Montgomery County
GCAAR Asks for Neighborhood Protections in Support for ADUs

GCAAR recently sent a letter to the Montgomery County Council advocating for Zoning Text Amendment 19-01, which would ease the currently stringent regulations on Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). The support also included concerns regarding easing parking restrictions, possible over-development, and DHCA's code enforcement staffing.

Signed by GCAAR President Koki Adasi, the letter spoke to the increase in affordable housi ng and additional revenue source for home owners these ADUs would provide.

Since receiving GCAAR's letter, the Council's Planning, Housing and Economic Development Committee has amended the ZTA to preserve current parking regulations. GCAAR will continue to monitor this legislation and strive to protect home owners and their property rights.
GCAAR-Opposed 'Just Cause' Eviction Bill Defeated In Committee

A bill that would have placed more stringent requirements on Montgomery Cou nty property managers and damaged property law in Montgomery County has been defeated. Bill 628, Residential Leases - Just Cause Eviction, was voted down in the House Environment and Transportation Committee (E&T) by a vote of 17-2.

On March 12, GCAAR sent a letter to E&T Committee members outlining its concerns. The full letter, which can be   read here , spoke to the likely decline in housing opportunity and the increase in litigation the bill would trigger. 

We are glad to see that GCAAR's concerns were heard loud and clear, and appreciate the committee's efforts to respect contract law and protect our County's housing landscape.
District of Columbia
Real Estate Accounting Bill Introduced
DCAR advocated for a bill that clarifies and simplifies the accounting process for real estate professionals in the District.

The Accounting Clarification for Real Estate Professionals Amendment Act of 2019 , if enacted, would permit agents to accept commission payments made directly to an LLC.

This bill would bring the real estate community in line with other business owners in the city by removing an extra, unnecessary step for agents who have established an LLC.

The bill was introduced Tuesday, March 5, and was co-sponsored by nine of the 13 DC Councilmembers. It will first work its way through the Housing Committee, and if it gets voted out of Committee, it will make its way to the full Council.