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mk North America ~ Newsletter                          
September 2017

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The Benefits of Lean Manufacturing
Efficiency has never been more important to the manufacturing industry than now. This is especially true in North America, where higher costs of doing business place many manufacturers at a competitive disadvantage with global counterparts in places like China, India, and Indonesia.

How can North American manufacturers  maximize productivity and reduce waste enough to remain competitive in the global marketplace? For many, the answer is with a set of principles and practices collectively known as lean manufacturing.

Conveyor Systems and Assembly Lines
Ever since it was perfected by the Ford Motor Company in 1913 to produce the iconic  Model T , conveyor-driven assembly has been the backbone of American manufacturing.

While much has changed since the first Model T rolled off of Ford’s assembly line, conveyors have remained a crucial part of manufacturing and the assembly process. As technology, market pressures, and more have evolved throughout the decades, conveyors have proved more than capable of keeping up.
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