der Riesenbaum
Porsche Club of America, Redwood Region

June 2024 Volume 60, Issue 6

Upcoming Calendar

19 - Run for the Ribs Mid-week Tour WaitList
23 - Porsche Owners Sunday Social Event – Vintage Oaks, Novato
25 - Board Meeting, Torches in Petaluma
29 - Run to the Goat Driving Tour - Register

6 - Fort Bragg Salmon Feed
13 - Porsches on the Plaza @ Sonoma Square
20 - Tour to Pech Merle Winery
28 - Porsche Owners Sunday Social Event – Vintage Oaks, Novato
30 - Board Meeting, Torches in Petaluma
PCA / Zone 7 Calendar

9 - 15 - Porsche Parade - Alabama
16 - CCR DE Laguna Seca (92db)
28 - Diablo DE. @ Sonoma Raceway
29 - 30 - GGR DE/CR @ Sonoma Raceway

14 - Zone 7 & SNR Concours @ Mormon Station, Nevada 
21 - Zone 7 & MB Concours @ Carmel Valley Park
27 - SVR Tour to Anderson's Conn Valley Vineyards (St. Helena)
28 - 8/4 - Treffen at Sea
Non-PCA Events of Interest
First Sunday each month – Marin Cars & Coffee – Vintage Oaks, Novato
6/16 - 356 Registry Cars & Coffee – Vintage Oaks, Novato
7/21 - 356 Registry Cars & Coffee – Vintage Oaks, Novato
7/26 - 7/28 -NHRA @ Sonoma Raceway
From the Editor
David Bunch
der Riesenbaum Editor

Now that we are past Treffen, the club is starting to get back into the swing with events happening. Be sure to read Paige's write-up on the tour down to Paso Robles. Lots of fantastic photos on the Redwood Flicker page.

PCA Club Racing comes to Sears Point at the end of June and you can read all about it in this newsletter.

Thanks to Jim Robison for his Sports Car journey. It brought back many memories for me.

Hope you enjoy this month's der Riesenbaum.
If you have an article you'd like to include in a future issue, please email me.
President's Message
Sharon Neidel

This month I want to remind everyone of a frequently forgotten benefit of your PCA membership. Are you familiar with the PCA Register Groups? I will admit it slipped my mind until we had a recent presentation to
the Region Presidents. There are 20 special interest groups within PCA. This is a great way to get to know fellow members across the country with a passion for the same model you have. Some are very specific special editions but there is also registry for Boxster, Cayman, Panamera & Taycan…. You get it.

They share technical knowledge and even have special events dedicated to that model.
It is a great way to meet more people in the PCA family that share your interests. If you want to check out the special interest groups go to the PCA website under Contacts and look for Register Groups. See if there is one for you.

The weather is great and we have a full calendar of upcoming events.
Come on out and join in the fun. Hope to see you soon.
Questions – email me.
Vice-President's Message
Pat Burke

Hello Redwood Region PCA Members!
We’re half the way through 2024 and there are exciting things to look forward to! There are two driving tours on the calendar this month, the first is on Wednesday, June 19th which is “Run for the Ribs!” We will start at the Airborne Exotic Car Club (AECC) in Petaluma to enjoy coffee and pastries provided by our hosts. Here you can meet other drivers and learn more about this premier storage facility for exotic and luxury automobiles! We then head out for a two-hour back-roads drive that takes us on the twisty roads of Sonoma's rolling hills, heading for the coastline and concluding at the Roadside BBQ in San Rafael for some toe-tappin BBQ deliciousness. There is a 20-car limit so register early. Here’s a link to register.

Don’t forget about our monthly POSSE (Porsche Owners Sunday Social Event) on June
23rd at Novato’s Vintage Oaks Shopping Center. Last month it was extremely well

We’ll then close out the month with the “Run to the Goat” on Saturday, June 29th with a
beautiful drive up the Sonoma Coast to Goat Rock State Park for a bring-your-own-
picnic lunch. We’ll start at the Vintage Oaks Shopping Center for a 60-mile drive to Goat
Rock Beach where we will all enjoy our picnic lunches seaside on the Pacific Ocean.
(Registration will open June 15th.)

