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Not a lot of us are old enough to remember the “good ‘ole days.”

That’s what we called them back then.

They were the days when oil changes ended up down the sewer, in the ditch, in a bottle in the trash bin.

Nobody thought about the ramifications, the problems that people would have to deal with later in life.

The Environmental Protection Agency and other government departments dedicated to Mother Nature are warning that the damaged caused is basically unknown.

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ANSWER: Manufacturer branded oil is developed by the manufacturer with specific additives and detergents to keep your engine clean and running at its optimum performance. It also has an anti foaming agent. We see very little oil related problems when the customer uses manufacturer recommended oil.


Unlock Big Savings on Bulk Oil for Your Johnson 
and Evinrude Engines!

Ready to save big on top-quality oil for your Johnson and Evinrude engines? Look no further! Lynnhaven Marine is excited to offer XD-30, XD-50, and XD-100 oils in bulk quantities. Simply bring in your empty containers, and we’ll handle the rest! Say goodbye to hassle and hello to savings. Don’t miss out on this fantastic offer – visit us today to replenish your oil supply and keep your engines running smoothly all season long!

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“Had been bringing my Triton Bass Boat with a 250 Mercury Pro XS to a place in Camden. My motor had what they called a “Gremlin”. They could not fix it, chased parts with my $$$$ and caught the motor on fire!!! Called David Uhl at LHM and he had me bring it in the next day!!! He had EVERYTHING fixed and boat runs like new!!! Fished a FOM Regional Championship last week on Lake Norman and it was one of the fastest boats on the water. Ran past 6 competitors boats to get to our spot 1st. Thanks to Dave and his Team!!!! The only place I will be bringing my boat in the future and have already told folks about it.”



Reviving a 150hp Mercury Engine!

We are thrilled to share with you our latest project featuring a 150hp Mercury four-stroke engine! Our dedicated team of skilled technicians recently completed a comprehensive teardown, repair, and rebuild of this powerhouse engine, showcasing our commitment to excellence in marine service.

From start to finish, our technicians meticulously inspected every component, ensuring that each part was in optimal condition. Utilizing their expertise and experience, they performed precise repairs and replacements where necessary, guaranteeing the engine’s reliability and performance.

At Lynnhaven Marine, we understand the importance of keeping your engine in tip-top shape for smooth and enjoyable boating experiences. Whether it’s routine maintenance, repairs, or upgrades, our team is here to support you every step of the way.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for all your service needs. We’re here to ensure that your boating adventures are always safe, reliable, and unforgettable!

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Get ready for a game-changer in marine maintenance! We’re thrilled to announce that Lynnhaven Marine will be partnering with Xanigo Marine to bring you an innovative mold and mildew prevention system. Stay tuned for more details as we unveil how 

this cutting-edge solution will keep your boat in pristine condition. In the meantime, click the link below to check out Xanigo Marine’s website to get a sneak peek at what’s to come. Get ready to say goodbye to mold and mildew worries once and for all!

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