April 18, 2021
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The Scoop on Raynham’s New Ice Cream Shop
Becky Fernandes named Frankie & Dia’s after her two daughters – twelve-year-old Frankie and nine-year-old Dia – cementing the family appeal of their fabulous new ice cream store. Open in May of 2020, Frankie & Dia’s serves quality ice cream and hot cocoa for the winter months.
Until this March, the store was the only ice cream shop in Raynham, bringing the joy of sharing a cone with loved ones back home. That sense of togetherness was a founding principle in Fernandes’ vision. “In the warmer months, we would always find ourselves going out for ice cream, so we wanted to open something that was community-based,” she said.
The ice cream shop is meant to give families a rest to come together and relax. Of course, creating an atmosphere like this was the product of hard work and some difficult circumstances. Due to the spread of Covid, the shop walked a thin line of success for many months. When Becky and her husband Chris opened the ice cream shop in May, following guidelines and constantly cleaning made for an interesting start to the new business venture.
“We’ve never been in the ice cream business before,” said Becky. The couple did, however, have business experience; they are still trying to get their fitness studio, Relevé Barre Studio back in shape since its Covid shutdown.    
The shop’s initial moderate success became major when a gamble paid off in the winter months. Once the cold moved in, Frankie & Dia’s started serving an essential treat: hot choco late. Specialty cocoa and hot cocoa bombs became a hit with residents, leading to an influx of new customers. Even before the season ended, Becky and Chris knew they were onto something.
The influx of loyal customers doesn’t only come from the treats but the welcoming atmosphere of the shop. The interior is a small and cozy waiting area with intimate seating for groups. Although it's not used for its optimal seating due to Covid, the place waits for when large groups can relax within. More than anything, the Fernandes wanted to create a space for families to enjoy and the community to come together. Says Becky, “Customer service is our number one thing. My biggest pet peeve is an employee that seems disinterested.”
This dedication to a friendly ambiance is what keeps families coming back for that next cone. “It’s been my favorite job so far, the environment is really friendly,” said Madison Richards, an employee working there while home from college.
So, what future do the Fernandes see for their little ice cream shop? There are many things they wish to implement, especially once Covid has died down enough. For one thing, Becky had dreamed the ice cream shop would have a lively outdoor space. Seated near a little alcove overlooking the Taunton River, the couple hopes to see families enjoying nature while they dine, perhaps watching a kayaker wading by. The shop also desires to host several community events, along with games and other activities to enjoy while eating. In the long term, the couple doesn’t see any major additions happening to their menu. As Chris explains, “We want to stay with quality ice cream and hot cocoa for the foreseeable future,” keeping their focus on serving “a good quality product to the community.”
As summer returns and the world comes out of its shell a bit more, one day soon the lawn at Frankie and Dia’s will be littered with families watching the sun shine off the river while chatting and drinking their milkshakes. Until that day, the future of the Fernandes’ hometown ice cream shop is as bright as ever.

Photo credits by Becky Fernandes and Nicole Ann Photography
Written by: Alyssa J Buffington
Historical Tidbit:
Ships and Ship Building in MA

Shipbuilding is one of the oldest industries in the United States with roots in the earliest colonial settlements. 
Shipbuiding quickly became a successful and profitable industry in Massachusetts, with its miles of coastline featuring protected harbors and bays, and extensive supplies of raw materials. 

The early wooden vessels built for commercial fishing and foreign trade also gave rise to a variety of ancillary trades and industries in the area, including sail making, chandleries, rope walks and marine railways.

The whaling merchants of New Bedford operated a complex business network of finance, shipbuilding, barrel making, insurance, ship supply, and rope and sail making. The sponsors and agents of the ships earned huge profits and for a time New Bedford was considered to be the "richest city in the world." Today, New Bedford includes a broad array of business, residential and institutional structures exemplifying the Federal, Greek Revival, Italianate and Victorian styles of architecture; museums, historical exhibits, and records, which convey the importance, diversity, and financial power of the whaling era. www.whalingmuseum.org
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town hall
Deadline to apply for a Vote By Mail/Absentee Ballot Wednesday April 20, 2021 at 4:30p.
The last day to apply for a vote by mail ballot for Raynham's April 24 Annual Town Election
Early (no excuse) voting by mail has been extended by state law until June 30, 2021.


