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Industry Buzz

Recreational Marijuana Growth Outpaces Medicinal
Recreational Marijuana Growth Outpacing Medicinal, Expected to Drive Both Hobby and Commercial Markets. Legal weed in North America is expected to climb to an amazing $22.6 billion in revenue in 2021.

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Light Science

The perils and pitfalls of dimming HID lamps 
HID systems for plant growth are dimmed for a variety of reasons. Whether to simulate sun-up / sun-down or to reduce light levels while saving energy, some brands advertise dimming is ...

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Featured Product

Double-End 1000W SUPER HO

SUNMASTER is proud to introduce its double-ended 1000W SUPER HO, a high-output light source tailored to promote early and more flowers.  Supported by months of arc tube re-engineering and thousands of hours of diligent life testing...

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Did you Know?

Did you know that Sunmaster continues to engineer HID?
Founded in 1983, SUNMASTER's parent company was solely focused on the development and marketing of HID lamps and systems. With today's lighting industry rapidly migrating to ...

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