Reading Material to print for Shabbos (or to read now):

Parshas Tazria

The Laws Of Tzoraas: A Pictorial Guide 

By Rabbi Menachem Moshe Oppen

Why Was the Metzorah Put Into Solitary Confinement? 

By Rabbi Yissocher Frand

The Sacrifices of Childbirth 

By Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

Studying the Laws of Leprosy

By Harav Aharon Lichtenstein 

Take Heed in the Plague of Tzara’at

By Rav Yaakov Medan 

Hishamer be-Nega ha-Tzaraat: The Challenge of Overcoming Human Pettiness

By Rabbi Michael Rosensweig 

Consolidating Spiritual Highs 

By Rabbi Yaakov Neuburger

The Internal Structure of the Laws of Tumah and Tahara

By Rabbi Menachem Leibtag 

Tazria and Trauma: Between the Mishkan and Kfar Aza

By Rachel Sharansky Danziger

Contemporary Tzaraat? 

By Rabbi  Efraim Vaynman

Consigning Tzaraat to History

By Rabbi Evan Hoffman 

A Dip in the River

By Rabbi Levi Langer