors to save us from the torrential downpour. Craig Steele and Don Magdanz, our radio gurus, proceeded with a primer on how to effectively utilize our new-found technology. After about 45 minutes of learning everything there was to learn (absolutely no one was ‘glazed over’) we all received our RoD (our doctorate in

The next five hours were spent on twisty roads, in pouring rain, testing various channels to
determine the best ones for us to use… Between FRS, GMRS, high frequency, low frequency, squelch, pigtails and booties AND learning proper FCC etiquette by which to address each other, we were all a little bit Radio Ga Ga!

For lunch we luxuriated at the Turtle Rock Bar & Café or, as we like to call it, the Sistine Chapel of roadside cafes… Is that Michelangelo’s picture on the one-dollar bill? The meal consisted of Polish Dogs and chili after which Kathleen stated, “ever since we bought our Porsche, we’ve been dining in the finest establishments.”

A special thanks to Craig and Don for their tireless efforts in making sure we optimize all the technology at our fingertips with our new radio system.
Membership Reports and Information
Jeff Hall
Membership Director

Once again, Happy Fifty-Fifth Anniversary to the Redwood Region! Special decals commemorating the special event will
be handed out at our events and Board meetings! Everyone is welcome to join our Board meetings AND the club picks up
your dinner tab.*

It was great to see so many new faces (new and long-time members) at the March 14th, Charity Adventure at the Redwood Empire Food Bank! From the start of 2024 this seems to be the “year of new member involvement”!!! Let’s keep this trend intact!
Keep your eyes on the Calendar of Events as more events are in the works and being added constantly! Keep your eyes out for upcoming tours and rallies! The “Devil is in the Details II Demo, Tour and Lunch will be on May 4th! A Monte Carlo Rally is on May 25th. The “Weekend at the Ironstone Concours” in Murphys is in late September and there will be more information on that soon!!

On behalf of the entire Redwood Region of the Porsche Club of America I would like to extend a very warm welcome to all our new members and transfers (from other regions) who enrolled in the month of March! If you are new to the club, you will soon be receiving a complimentary Redwood Region name badge. Please wear your badge to our events and meetings.
My member quote of the month was from a new member transferring to Redwood from another region: “Word on the street is that the Redwood Region hosts a lot of wonderful events – that’s why I transferred!” So, c’mon out!
In the month of March, the Redwood Region celebrated fifty-five anniversaries! Twenty-six members celebrated ten plus years and TWO members celebrated being with the club for over forty years!!

Congratulations to all those celebrating anniversaries, but a special mention goes out to Stanley Crane and Marvin Gross, both of whom are celebrating 42 years with the Region! Congratulations gentlemen for being such dedicated members!
*Food only – alcohol is ‘no host.’
As always, please send any and all questions about membership, email me.
Sponsorship Corner
Jeff Hall
Sponsorship Director

Don’t forget to patronize our sponsors and always ask for our PCA membership discount! If you ever have ideas on how to add to, improve or have questions about our Sponsorship Program please don’t hesitate to ask me. Please don’t reach out to the sponsors directly as we may already have discussions in the works about the exact idea you are enthusiastic about. Thank you!

Our sponsors are in the der Riesenbaum monthly and are on our website. They are:
Porsche Marin, Hi Tec Automotive, Auto Sport Detailing, Autobahn Automotive and Santa Rosa Body Shop!

Keep an eye on the calendar for upcoming events at Auto Sport Detailing (May 4 register here) and Autobahn Automotive (July 20 th Pech Merle event) and Santa Rosa Auto Body (September 21 Octoberfest Tour).
My Sports Car Journey #8
Stage Rally Cars
Jim Robison

We were sitting on the side of a dirt road on the Mendocino Forest Rally, in my wife’s Volvo 1800E. The engine would run, but the transmission would not. I could move the shift lever, but nothing happened. We had our “OK” sign out so other cars just sped on past us. (If no sign were displayed, it indicated a medical emergency and a mandatory stop for other cars.) With no ability to repair a broken transmission, we just sat there. There was a 30-minute time bar; if we were more than 30 minutes late at the next control, we would be disqualified. Out of boredom, I pulled the rubber shift boot off, and what did I discover? The shift lever is attached to the transmission by a large, 3-inch nut, which, in our case, had come unscrewed. We tightened it with some channel-lock plyers, got back on the gas, and made it to the next control with five minutes to spare.

Lori and I agreed (1) I could run performance rallies, but (2) never again in her 1800E. I bought a well-used rally car from a fellow who told me that his wife gave him a choice: either the car goes, or she goes. The car was a Volvo 122, the 2-door version in the 120 series. The original Volvo P1800 used the same engine and drivetrain as the 120s. We rebuilt the 122’s engine and painted the car silver. (In my opinion, only silver cars should have metallic paint.) “If you can read this, turn me over” was painted upside down on the rocker panel. We finished the renovation with a black racing stripe which, I am sure, added five more horsepower.  

We entered the car in 4 or 5 rallies. We were not very fast, but we had a lot of admiration from fellow competitors. It seems that the previous owner usually failed to finish, usually due to mechanical issues resulting from poor maintenance. Folks who remembered the car were glad to see it shiny, clean and well cared for. It was nice to be welcomed into this elite group, even if it was for the car and not my driving skills.

