40th Anniversary Edition

January 2023

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50 Years of Service

Congratulations to longtime Network Member Danny Sherlock as he celebrates 50 years with the Boys and Girls Club organization!

This milestone was highlighted in the Union Tribune earlier this month. According to the article, "He was recently recognized with the Masters and Mentors Award, the highest honor bestowed on Boy & Girls Club professionals by The Professional Association of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. The award honors “exceptional professionals who dedicate their lives to club.” Fewer than 100 professionals have received the award since it was established in 1998 and Sherlock is the first in San Diego County, according to the club."

Danny is a graduate of our Executive Learning Group. After more than 20 years, his groups still meets regularly (MONTHLY)! He has also participated in Fieldstone's Leadership Reading Group (shown at right).

Read about Danny

An Elected Leader

Congratulations to Kent Lee, who was recently elected to the San Diego City Council to represent District 6. Previously, Kent served as the Executive Director of Pacific Arts Movement, an nonprofit organization dedicated to presenting stories that represent the diversity and dynamism of the Asian and Asian American experience, celebrating San Diego’s diverse Asian Pacific Islander communities and encouraging a better understanding of the different cultures locally and cultivating local talent by providing meaningful programs and resources for minority students to pursue careers in media, film, and the arts.

Kent is a graduate of our Executive Learning Group.


Simone Hidds-Monroe of Just In Time for Foster Youth was recently featured on the Zeverly Zone on CBS Channel 8. During the piece, Simone shares her "why" to explain her commitment to working and supporting those in the foster care system. You will also learn more about JIT and the services they provide for those in the system.

Simone is a graduate of our Learning Group Program. In the piece you will also meet Don Wells, another member of the Fieldstone Leadership Network SD, a learning group graduate and a Fieldstone Coach.

Watch Simone's Story


Kesha Spoor, Director of Philanthropy, Program Strategy and Communications at Coastal Roots Farm was recently featured by the Times of San Diego profiling San Diego Moms. In the piece, Kesha shares how the work of The Farm reverses the impacts of climate change, addresses local hunger, fosters a love of nature, and celebrates Jewish tradition, all things that are critically aligned with her values, her vocation as a mom and her responsibilities as a nonprofit leader.

Kesha is a current member of our All We Can Save Learning Circle. She earned her certificates on equity and diversity from Fieldstone and the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance for her participation in Equity Journey 1, 2 and 3. She the mother of two.

Read about Kesha


Congratulations to Lane Macy Keifaber on her selection as the new executive director of the Coastal Community Foundation. Lane will be continuing the legacy of Sharon Omahen who retired from the position after many successful years of leadership. Lane began work on January 17th.

Lane is a graduate of our learning group program and currently serves as a Fieldstone Coach.

Kaleidoscope Award for Good Governance

Congratulations to Episcopal Community Services, Healing Wave Aquatics and Plant with Purpose for their selection as 2023 Kaleidoscope Award for Good Governance winners. The award was presented by The Nonprofit Institute at the annual governance symposium held on the campus of the University of San Diego on January 19 and 20, 2023.

The award, which was created by Janine Mason and Liz Shear over 16 years ago, is presented annually to recognize, celebrate and promote effective and engaged nonprofit board leadership. They chose the name "Kaleidoscope" because it reflects the intricate and varied work of board members and the constant evolution of inputs which require insight and generative leadership to address on the organization's behalf.

Each of the 2023 honorees is a member of the Fieldstone Leadership Network San Diego. Elizabeth Fitzsimmons from ECS, is a 2022 Leadership Reading Group member, Elizabeth Berg, HWA, is a graduate of our Executive Learning Group program and Doug Satre, Plant with Purpose, is a Learning Group graduate and a current member of our Leadership Reading Group.

To learn more or listen to this episode and others, visit


Minding the Gap

FLNSD Founder, Janine Mason, was invited to join The Gap Minders on a podcast which aired on December 19, 2022. Together, hosts Nancy Sasaki and Jose Cruz asked Janine to share how the Fieldstone Leadership Network is supporting nonprofit professionals in San Diego to develop their leadership and amplify the impact of their work and that of their organizations. Topics ranged from Learning Groups and Coaching to Leadership Reading Groups and the Clare Rose Sabbatical. One of the hosts, Jose Cruz, is a graduate of Fieldstone’s Learning Group and Coaching programs and was able to share his experience with the Network as well.

United Way of San Diego County and the San Diego Council on Literacy have joined forces to host The Gap Minders podcast. The Gap Minders weekly episodes aim to inform, inspire, and illuminate the gaps and the solutions to a variety of challenges experienced in the San Diego community and beyond. Nancy and Jose chat with influential changemakers passionate about closing gaps and creating equitable and healthy lives for San Diego’s citizens through their work.

Many members of FLNSD have also been guests on the Gap Minders Podcast.

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