July offers one of our Region’s favorite events, the annual “Porsches on the Plaza” in
beautiful downtown Sonoma. There’s much more info to come on that event as well as
future tours, concours and meetings!

NEWS FLASH…December 14 th, the beautiful Marin Yacht Club will be the location of
our annual Holiday Party! Save the date! I have already booked my hotel room!

There’s a lot happening in our club, and we’d love for you to be involved in any way that
you can…as you know, we are “Fueled by volunteers. It’s not just the cars, it’s the

As always, I’m extremely honored to be your Vice President and I look forward to seeing
you at one or more of our future events and, if we haven’t met, please introduce

I’d love to meet you! You can always reach out to me directly at email.
I look forward to hearing from you! Thank you!
Upcoming Events
Membership Reports and Information
Jeff Hall
Membership Director

On behalf of the entire Redwood Region of the Porsche Club of America I would like to extend a very warm welcome to all our new members and transfers (from other regions) who enrolled in the month of May! If you are new to the club, you will soon be receiving a complimentary Redwood Region name badge. Please wear your badge to our events and meetings.
Congratulations to all those celebrating anniversaries, but a special mention goes out to James Brown (55 years), Kenneth Mason (52 years) and Daniel McDonald (51 years)! Congratulations gentlemen for being such dedicated members!
In the month of May, the Redwood Region celebrated a total of fifty-four anniversaries! Twelve members celebrated twenty plus years and THREE members celebrated being with the club for over fifty years!!
It was so good to see many new faces as well as familiar ones at our events in May!
The Tour to Paso Robles was full of twists and turns as well as trips to the Estrella Warbirds Museum, Woodland Auto Display and the Sensorio Field of Lights!
Of course, wineries and fine dining were part of the three-day experience.
The Monte Carlo Rally through the back roads of Napa and Sonoma counties counted 34 cars from 4 PCA Clubs (Redwood had the lion’s share) and the top 4 cars turned in phenomenal scores of 5 or less… Thank you to Jim Robison and Jerry Wachtel for putting together a wonderful event.

The Porsche Owners Sunday Social Event (P.O.S.S.E.) is a Porsche only Cars & Coffee held on the 4th Sunday of every month. It started small a few months ago and has grown each month. It’s very casual and it’s great to see a lot of new members coming out to participate. See you on June 23rd.
All members are invited to join in our monthly Board Meetings held on the last Tuesday of each month. We meet at Torches Restaurant in downtown Petaluma. Everyone is welcome AND the club picks up your dinner tab.*
Keep your eyes on the Calendar of Events as more events are in the works and being added constantly! Keep your eyes out for upcoming tours and rallies! The “Run for the Ribs” Tour and Lunch on June 19th has proven so popular we had to put registrants on a wait list…
Don’t lose hope if you’re on the wait list!! Keep an eye out for more information on the “Tour to Goat Rock" on June 29th. The “Weekend at the Ironstone Concours” in Murphys is in late September and there will be more information on that soon!!
The Monte Carlo Rally through the back roads of Napa and Sonoma counties counted 34 cars from 4 PCA Clubs (Redwood had the lion’s share) and the top 4 cars turned in phenomenal scores of 5 or less… Thank you to Jim Robison and Jerry Wachtel for putting together a wonderful event.

The Porsche Owners Sunday Social Event (P.O.S.S.E.) is a Porsche only Cars & Coffee held on the 4th Sunday of every month. It started small a few months ago and has grown each month. It’s very casual and it’s great to see a lot of new members coming out to participate. See you on June 23rd.
All members are invited to join in our monthly Board Meetings held on the last Tuesday of each month. We meet at Torches Restaurant in downtown Petaluma. Everyone is welcome AND the club picks up your dinner tab.*

Keep your eyes on the Calendar of Events as more events are in the works and being added constantly! Keep your eyes out for upcoming tours and rallies! The “Run for the Ribs” Tour and Lunch on June 19th has proven so popular we had to put registrants on a wait list…

Don’t lose hope if you’re on the wait list!! Keep an eye out for more information on the “Tour to Goat Rock" on June 29th. The “Weekend at the Ironstone Concours” in Murphys is in late September and there will be more information on that soon!!

