The Working Group has submitted its Final Report to the GNSO Council for its consideration. The GNSO Council received a short briefing about the Final Report during the 21 January Council meeting. A webinar will be held for Councilors on 28 January at 20:00 UTC. The webinar is also open to observers. Zoom room details are available here.

Prior to submission of the Final Report, the Working Group held a consensus call on the recommendations, implementation guidance, and other outputs in the Final Report, which are organized under 40+ topic areas. In summary, all but one of the topics received a designation of either Full Consensus or Consensus. More specifically, 25 topics received Full Consensus, 16 received Consensus and one (Topic 35: Auctions: Mechanisms of Last Resort / Private Resolution of Contention Sets) received a designation of Strong Support but Significant Opposition. Within each of the topics that received either Consensus or Strong Support but Significant Opposition, outputs within the topic that achieved Full Consensus or Consensus are specified. See Annex C of the Final Report for additional information about the consensus designations.

In its message to the GNSO Council accompanying the Final Report, the Working Group Co-Chairs highlighted and commented on four topic areas that may require additional consideration following the PDP:

  • Mitigating DNS Abuse
  • Closed Generics
  • Public Interest Commitments / Registry Voluntary Commitments
  • Mechanisms of Last Resort / Private Resolution of Contention Sets

These topics were also raised in the 21 January briefing to Council and will be covered in the upcoming webinar.