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The Role Of Malt In Beer

Malt is classified into different categories. The highest percentage of malt in a grain bill is the base malt. Typical base malts include Pale, Munich, Vienna, etc. Other categories of malt include caramel, kilned, roasted and adjunct.

Caramel malt is generally used to add sweetness and color.

Kilned malt is conventionally used in small quantities and attribute more unique or distinguishable flavors.

Roasted malt is used in the smallest percentage as they are roasted to a high degree resulting in deep flavor and dark color.

In regards to adjuncts, these include flaked barley, oats, etc. as well as squash, pumpkins and other starchy vegetables.

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Sources & Photo Credit:

Caramel Malt...or Crystal Malt?

Crystal malt was first produced in Britain in the 1880's, where as Caramel malt (if I understand the history correctly) has been widely used in the United States since about the 1950's. (An exact time period was difficult to find.) According to Bob Hansen at Briess, while the terms are used interchangeably, all crystal malts are caramel (type) malts, but not all caramel malts are crystal malts. It is further confusing because they are proprietary product and names by the individual malt houses.

Choosing The Right Caramel Malt

There is more to Caramel malt than color. To achieve a 35L Abbey-style beer, you could use Caramel 10L malt which would be 100% of your grain bill. To get the same 35L, you could also use Caramel 60L at 17% or Caramel 120L at 8%. However, flavor is an important consideration. To make a 35L Abbey-style beer you also need to achieve the complexity of flavor and aroma.

A useful tool in deciding which Caramel malt (or any malt) is a malt profile such as the one provided by Briess. The kilning and roasting process impacts not only the malt flavor, but also other attributes such as body, foam, and lacing just to name a few. The flavor profile doesn't necessarily change on a linear scale from mild to robust, but instead the flavors may be completely transformed. For example, the lower lovibond Caramel malts may be described as 'candy-like sweetness and mild caramel'; whereas the higher lovibond caramel malts may be described as 'pronounce caramel, burnt sugar, raisiny and prunes'.

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World Kombucha Day

The origins on kombucha are attributed to Chinese Emperor Qin Shi Huang in 221 BCE who wanted an elixir that would keep him young and healthy. The Emperor's alchemists created kombucha, and World Kombucha Day is now celebrated on 2.21 every year!

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Winemaker Magazine

Top 100 Wine Kits

The annual list of the Top 100 Wine Kits of the Year was published in the Dec '22 / Jan '23 issue of Winemaker magazine. Thirty RJS kits made it into the Top 100, with four in the Top 10.

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Brettanamyces Bruxellensis!

SafBrew™ BR-8 is the first dry Brettanomyces bruxellensis culture available to brewers, offering all of the sensory benefits of wild or propagated Brett.

Selected specifically for secondary fermentation, SafBrew™ BR-8 produces phenolic compounds that create a distinctive finishing touch which evolves over time as the beer is aged,

Oregon Cheese Festival

Come and celebrate cheese and everything that goes with it! Taste and buy cheese, drinks, and accompaniments from artisan and specialty producers from Oregon and beyond. Treat yourself to beverages by the glass and food carts. This year’s event will be for cheese lovers 21 and over.

When: Saturday, April 2nd from 11am-5pm and Sunday, April 3rd from 11am-4pm.

Where: Jackson County Expo, Seven Feathers Event Center, 1 Peninger Rd in Central Point.

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