EPDP on the Temporary Specification for
gTLD Registration Data
Update for Week of 29 October 2018
As a recap, The EPDP Team met four times during ICANN63, and pursuant to the EPDP Team’s  draft work plan , the primary goal of the meetings was to finalize the EPDP Team’s recommendations for its Initial Report. In working through its  charter questions , the EPDP Team continued to discuss purposes for processing registration data, related processing activities, lawful bases of processing activities, et.al. The EPDP Team also presented during a  High Interest Topic Session , during which representatives from the EPDP Team presented an overview of the EPDP Team’s composition, scope, progress, working methodology, and expected next steps in relation to the publication of its Initial Report. The EPDP Team will be publishing its Initial Report shortly and following the publication, the EPDP Team will welcome the community’s submission of public comments.
The Team continued working through the data elements workbooks ; this week, we focused on:
  • Purpose E (registry): Provide mechanisms for safeguarding Registered Name Holders' Registration Data in the event of a business or technical failure, or other unavailability of a Registrar or Registry Operator;
  • Purpose M: Coordinate, operationalize and facilitate policies for resolution of disputes regarding or relating to the registration of domain names (as opposed to the use of such domain names), namely, the UDRP, URS, PDDRP, RDDRP and future-developed domain name registration-related dispute procedures for which it is established that the processing of personal data is necessary; and
  • Purpose N: Enabling validation of Registered Name Holder satisfaction (fulfillment) of gTLD registration policy eligibility criteria.

The Leadership Team led the Team through the first iteration of the draft Initial Report . There is highlighting and color-coding within the draft report to emphasize outstanding issues.
  • Items highlighted in yellow are flags for staff to populate supporting documentation (such as completed data elements workbooks, once reviewed by the EPDP Team).
  • Items highlighted in blue reflect documents still under discussion, e.g., Small Team 1 and 2 language that is not yet finalized. Blue highlights also denote areas where ICANN Support Staff has suggested language for the Team to review. Staff-suggested language appears in brackets.
  • Items highlighted in red have not been discussed in detail, and it would be helpful if EPDP Team members volunteer to provide draft responses to red items. 
The EPDP team is working toward issuing the Initial Report by 19 November based on the newly-adjusted timeline shared during ICANN63 (with a delay of 2 weeks to the previous timeline and milestone of 5 November). Leadership and support team set a tight schedule post-ICANN63 to get EPDP team members feedback and comments to finalize the Initial Report. Depending the groups comments and feedback on several outstanding items or requests to revisit previous deliberations, there is a risk of delay for finalizing the report by the deadline.   
The Leadership Team will present the review and editing methodology to the EPDP Team, and the EPDP Team will address any outstanding issues flagged within the draft Initial Report.
Serious Delay/Issues
Manageable Delay/Issues
No Delay/Issues
Update on EPDP Team Progress in ICANN63
The EPDP Leadership Team discussed what the team accomplished during ICANN63. Watch the video interview HERE
Photos of the EPDP Team in ICANN63, including during working sessions and the High Interest Topic session, can be found on ICANN Flickr
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