Celebrating the Journey from Survivor to Overcomer
The Priceless Team is so proud and honored to celebrate a young woman who has persevered through so many ups and downs but has graduated from our Priceless program. Special thanks to our case management team and the mentors who have walked with her through the years of struggles and into sobriety and a sustainable life of independence! Please pray for her continued journey in new life!

Pictured: Priceless Mentor Kristen and her Graduating Mentee at her recent celebration! Face hidden to protect identity, but look at that smile!
Celebrating Good Days and Making Memories
by: Kimberly, Priceless Mentor
Horse Therapy
We were honored to share a sunny afternoon with our mentee playing with horses, which happens to be one of her favorite animals. The afternoon could not have been better—the sun was shining, the horses were frisky, we had the equestrian center all to ourselves; and, best of all, our mentee was all smiles!

Our mentee is not very mobile, but she enthusiastically made her way across the center to watch the horses run, buck, roll and rear, which delighted her beyond belief. She radiated joy as she watched their antics. She couldn't wait to pet and talk to them, and feed them carrots.

She also brought along her friend's 8-year-old daughter, who was able to get a pony ride. Our mentee was so gentle and thoughtful with this little girl, and encouraging as she watched her ride. This was a side of her that we hadn't been able to see before, and it was impressive and touching to watch her dote on this child and share her love of horses with her. There's something about animals that soothes the soul, and a love of animals that brings us together. What a delightful and unique day!
Celebrating Community Building Among Priceless Mentors
Mentors serving with our Priceless and Chosen programs came together this month for our first quarterly mentor community gathering with a Taco Tuesday! They shared their stories of mentorship and gained further equipping as our mentor support and case management staff shared insights about a recent interaction with a client. The topic this quarter was about how trauma impacts developmental maturity, physical age vs. developmental age, and how mentors can respond to the ups and downs and behaviors of their mentors in light of this. Not only was it fun and educational, but we saw our mentors connect as community on a shared mission against injustice!
RESOURCE: Adverse Childhood Experiences in Alaska
Relating to our discussion at the mentor gathering, here is a resource that discusses Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) in Alaska. This is a great resource to educate yourselves and grow in your trauma-awareness as part of our Priceless community!

Source: Alaska Children's Trust (ACT)
Love Alaska is hosting an in-person Engage training next month and has lowered the cost for participants to $25! In addition, Kaleo Church of Anchorage is providing lunch on Saturday.

Engage is the first step to serving with Love Alaska and its initiatives Priceless and Chosen. It also serves as an excellent starting point for those looking to understand their calling to walk with broken people in a broken world!
Thank You
Thank you for being part of this fight in every way that you can! Whether spreading the word on social media, serving as a mentor, or partnering as a monthly donor, you make the work of Priceless possible!