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January 2017 News

Happy 2017! This month, there are several ways to jumpstart your health!
Need a system reboot after all those holiday treats? Try our Peoples 3-Day Seasonal Cleanse and get a 
( Berry Kick or King Kale) , this month only!

Looking to lower your cholesterol naturally? Take the Wholemega Challenge and get free testing plus the chance to win a gift basket! Details below!

Check out our awesome new classes and  events  to your right !

Happy, Healthy January! 
~ Your Friends at Peoples  

 Jumpstart Healthy Habits with Juice!
Often we get off track (think holiday parties and indulgences!) and need a reboot to return to the daily practices that keep us healthy.
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Mon., Jan. 9 @ 6 PM

Mon., Jan. 9 @ 7 PM

Tues., Jan. 16 @ 7 PM

Mon., Jan. 23 @ 7 PM

Mon., Jan. 30 @ 7 PM


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