As always, please send any and all questions about membership, email me.
Sponsorship Corner
Jeff Hall
Sponsorship Director

Don’t forget to patronize our sponsors and always ask for our PCA membership discount! If you ever have ideas on how to add to, improve or have questions about our Sponsorship Program please don’t hesitate to reach out to Jeff Hall. Please don’t reach out to the sponsors directly as we may already have discussions in the works about the exact idea you are enthusiastic about. Thank you!

Our sponsors are in the der Riesenbaum monthly and are on our website. They are:
Porsche Marin, Hi Tec Automotive, Auto Sport Detailing, Autobahn Automotive
and Santa Rosa Auto Body!
In the Zone
June 2024
Brian Adkins
Zone 7 Representative
Diablo Region


Hello Zone 7,
I see all the Regions doing awesome events. Sure hope you are out and about enjoying those. In May, I attended the GGR and LPR Autocross events at Salinas airport. Rain made Saturday
“interesting” to say the least as the team had to make some weather-related changes, Sunday a different day all together with sunny (maybe a bit chilly) weather. I had a great time, thank you to all those involved. Don’t forget event results are on the Zone 7 website & look at the Zone 7 AX Facebook page.

Looking forward to PCA Parade in Birmingham Alabama. This starts with some business as it is the Summer EC National meeting and Zone Rep meeting, I’ll be sharing lots of information with your Region Presidents as follow up. Then to enjoy the Banquets, Parties, Concours, Juniors program activities and more. There is a Zone gathering before the Sunday welcome dinner, and I look forward to seeing the Zone 7 attendees. I will have some raffle prizes for those attending.

Werks Reunion Monterey registration is open NOW. This is one of my favorite events.
Looking at the cars on display and 100s in the corrals, visiting with friends, vendors and more. Last year I volunteered to judge and was honored to be part of the team judging the “GT” cars. I really like the judging format used. It isn’t a concours and not a casual Cars and Coffee.

See you at an event SOON!
Local Porsche Motorsports News
David Bunch

Please make sure you mark your Calendars for the end of June!!
As many of you know, Sharon & I are a part of the GGR Track Team and PCA is hosting a 3 Day weekend at Sonoma Raceway or as us "Old Timers" call it
-Sears Point Raceway.

Friday June 28, is a Diablo Drivers Education Track Day and on Saturday & Sunday GGR is hosting PCA Club Racing and Drivers Education. We currently have 47 Porsche Race cars entered for that weekend. There is every type of Porsche Race Cars from Cup Cars, GT4 Cayman ClubSport's, very Modified 911's from the 60's & 70's with newer Porsche engines, a 1970 914 with a BIG Porsche engine, 13 911's from the 60's, 70's & 80's racing in the "911Cup" Class and 15 Boxsters in the "Spec. Boxster" Class.

Walking around the "Paddock" you will see Race Transporters for multiple Porsches to home-built Racecars Porsches.
Redwood's Tad Sanders in his 1979 911 coming off track at
the end of one of the races at Thunderhill Raceway this spring.
A large part of our Track weekends of course is "Drivers Education"!! We currently have almost 120 drivers signed up for Saturday & Sunday. There again, every model of Porsches from newer GT3's & GT4's, 992, 991, 997, 996, 993, 964, 911, 944 and even a Cayernne and a 914!!

We have 4 different groups, based on Track experience and Lap Times, starting with the Yellow Run Group for "Students" with PCA Certified Instructors, then "Green" and "Blue" Run Groups with "Passing" only in the straightaways going up to the "Red Run Group" with "Enhanced" passing anywhere on track. A majority of the DE Drivers drive their "Street Porsches" on the track and some have "Track" only Porsches.
Redwood's Andy Brian in his 1972 914-6 taking a student around
Thunderhill Raceway.
If you are interested in driving on track, come by the track that weekend. Porsche people love to talk about their Porsches and how to develop your skills.