At a break on one rally, I joined a group talking with a WRX ranked co-driver from New Zealand. It turned out they were all co-drivers, and they were complaining that when a driver lost control, it was always the right side, the co-drivers’ side, which hit the tree. Being the only driver there, I felt it necessary to point out the error in their logic. I explained that in the northern hemisphere things tend to rotate in a counterclockwise direction. I then stated that in the southern hemisphere things tend to rotate clockwise, to the right, and that is why, in New Zealand, co-drivers sit in the left side of the car.

The Volvo was a dedicated rally car, which had to be trailered to events. I eventually sold the car as my rally interest shifted from stage rallies, which were expensive, few and far between, and often hundreds of miles away, to local Monte Carlo rallies that were held monthly. I needed a dual-purpose car that I could drive to work on weekdays and rally on weekends, day or night, dirt or tarmac.

Around that time, the FIAT 131 Abarth was very successful in the FIA World Rally Championship. I bought the very tame U.S. version of the 131, and, as time and funds permitted, tried to transform it into a WRC Abarth. A roll cage and skid plate were added. The interior was gutted and a pair of Recaro racing seats were installed, along with five-point restraint belts. Cibié lights were added, and a lot of smog stuff was subtracted. It was the perfect car for running all-night Monte Carlo rallies. It was also put to good use on West Coast stage rallies.

I was so impressed with the 131 that I encouraged my wife to trade in her yellow VW convertible for a FIAT 124, which was basically the sports car version of the 131 coupe. She hated the 124 and soon traded it for a Datsun Maxima. Still, forty years lates, and driving a Chevy Tahoe, whenever she saw a yellow VW, she would remind me that I made her sell her beloved bug.
Fast-forward to 2010. I’m driving a Volvo 850 5-speed on Monte Carlo rallies, but getting the urge to get back into stage rallies. I found a 1975 Volvo 142 for sale on Craig’s List. It had been sitting in a Santa Cruz back yard for ten years. I brought it and trailered it home. The 142 was the two-door version in the 140 series. It had a two-liter pushrod engine, a four-speed manual plus overdrive, and disk brakes all around. Good bones.  

The B20 engine, with Bosch fuel injection, was an updated version of the 1800E (Story 7) powerplant and the body was an updated version of the 122 coupe. Plus, the aftermarket was loaded with performance parts. 

After I got the engine running and thankfully found no mechanical issues, my operational strategy changed from repair to replace. The interior was replaced with a roll cage, racing seats, and 5-point restraints. The sunroof was welded shut and a skid plate was added. The live axle received a Dana limited slip differential. Bilstein shock absorbers and sport springs replaced the stock items. New rotors and rebuilt brake calipers were installed, with racing pads. Four Hankook rally tires were mounted, plus two spares secured in the trunk. We painted the car “competition orange” and added appropriate lights for night rallies. I would drive, my son Michael would co-drive, and my daughter Elizabeth would be our service crew. Racing suits, helmets, and HANS devices (which I hated but were required) were purchased. We were ready to rumble.  

Our first rally was, indeed, a night rally. It was a cold night but, this being a rally car, and not a race car, I had left the heater installed. We accomplished our two objectives of finishing our first rally and having fun.

The next event we entered was held on a hot day in Mojave Desert. We would race (at two-minute intervals to minimize the dust) to the end of a long dirt road and wait about an hour for all the cars to arrive. Then we would race back to the original start location. Everything was going fine until, a couple miles short of the turnaround, the engine died. We pulled over, put out the “OK” sign, and waited for the sweep car to give us a tow to the turnaround at the end of the stage.

The engine would turn over (we had a new DieHard battery) but would not start. We discovered the spark plugs (new NGKs) were not firing. That pointed us to the Lucas Sport Coil I had installed to replace the original Bosch unit. The coil was very hot, way too hot even for this hot day in the middle of the desert. But after a while, when the coil cooled down, it worked, and the engine started! So, how could we finish the rally with a coil that stopped working whenever it got hot? 

To be continued…
Redwood Region's Photos
Board Meeting Minutes
Eileen Gaines

The next Board Meeting will be on Tuesday April 30th from 7 pm. to 9 pm.at Torches in Petaluma at
256 Petaluma Blvd North.

Our monthly Board meetings are open to all Redwood Region Members. The club will buy your dinner; you pay
for your beverage.

If you’re interested in joining the next meeting via Zoom, send me an email and I will forward you the meeting link.  

Redwood Goodie Store
Dress in style and get your Redwood Region branded items in our Goodie Store.
Visit Redwood's on-line Goodie Store here.
der Marktplatz
Covercraft Custom Fit Car Cover
Block-it Evolution Gray All Weather Fabric from Kimberly-Clark
4-Layer Barrier provides maximum outdoor protection
Will fit all 982 Boxsters and Caymans. Hardly used, like new.
Asking $75
Earlier 911 Factory Manuals
Purchased all six (6) volumes new when I owned the first of my two 1973 CIS T’s
In excellent original condition.
Pickup locally for $1100.
David J. Neuman
der Sponsors
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