Fellow Residents:

I hope this e-mail finds you well. If we have not met, my name is Jeff Rose. I am the current Vice Mayor of Surfside and I am running for re-election on March 19, 2024.


On January 31st, the Town held the Commissioner Candidates’ Forum. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, the audio of the Forum cannot be recovered. It’s unfortunate because there were many important topics that were addressed but technological issues are sometimes unavoidable (no, it wasn’t an intentional conspiracy). 

Click to read my Opening and Closing Statements given at the Forum. Also, below is a summary of some of the responses that I provided at the Forum. I am asking any residents that have any video recordings from that night of any candidates to please share those videos via e-mail to me at rosejrr@gmail.com and to the Town.



Programming and Parks & Rec.

Other candidates (Tina Paul, Nelly Velasquez, Gerardo Vildostegui) suggested building a second story at the Community Center, which would require completely shutting it down for about 2-3 years. So, NO COMMUNITY CENTER FOR 2-3 YEARS. 

This is why we’re working on the NEW 88th Street residents’ gym, rooftop pickleball court, tennis center, and rec. room. Click here to see the current designs!

Also, during this term, we’ve:

  • increased programming for kids and seniors two-fold and the new 96th street park and 88th street center will allow us to do even more
  • renovated the Tot Lot
  • created the 92nd St. Pocket Park
  • installed outdoor exercise equipment throughout Town

It’s important to note that, the previous Commission was given the opportunity to purchase the property next to the 96th street park for $4.5M, which would have allowed us to expand the current park, but they declined the offer.


I support by-right development. Meaning, if a presented project meets Code (per our Town Planner, Building Official, Town Attorneys, and P&Z Board), then I will approve it. 


The allowable sizes and height of Homes and Condos in Surfside have not changed in the last 18 years!

I have been involved in building or renovating 19 projects over the last 2 years, 17 of which were approved under the previous Commission (Burkett, Paul, Velasquez)! So, there is nothing nefarious happening. Click here to see the list.

Is the Planning and Zoning Board doing a good job? How would you restructure the composition?

I do believe the P&Z Board is doing a good job and would not change or restructure the composition. The Code requires P&Z to have at least 3 of the following relevant professions:  a Town planner, architect, engineer, contractor, developer, designer, and realtor. Changing this requirement to remove these designations (or getting rid of P&Z entirely as Mr. Burkett suggested) would put people that don’t have the expertise needed to evaluate the projects coming forward.

P&Z gives input but shouldn’t use the guidelines as a weapon to turn down projects that meet Code just because a member has different taste. 

This Commission hired an in-house Town Planner, who helps expedite residents’ permits for gates, pools, fences, and driveways, which are among the most popular permits and now takes weeks (as opposed to months). 

High School for Surfside, Bay Harbor Islands, and Bal Harbor and Overcrowding Issues at Ruth K. Broad 

I initiated the idea of a new high school for Surfside, BHI, BH, Sunny Isles, Golden Beach and Indian Creek. I’ve attended meetings with all of these neighboring communities to get the initiative started. However, we need to find a location as space is scarce and Haulover would be a great location if permitted. I will continue to work on this and look for a donor and other connected individuals to help us see this idea through if I am re-elected.

I don’t believe there is still an overcrowding issue for Ruth K. Broad, as I know my son has about 20 kids in his class.

Public Safety, Theft, Speeding, Police Presence

The current Commission has now implemented license plate readers on 95th and Byron as well as 88th and Byron, and another one begining next month on Biscaya. We hired more officers and community service aides (which have been ticketing for downtown double-parkers).

In regard to police presence, patrolling is up. Crime has not increased. Stats that are available for public record requests can confirm this. 

I would like to see more 24-hour community service aides patrolling the entire neighborhood in electric vehicles as well as more police presence on bikes throughout Town.

We need to do a better job as a community of bringing our bikes and scooters inside and locking our car doors to reduce theft. 

I give credit to the former Vice Mayor Ms. Paul who, during her last term, stood up to former Mayor Mr. Burkett when he suggested cutting our police force budget.

Water Bill

Ten years ago, the Town took on a debt for a much-needed water line replacement. To pay this debt, water bills needed to be raised. However, the previous Commission failed to do so during their term despite the recommendation of the CFO. As a result, this Commission unfortunately had to raise the rates of the water bills to cover the large deficit. Burkett, Paul, and Velasquez claimed they have a plan to use the general funds to offer rebates to residents. However, other accounts cannot pay for water.  If they could do this, why didn’t they during their term? 


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, I would love to discuss any and all topics wit you. Please contact me so we can chat in-person or on the phone.

Click to e-mail me at rosejrr@gmail.com
Click to call me at (305) 733-2485
Click to visit my website www.votejeffrose.com