April 2024

Recent Consent Orders Reveal Common IT Audit, Control Gaps

The proliferation of technology providers and fintech partners has complicated information technology and information security practices at banks, according to an analysis of recent enforcement actions.


The High Cost of Old Technology

In this episode of Reinventing Banking, Nicole Lanza Turner of Accenture discusses the cost of working with outdated, legacy technology and how financial institutions can manage tech debt.


Using Fintech to Capture New Opportunities in Home Improvement

Partnering with a fintech can save time and money in acquiring new customers doing home energy upgrades.


In the Digital Age, How Well Do Banks Know Their Customers?

Bank Director looks at how artificial intelligence and stolen information undermine banks' customer identification and due diligence programs in the third article in a series on enforcement actions.


Deposit Growth in the Banking as a Service Provider Void

As banking as a service providers retreat, banks have the opportunity to expand their distribution channels across retail, small and medium businesses and commercial partnerships.


The Roadblocks Facing AI Use at Banks

Stronger data management strategies will help community banks leverage artificial intelligence in their institution, according to a recent research report from Bank Director.


The Deal on Fintechs provides a monthly snapshot of movement within the financial industry. Below is a list of last month's fintech and bank acquisitions and IPOs linked to source material for more information.




There were no IPOs in the month of March.

May 14-15, 2024 | Tampa, FL

Experience FinXTech

The ideal FI-fintech relationship is highly complementary, incredibly powerful and results in lucrative benefits for both sides. To help develop these strategic connections, FinXTech hosts Experience FinXTech, the industry’s leading financial technology event. During this annual event, financial institutions and fintechs connect with like-minded industry leaders, explore cutting-edge financial technologies, and learn how to navigate the nuances of the partnership process

Tuesday, April 23, 2024 | 1:00 pm CDT

Delivering a Customer Experience That Thrives Under Pressure

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Customer expectations demand that their institution supports them whenever and wherever they need it. This is challenging enough in normal times, but how do you still provide an optimal customer experience where there is pressure? This webinar explores how BMO has removed the friction of customer communication to create a vastly improved digital experience. But this experience was put to the test when BMO acquired Bank of the West last year and those customers had to undergo a digital banking conversion.

Tuesday, June 18, 2024 | 1:00 pm CDT

Examining Generational Differences in Banking: Capturing Gen Z and Millenials

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The banking habits and preferences of Americans continue to evolve. In this webinar, we explore generational differences, with a focus on how community and regional institutions can gain a greater slice of Gen Z and millennial populations that currently bank with large, national brands. You'll gain insights based on original 2024 research from Apiture and The Harris Poll.