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March, 2014

RTS is your point-of-sale solution. We provide ticketing and concessions software for every movie theatre. In addition, RTS now provides your digital signage package as well. 

RTS was developed in a theatre so we understand your needs. RTS licenses include upgrades, hardware and software support, back office management, online ticketing through your website, and direct integration with industry partners. 

With 20 years in the business, we work with more than 1500 theatres in the US and Canada. Please visit our website or contact sales for further product information.
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Hello and Welcome to the March Newsletter! 
In this issue you will find details about:
  • The New Version of RTS
  • Digital Signage
  • Windows XP 
  • End-to-End Encryption Card Reader
Enjoy our updates and information.
RTS Team 
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  • Digital Signage Displays
  • Interactive Sign
  • Demo our software
New Version Release
The RTS software has been completely rewritten to take advantage of the latest programming technologies. 
  •  Updated Look
    • RTS has updated every aspect of the software
    • Optional movie buttons on ticketing screen
    • New Concession Buttons 
    • Updated Graphics
    • New Reports 
  •  Increase Productivity 
    • Allow your staff to easily locate items to sell to your patrons.
    • Visually attractive box office and concession screens.
    • An easily learned software just got easier.
Digital Signage
Create an experience for your patrons with our improved digital signage. Allow them to have a visual experience from the moment they walk through your doors to the moment they are sitting for the previews. Showtime Signs to Auditorium Signs and everywhere in between.  
  • Advertising Signs
  • Auditorium Signs
  • Concessions Signs
  • Directional Signs
  • Interactive Signs
  • Poster Signs
  • Showtime Signs


Bring your theatre to life with digital signs.
Replace Mylars and boring posters; no ordering and waiting on the mail for media. Schedule changes sync automatically across all signs. Save time and money by going digital, and going green!

Windows XP Support to end April 8th 2014  
What this means:
  • Windows XP is 12 years old, Microsoft will no longer be supporting the software.
  • With XP no longer being supported by Microsoft, PCI compliance is effected.
  • Please contact sales for more information. 
End-to-End Encryption Card Reader  
Hocan this help me?
  • End-to-end encryption reduces the number of systems handling sensitive card data. 
  • When an encrypted card reader is used, sensitive cardholder data is removed from the payment application and the merchants PCI efforts are simplified.
How it works:
  • Takes card swipe data out of scope for PCI compliance.
  • Encrypts credit card information directly from reader to processor, never supplying sensitive card holder information to your system.
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