Monday February 26, 2024

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Reddit Admits To Buying Both Bitcoin And Ethereum...

Bitcoin (BTC) surged to $52,000, and Ethereum (ETH) surpassed $3,000 once again following a recent disclosure by Reddit Inc. regarding their holdings in treasury reserves. 

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Inflation Concerns Continue As BTC Stalls And UNI Skyrockets...

The UNI token by Uniswap garnered significant attention over a 24 hour period, skyrocketing by close to 80% following a proposal aimed at rewarding UNI holders with a share of the fees generated by the DEX.

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EIA Gets Sued Over Making Unlawful Data Collection Demands...

The Texas Blockchain Council (TBC) and crypto miner Riot Platforms recently filed a lawsuit against the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), alleging that the agency made unlawful demands for data collection through the Bitcoin mining sector.

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Avalanche Is The New Destination For Sports Illustrated Tickets...

Avalanche has acquired a stake in Sports Illustrated Tickets and has become the blockchain provider for its NFT-enabled ticketing service, Box Office, which is a blockchain-based ticketing service, allows individuals to organize paid or free events.

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FTX Drama Continues As Hidden Deal Uncovered In Lawsuit...

According to a report on February 17th, a lawsuit alleges that FTX orchestrated a confidential deal with Deltec Bank.

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Honduras Bans Crypto Due To Lack Of Precise Regulations...

Honduras has implemented a prohibition on cryptocurrency trading within its financial institutions, as declared by the National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBS).

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Crypto Fundraising February 13 - 19...

It has been an incredible week for companies around the globe in terms of securing funding to fuel their growth and innovation. Here are some of the latest investment highlights between February 13th-19th,


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Wall Street REALLY Wants Your Bitcoin

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GET READY: A HUGE Surge In Prices In Coming VERY SOON, Bitcoin DEMOLISHES Tesla & JP Morgan

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Crypto News: Bitcoin & ETH Explosion, SEI, VeChain & MORE!!

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