Be sure to stop by Grid, where you will find me or the very top of the grandstand at Race Control & Timing where Sharon is stationed.
Paige Gaines

The unique 2024 tour to Paso Robles, also lovingly referred to as the P.T.S.D. (Post Treffen Simmer Down) event is in the books!
By all accounts it was a winner!!

The three-day undertaking began in Novato on Thursday morning, where new members were welcomed, quick instructions on the use of the radios were given, along with an overview of the journey and the usual pre-tour “I” dotting and “T” crossing.
Shortly thereafter, we began the first leg of this excursion with Craig Steele leading the way. We crossed the Golden Gate Bridge and went on a quick tour, through Sea Cliff and Land’s End in San Francisco, for a little bit of sightseeing.  We then travelled along the coast to our first stop and regroup at the Pacifica State Beach. It was here that we took a few extra minutes to watch the surfers in action on what had to have been a perfect day for them, weather-wise… 70 degrees with a steady offshore breeze.
From this point, we proceeded further down the coast to Half Moon Bay where we turned inland via Hwy 92, through the hills and past the scenic Crystal Springs Reservoir, until we connected with Highways 280, then 85, and finally, 101. We then headed toward lunch at the “Ladera Grill” in Morgan Hill.  Along these necessary freeways, we did manage to get in a little bit of bonus car spotting activity that included a mid-60’s Porsche 911 tooling along at a mid-60’s pace.
After lunch, it was off to Hwy 25 through Hollister. Leaving Hollister, the real fun began! We were treated to about 65 miles worth of the best (I’m certain Kim LaFrenais will attest to this!) “Porsche” roads one could ever ask for including a planned regroup and photo op, along the way, at the entrance to Pinnacles National Park! Then it was another 15 miles worth of “this-ain’t-too-bad-either” Hwy 198 until we, once again, merged with Hwy 101 for the final jaunt into Paso Robles and lodging. About 250 miles in total were travelled and this was only the beginning of our little adventure. Day one concluded poolside for a quick meeting followed by an impromptu group dinner at “Big Bubba’s Bad BBQ”.
Day two, Friday, was split into three parts. In typical fashion, the morning had us taking an hour plus, 45 mile, looping tour through the green hills, past several other wineries and vineyards to reach the intended destination of “Sculpterra Winery” (that would otherwise be less than five miles and ten minutes away as the crow flies). This, of course, is where we encountered our only “hiccup” of the journey. We found ourselves parked alongside the road thinking there were some issues with the radios only to have Craig explain, “It’s not a communication problem! It’s a navigation problem!” In other words, you could say we managed to get lost driving in a circle!

After this little setback, we did reach Sculpterra to spend a couple of hours leisurely sipping their wines, soaking up sunshine, absorbing local history and admiring some wonderful works of art sculpture (hence the name) spread throughout the lush grounds.
The middle part of the day was an individual’s choice of where and what to explore in
the area. Some had lunch at Sculpterra, some visited different wineries, while a few
drove additional twisty, hilly roads out to Cambria for some delicious olallieberry pie at “Linn’s Easy as Pie Café”. Yum!

