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Happy 4th of July!


Let's come together to celebrate Uncle Sam's Birthday with a fantastic BBQs, fun, family, and fireworks! As we step into the month of July, we want to emphasize that summer is in full swing, offering us numerous adventures to enjoy. The month of June was filled with exciting days, and we are eagerly anticipating even more memorable moments in July. A big thank you to everyone who continues to support OEI - your enthusiasm fuels our journey!

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Discover the events unfolding at the farm in July!

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Hey there party people! We are turning up the heat this summer at the bakery and getting into the patriotic spirit for the fourth of July! Our ovens are working overtime to whip up some scrumptious red, white, and blue sweets that will make your backyard BBQs and beach trips POP! πŸ–οΈ Swing by and grab a bite of pure summertime bliss! Whether you're hitting the beach or firing up the grill, our sweets will be the cherry on top of your summer adventures. Come on over and let's make this season a whole lot sweeter! πŸŽ†πŸ§

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Have you tried our new Cupcakery Quenchers yet?

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They are the ultimate summertime, thirst-quenching experience that will blow your mind! Choose from iced tea, green tea, or lemonade as your base, then customize with sugar-free or sweetener options. But wait, there's more! Dive into a world of flavor shots to create your own unique blend, go sparkling for that extra oomph, or add an energy shot for a boost! Come on over and get your sip on today!

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Shout out to Sabrina!

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We are proud to acknowledge Sabrina for her hard work and dedication to the greenhouse. Sabrina has consistently demonstrated exceptional skills in maintaining the greenhouse's operations and ensuring the healthy growth of our plants. Her expertise and attention to detail have been instrumental in keeping our greenhouse thriving. We are grateful for her contributions and look forward to continuing to work with her. Sabrina, thank you for your commitment to excellence!ο»Ώ



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Enjoying a visit to Mackworth Island State Park in Casco Bay

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Lunch at Bentley's Saloon

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Visiting the Maine Classic Car Museum

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Special Olympics Maine Summer Games 2024!

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Staying cool at the beach!

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Fresh eggs for sale in Swanville, ME!

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Thank you, Tennis for Fun and Realty of Maine for giving back to our community!

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A summer is not complete without a visit to Portland Headlight, Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth, ME

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Enjoying a camping trip at Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park: Androscoggin Lake, ME


Beth Yates – Assistant Program Manager

Liban Negeye – Direct Support Professional

Mohamed Hassan – Direct Support Professional

Nathan Vining – Direct Support Professional

Chloe Warren – Direct Support Professional

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This month we would like to recognize Halimo Mursal as OEI’s July β€œStar of The Month”. Halimo works as a Residential Direct Support Professional in our Lewiston/Auburn Region and been with the agency just over 6 months. In that time, Halimo has been an exemplary team member. The dedication and compassion she demonstrates towards the individuals she supports is exactly what we look for in a DSP. Halimo embodies our company's values through her dedication, compassion, and continuous willingness to learn. She consistently goes above and beyond in all her endeavors. She is an incredibly hard worker being not only a full-time employee here at OEI but also a full-time college student. In her spare time, Halimo enjoys watching movies and spending quality time with her family, reflecting on her love for relaxation and family bonding. Halimo's kindness and unwavering support have significantly enhanced the well-being and satisfaction of the individuals she supports. She demonstrates exceptional flexibility, often adjusting her schedule at a moment's notice to meet the needs of her team and individuals she supports. Halimo is always willing to lend a helping hand. She is constantly on the lookout for new and fun activities to explore with individuals, adding a dynamic and engaging element to their day-to-day life. Thank you, Halimo, for all that you do! We are beyond grateful to have you as part of the OEO Family.


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Last month, OEI dedicated the whole month to expressing gratitude and admiration for our seniors. As this appreciation month has concluded, we wish to extend a heartfelt thank you to all who participated and contributed to its success. Let's persist in spreading kindness and gratitude in all our endeavors!

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Volunteering at Grandpa Welch's house involved weeding, trimming bushes, and taking a ride on the side-by-side.

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