Summer activities! Come and Join IN!

Familiar View? No? Yes...there is a trail - explore it!

It is NOW or Never to come and play - Summer activities are in Full Swing up in Summit County!

Summer has finally arrived. The snow this winter and the rain have filled our reservoirs and river runners are ecstatic! Wildflower enthusiasts have not had the pleasure to look at the abundance of Beauty mother nature has provided, like they do now! Come on up now to get a look, don't forget to take a camera - or at least store the beautiful meadows in your own heads "video library" of life's memories made!


  • Of course we have to take good care with campfires, cigarettes and other "flammables" - fire danger should never be ignored - even with a "wet Spring" the grass will turn from green to brown very quickly end of July through August while the warmest and driest days of the years will be soon here! Once the grass and soils dry out the fire danger will increase rapidly! Let's all be aware of that and take precautions!


  • When "up here" - check out the Farmers Market in Dillon on Fridays, the concerts at the amphitheater and enjoy a meal at the Arapahoe Café or Bistro North or Dam Brewing Company. Relaxation and fun is one of the summer enjoyments we all look forward to - our batteries "re-charge" and we tune down the accumulated every day stresses.


  • Silverthorne is home of the Silco Theater, Bluebird Market, Silverthorne Rec Center and Kucu Teguila bar. Check them out!


  • Hike Acorn Creek, Antlers Gulch or Ptarmigan Mountain. For a stroll..the Bike Path and Old Dillon Reservoir trail are more "moderate" and views are stunning!


Do you need more reasons to come up... ?

Give me a call... I can list some more (reasons) if you like :) - or recommend where to "find" the activities that will make your day a day of adventure and enjoyment.

I have lived and loved this place for 30 years and am happy to share the "ins" with you if you need some additional "tippers".


Our market continues to favor sellers; however, it is more friendly to Buyers.

The Buying frenzy we saw for the last 18-20 months has settled down.


Summit County Real Estate has proven to be a good investment with appreciation over the past 10 years coming in as follows:

(Calculated by Median Sale Price comparison) **

** Appreciation of properties in Summit County:

Single Family Homes - Median Sale price up by 160 %

(since 2013)

Townhomes & Condos - Median Sale price up by 147%

(since 2013)

All Properties (SF, TH and Condos - Land NOT included)

over the duration of 30 years:

Median Sale Price up by 147%

Please see some recent Stats below - Kerry

(Data from SARS and MLS)

Market Statistics/Trends - April through June 2023

Median Sales Price Summit County - SF Homes and TH/ Condos month of June 2022 vs. Month of June 2023

(click on image to enlarge)

The Graph shows median Sales Price trend for May (2018 - 2023 YTD)

SF and Townhomes/ Condos

(click on image to enlarge)

Summit County SF and Townhomes/ Condos

Month of May 2022 vs. 2023

(click on image to enlarge)

The Graph shows median Sales Price trend for April (2018 - 2023 YTD)

SF and Townhomes/ Condos

(click on image to enlarge)

Summit County SF and Townhomes/ Condos

Month of April 2022 vs. 2023

(click on image to enlarge)

"Over my 30 years as a Realtor I continue to believe...that

You deserve a Realtor who is honest, knowledgeable, and strives to exceed you expectations!

I am hoping I can be that person for you! -Kerry

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