The third part of day two had us gathering at the “Sensorio Field of Lights” just before dusk. It was here that we all observed an amazing transformation occur when fifteen
acres of land came to life, courtesy of 98,000 individual lights, as darkness fell.
We were able to view three distinct exhibits from all angles while we strolled along
a mile pathway. Fantastic!
Day three, Saturday, was once again split into three parts. First, was a trip to the Estrella Warbird Museum, the Woodland Auto Display and the Wings and Wheels Car Show, all of which were conveniently located on the same grounds. On display at the Warbird Museum was an abundance of aircraft, vehicles, uniforms, weaponry, etc., etc. It was more than a hundred years of military history exhibited in five buildings plus, the airfield. The Woodland Auto Display featured a wide variety of vehicles from the 1920s through the 1960s plus, numerous NASCAR, Sprints and Midgets. Several of these had been raced by Dick Woodland, the owner, during his career. Lastly, the car show was filled with about 250 more vehicles of interest including a Porsche or two!
In the middle of the day was another block of free time for more exploration. It was very much a repeat of the previous day with lunches in Cambria, more wineries and art galleries but, with one added surprise. There was a Lavender Festival being held in the historic downtown area.
The tour “officially” concluded Saturday evening with dinner and drink at Pappy McGregor’s Irish Pub, a popular spot with both the locals and Jeff Hall! Plus, Craig was happy that there was an ample supply of carrot cake for dessert!
It was an extraordinary weekend spent in good company, filled with plenty of laughter, lively conversations and memories made! We all put 600-700 miles on our Porsches, crossed seven county lines, travelled nine different highways and managed ten, or so, group events along the way!
An extensive photo album from our adventure has been compiled with photos taken by all of
its participants…
Jerry Wachtel

On Saturday, May 25th, the Redwood Region, in conjunction with the Golden Gate
Region, put on a highly successful rally, one that appealed especially to beginners with
its Monte Carlo format (requiring no calculations), simple, straightforward route
instructions, and short, 50 mile, 2-hour duration. This Franz Valley Rally was created
and produced by Jim Robison with the assistance of Cheryl Spott of the Golden Gate.

The proof of the pudding was the turnout and the comments. 34 cars participated,
including 16 from Redwood, 15 from Golden Gate and 1 each from Sacramento Valley,
Diablo, and Triumph Travelers.

In a rally a score of zero is perfect - neither a second early nor late across perhaps
10-15 checkpoints. In the Franz Valley Rally, four cars had total scores in single digits
To make matters even better, the winners - Martin and Annabelle Chang -
were first time rallyists from the Golden Gate Region with a score of 4.
They drove a 2020 Porsche 718 Spyder.
The day was glorious, the roads were beautiful, and the participants were happy. In
short, this was a memorable event. It would be a boon to the Redwood Region if Jim,
and others, could expand upon, and recreate, the magic that this rally presented.

A minor glitch with scoring (the rally used the Richta System for time and distance
calculations) was resolved by a phone call between the Rallymaster and the developer
of the system, Rich Bireta. Final, corrected scores were published the next day, and
trophies, which were beautiful scale model classic cars on a wood plaque, will be
handed out at the next Redwood event.

A good time was had by all, for this memorable start to Redwood's rally calendar.
My Sports Car Journey #10
The Journeys’ End
Jim Robison

I wanted a new car. I didn’t need a new car as the Kia Optima Turbo I was driving was a fine car in good condition. And what I wanted didn’t have to be new, just new to me.
I thought about the many cars I have had over the past 60 years. Many I have shared in this series, but not all of them. Here are some clippings that didn’t make the first cut.

In high school and junior college, I worked for a foreign car parts distributor doing
inventory management and sales, but many of my fondest memories are when one of
the delivery drivers was unavailable, and I got to drive one of the Morris Minor delivery trucks. It had the same engine as my MG Midget (Story #1) and I drove it like a sports cars. One time I got off with a warning from a policeman who asked me
“What do you think this is, a sports car?”

Another car with the BMC 948 cc engine was the Lotus 7. Once I was able to drive one that was for sale, but it was right hand drive and had a tennis ball as a gear shift knob.
My only clear memory of the experience is trying to shift that damn tennis ball with my
left hand.

We had a Datsun Maxima with a great sound system. It included a voice (which I named “Our Lady of the Talking Dashboard”) who would say things like “Left rear door is open”. My only complaint was that she never said “thank you” when I corrected the problem.
One day someone stole the car. It was recovered a couple days later, missing the entire sound system. Our insurance paid for a new sound system. I never asked Our Lady about her experience, and she never mentioned it. It must have been traumatic for her.

