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What do you want to look like when you get through this pandemic?

This is the question we keep hearing. It’s time to lead and prepare your organization for the next phase – businesses are currently set to open May 1st. This means engagement and alignment from your leadership team.

We may be getting back to “normal” soon, but what will be the “new normal” for our companies?

We recognize you may be resource and cash constrained. Add Cyndi and Darcy to your team and let us help jumpstart your “winning” in the new reality! We will be focused, efficient and helpful. We are making the price point accessible due to current conditions AND we are willing to delay payment to the end of the year.

Here are 3 Stretch Services to help your organization:
1-hour brainstorming with your leadership team
4 sessions to jumpstart your leadership & company
Increase your confidence to win in the new reality
As a way to connect, learn, and share ideas, we continue to host our free Stretch Strategic Chats™ . Here's the upcoming line-up of topics and speakers!
Neuro-Leadership: What is Next?
April 28, 2020 2pm ET
Led by: Cyndi Wineinger
We are eagerly looking forward to what is next as we move past this initial stage of the pandemic. 
What will our life look like?
What will work look like?
What will the world look like?
You are created with a powerful ability to manage how you navigate through these questions with positivity, power, and resilience. 
Cyndi Wineinger will share her training in neuro-linguistics and how you can control your brain, how you think. and how Neuro-leadership is shaping your future. Learn how mastering the Mind:Brain:Body connection is a requirement for leadership as we lead ourselves and our teams/companies to the next stage of success.
Invite your team to join as we talk about the brain on change, staying in a cycle of hope, and tangible ways to continue building and a stronger sense of self and purpose

Sales & Marketing: Accelerating your Restart
May 12, 2020 2pm ET
Led by: Simcha Kackley
What's your Sales and Marketing approach when we all restart? This is your chance to do things you've never done before.

Simcha Kackley , CEO & Founder of Swivel , will cover specific creative ways to go to market and engage your audience – from social media to other digital opportunities and account-based marketing strategies -– to enable your sales team to close deals.   

Cyndi Wineinger & Darcy Bien have been working for the past year on Stretch Strategic Leaders to help companies stretch to the next level. These programs and trainings integrate strategy and organizational development for mid-size growth oriented companies. Both Cyndi and Darcy continue to serve their current clients as well through The Wineinger Company and Partners in Change.