Reclaimed Wood Paneling, Pete Seeger's Clearwater Project & More!
Reclaimed Wall Cladding in the new 
Wakefly Headquarters.

When a hip, youth-oriented digital media company wanted to build out their new Boston office, they turned to the Jarmak Corp.

Adding warmth, color and beauty to the work environment, Jarmak supplied weathered oak and maple to the walls and work spaces.

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Reclaimed Heart Pine Flooring

Reclaimed heart pine flooring is one of the truly amazing things in life,  the beauty and durability of this wood has been appreciated for hundreds of years. 

The largest concentration of this American treasure is the beams and planks in the textile mills of the northeast. 

W e recycle more of this wood than anyone in New England, and it is a favorite among builders and furniture makers, due to its strength, density and beauty. 

It is our mission to save as much of this historic, beautiful wood from the textile mills and factories it was originally a part of.  We are passionate about our job and believe reclaiming this wood is essential!

Let us share with you the beauty and history that is in every board.

Clearwater Sloop Project

When the shipwrights rebuilding the sloop Clearwater needed some reclaimed heart pine of exceptional quality, they turned to the Jarmak  Corp. The Clearwater sloop was a longtime project spearheaded by Pete Seeger in an effort to clean up the Hudson River.
Shipwrights up and down the east coast have been sourcing their lumber with us  
because of our extensive inventory of reclaimed lumber. Read more about our previous work with shipwrights here!

The Clearwater is the most cherished and iconic symbol of the environmental movement

We are proud to contribute in our small way to this legacy.

Let's hope the Clearwater is around for generations to come.

For more information on the Clearwater Restoration project, visit 

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Keep up with the progress of the Clearwater Restoration, including projects we will be working on with wood we have salvaged from the Clearwater itself, by visiting and liking us on Facebook!

New In This Week!

New decking just in from Taunton.

4.5"x5"-11" wide

New & In Stock Reclaimed Wood Products
We are constantly acquiring new inventory, be sure to call and find out what new and exciting reclaimed products are available!
Reclaimed Maple Flooring

Unvarnished square edged maple flooring in various widths. Denailed and ready to lay.
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Historic Softwood Planks

3" &4" thick
Up to 12" wide

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Heart Pine Timber

9.5" x11" x17'

#1 Heart Pine

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Heart pine truss bracing No nails  3x55x5 5x7
Heart Pine Truss Bracing

3"x5" 5"x5" 5"x7"

No Nails!

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Heart Pine Timber


Reclaimed from a 1927 Mill in Cambridge, MA
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Reclaimed Stable Planks

Nominal 2"x8" and 2"x10"
Mixed soft woods.
Great color and saw marks.

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Hemlock Church Beams

Holy Trinity German Church  Hemlock beams.
Various sizes unpainted from historic 1840 church.
For more history on this project, visit our website!

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