An older gentleman living across the street from my wife’s mother bought a new Ford sedan, but he died before he could put any serious miles on it. My wife’s mother bought it and drove it across the street. But she dies soon thereafter. So we inherited a Ford with less than 1000 miles on it. I called it the death car. At the time, a friend wanted to split up with her boyfriend, but they only had one car. We gave her the death car, she gave it to him, and he moved out. The last time I heard, he was alive and doing well. The moral is that you cannot sell the death car, but if you give it away, it can create a new life for someone.

That reminds me of another story. My wife had friend who broke up with her boyfriend in Colorado and moved to San Francisco. He made one final effort to save the relationship by driving his MGA from Colorado to San Francisco, but arrived with a blown head gasket. He parked on Van Ness Avenue outside Kjell Qvales’ British Motor Car Distributors, BMCD. When he found he didn’t have enough money to have the head gasket replaced, he bought a gasket set from the parts department and did the job himself while parked on Van Ness Avenue outside the dealership. Sadly, he drove back to Colorado alone in his MGA.

I owned two Jaguars. The first was a 120 Fixed Head Coupe that needed some work, like installing the engine. It sat in my garage for two years as I lacked the time, money, or skill to tackle the job. Finally, I sold it to someone who, unlike me, knew what they were getting into.

I had better luck with my other Jag, a 3.8 Mark 2 sedan. Having learned my lesson with the 120, the 3.8 was drivable when I purchased it. It had the classic XK engine, now with 3781 cc producing 220 horsepower, the same engine used on the XKE (E-Type). My 3.8 had a 4-speed manual transmission, limited slip differential, four-wheel disk brakes, and wire wheels. The dash was a beautiful, burled walnut, and it had leather seats.
European models included fog lights in the front bodywork, but they were replaced by
non-functional circular grills in US models. I replaced the grills with driving lights, but that was the extent of my customization. The Jag was my daily drive for several years, and I took it on a few rallies. From what I was used to, it was big and heavy, but it was still a blast to drive. I could have been Inspector Morse chasing a criminal. But then it was murdered by a Guerneville flood. A sad end to a fine car.

I needed a new sedan, and I wanted a five-speed. I liked the Volvo, but, at the time, I could only afford a Toyota. I drove my new Corona to work the next day, where I met
with a freight broker. I asked him why his fees were higher than a competing broker
and he said that was like comparing a Mercedes to a Toyota. Needless to say, he did
not get my business.
The first Porsche I ever rode in was a 914 that belonged to my rally navigator. He wanted to drive in a PCA rally and asked me to navigate. Doing math in a fast car on back roads is not for me. I got car sick and made a mess in his 914.

Another navigator of mine purchased a 260Z and asked me to drive it in the next rally. I was so concerned that I might damage her new and expensive car that I never came close to seeing its full potential. Unfortunately, she totaled it about a year later, escaping with some serious bruises but no broken bones.

Jalopnik rated Volvo wagons the best station wagons of all time. I agree and have owned four Volvo wagons. It started with a 240, stick shift. We owned it for several years. It carried my wife and our firstborn home from the hospital, and it carried my mother-in-law on her final trip to the hospital. We lived in Oakland while trying to sell our house after the Loma Prieta earthquake. Every Friday, we would load the Volvo with some furniture, two dogs, and the kid and drive north to spend the weekend in our newly built house in Guerneville. Finally, after nine months of weekly open houses, we got an offer on the Oakland house. We took it without even making a counteroffer.

We traded in the 240 for an 850 wagon, which had a lateral, five-cylinder engine, front-wheel drive, and a five-speed. At one time it was using a lot of coolant, but I couldn’t find the problem. (It turned out to be a pin hole in the radiator.) While scouting out rally roads,
it overheated, and I had used all my backup water. I stopped by a bridge to get some water from the stream below. While filling my bottle, I heard a noise, looked over my
shoulder and came face to face with a large cow. But what really scared me was seeing her calf behind her and imaging what she would do to protect it. I backed away as slowly and carefully as I could.

The 850 was replaced with a V70 turbo. It was the first turbocharged car I had owned and that led to a couple of expensive speeding tickets. My son borrowed it one time, ran off the road, and did enough suspension damage to total the car. He has also totaled a Chevy Tahoe and a Ram truck. I don’t loan him cars anymore.

