New month. New year. New decade. Birthdays. We all use "temporal landmarks" to fashion fresh starts.
My favorite turn of the calendar is September. It conjures fond memories of a new school year. It brings hope for cooler weather and fall colors. There’s also still time left in the year to reach some of the goals I’ve set for myself. And, it’s my birthday month.
If, like me, you’re ready to leave the dog days of summer behind, this month’s email offers some ideas to grow and thrive as a leader and in your career.
Blooming where you're planted
My latest article, Strategies for Growing When You Feel Stuck in Your Career, offers ideas to grow when you've hit a career plateau or are languishing in a dull job. 

Managing your career
For more advice on proactively managing your career development, take a look at this short Forbes article, Career Management for You and Your Leadership.

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Boosting your team's cohesion
Much is being written about the “Great Resignation.” It's Time to Re-onboard Everyone offers advice for enhancing team performance and well-being.  

Improving employee retention
In her article, The 3 Stay Conversations, Claire Lew offers practical advice for one-on-one conversations with your direct reports.

Finding your purpose
Purpose is essential to our well-being. The good news, according to this Hidden Brain podcast, is that purpose is something you can cultivate.
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