The last Volvo wagon I owned was a bright red V70R, which had more power than the regular V70, 6-speed all-wheel-drive, sport suspension, larger brakes, and a rear wing. (Seriously, a wing on a station wagon?) But all that was in the past. I traded the V70R for the Optima Turbo, and now I was ready for another change.
I wanted a daily drive that was unique and fun.
None of the new cars interested me, so I checked out Craigs’ List for interesting used cars. Initially I thought an Austin Healey would be cool, but I soon discovered that the
few remaining road-worthy examples were well over my budget. But in the process, I noticed that used Porsches were plentiful and affordable. I dug deeper, learned more about them, and decided a Cayman or a Boxster would be perfect. After a little more searching, I found and bought a 2010 “Black Edition” Cayman. It reminds me of the
Glas 1300 (Story #2) and the Volvo 1800E (Story #7). It is sophisticated and elegant,
great to drive and great to look at. The only problems are that the PDK 7-speed transmission is not a true stick shift, it lacks a clutch pedal, and the roof blocks the
sun. Maybe I should have waited to find a Boxster instead.

Just out of curiosity, I looked at Craigs’ List again and, there it was, a red 1998 Boxster
at a fair price. So, ignoring the obvious “Why do you need two cars” question, I bought it.
It drives like the MG Midget (Story #1) or the TR4 (Story #6). The five speed shifts with a real clutch pedal, not with some buttons on the steering wheel, and with the top down, it feels like a go-kart. On cold days, I turn the heater up, but I keep the top down. At night,
in the rain, or on long freeway drives, you’ll find me in the Cayman; but on a twisty back road on a sunny day, look for me in the Boxster.

It’s like after a long (62 year) journey, I have finally returned home; to the place it all started; a rag-top, stick shift sports car. I hope you have enjoyed this journey with me
as much as I have enjoyed sharing it with you. I can give you a lift home if you don’t
mind riding in a sports car.

The end.
Redwood Region's Photos
Board Meeting Minutes
Eileen Gaines

The next Board Meeting will be on Tuesday June 25th from 7 pm. to 9 Torches in Petaluma at
256 Petaluma Blvd North.

Our monthly Board meetings are open to all Redwood Region Members. The club will buy your dinner; you pay
for your beverage.

If you’re interested in joining the next meeting via Zoom, send me an email and I will forward you the meeting link.  

Redwood Goodie Store
Dress in style and get your Redwood Region branded items in our Goodie Store.
Visit Redwood's on-line Goodie Store here.
der Marketplatz
2018 Porsche 911 GT3

It’s a rare PTS Voodoo blue. The interior is black with red trim. Leather steering wheel is superb. Full bucket seats. Front axle lift. Other details listed on the build sheet. 

Modifications include a new Fabspeed exhaust with Rennsport center muffler and side mufflers deleted. This was accomplished in 2023. The vehicle has Girodisc front and rear brakes; I replaced the rear brakes in 2023. Paint correction and PPF with 8-year ceramic coating at Auto Sports Detailing accomplished in 2023. 
No accidents. Prior owner drove lightly on track at Porsche club events three times per report. 
The vehicle has 19,000 miles. I’ve driven 6000 miles in the past 14 months.

Asking $185,500. 
This is a reasonable approximate retail price mentioned by several Porsche dealers.
I will entertain offers for less provided they’re reasonable. 
Please contact me at 415-205-0971 for more information. 
I’m happy to show the vehicle. It’s located in San Rafael. 

Covercraft Custom Fit Car Cover
Block-it Evolution Gray All Weather Fabric from Kimberly-Clark
4-Layer Barrier provides maximum outdoor protection
Will fit all 982 Boxsters and Caymans. Hardly used, like new.
Asking $75
Hunziker Steve McQueen “1969” Driving Shoes
Slate Grey suede. NEW, never used. Not for racing.
Size 10.5 US, but runs small. With spare insoles, shoe bags, and extra laces.
$100, make offer.

der Sponsors
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