B-R Public Schools is collecting Good Stories, to give our Students High 5's
There are 1,000 little and big, GREAT things happening within the walls of our BR schools. We think it’s time to give out HIGH 5s for the effort put forth for making these GREAT things happen!

HOW: Click on this link, which brings you to a google sheet (or below form) to add your information.

WHAT: Enter the student or staff name who the High-5 is going to, school name, reason for the high 5 and who it’s from.

WHEN: Enter your info Monday – Thursday. Each Thursday night, PTO volunteers from our 7 schools will work on creating the high 5s. They will be delivered to the schools and distributed to staff and students the following week. (Full remote learners will receive them virtually for now!)

We will also BLAST out some of the high 5s on Facebook, so be on the lookout for this GOOD NEWS!

We will continue this initiative as long as we have high 5s to share!
Click HERE to nominate your person for a High 5.
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Our insightful librarians will judge the stories and award a winner from each community. $100 American Express Cards to the winner in each community; and $100 to the popular vote winner.
BuzzAround will give out $800 total. Time to get writing ; )

Meet Our Masters of Knowledge: Your Raynham Librarian Judge
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Jessie McKinney
is the Children’s Librarian at the Raynham Public Library. She does regular story-times and hosts a monthly book club and Pokemon club. She loves helping people find books to love and discover their passions. In her free-time she likes to read, write, and watch foreign films.
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Taunton Raynham Juniors Tea
Sunday, May 16th
Pick up: 1:00 - 3:00p
The GFWC Taunton and Raynham Junior Woman's Club will be going forward with their yearly tea fundraiser, which  was postponed from last May, but with a twist. On Sunday May16th you are invited to a Suffrage Centennial Tea-in a -Bag TAKE HOME TEA.. A donation of $20 gains you a three course tea in a bag and includes your very own elegant china tea cup and saucer along with a chance to win free admission to next year's tea.

Taunton's Mayor Shaunna O'Connell and Founder and President of Suffrage 100 MA Fredie Kay are guest greeters and will distribute along with the Juniors the individual bags to all ticket holders. The club's Popular basket raffle will once again be available. Guests will be required to follow some safety guidelines by wearing masks inside the building and maintaining a safe distance from others.

Anyone wishing to attend should call Nancy at 774-218-1456 or may purchase tickets by going to VENMO @TauntonJuniors.

Come and learn about women's struggle to get the VOTE and celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the signing of the 19th Amendment gaining women the right to VOTE and meet Shaunna and Fredie.
Deadline for purchasing tickets is May 7th.
Town of Raynham
Hazardous Waste Collection Days 2021
May 22 & September 25, 2021
8:00a – Noon (no late entries)
The Town of Raynham will be hosting two Hazardous Waste Collections days this year.
Bring your driver’s license as proof of residence and place all your hazardous materials in your trunk.
 This process takes time for verification and sorting of materials. There may be shorter wait times if you arrive after 9:00 or 10:00a. 
No Raynham vehicle will be refused if in line by 12p.
Board of Selectmen Meeting
April 6, 2021
Courtesy of the Raynham Channel
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Good News!!!
Raynham Council on Aging is pleased to announce the Greater Attleboro Taunton Transportation Authority (GATRA) has received a grant from their partners at MAPC and Mass Development to offer taxi rides to vaccine appointments and for other COVID-19 related essential transportation needs.
You can call the Raynham Senior Center at 508-824-2740 and submit your info and the reason for your transportation.

For more information and to see if you qualify for the HELP grant, call 508-823-8828 extension 252.
LaLiberte School Reopening
Great pix from first day! Welcome back!

With joy and eagerness, teachers and students are together again.

"Today we welcomed so many LaLiberte students back to fulltime in person!
We are so excited to see you all!!! Have fun!!!"

Photo & Story credits: LPO LaLiberte Parents Organization Facebook

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“My old mind hadn’t been capable of holding this much love. My old heart had not been strong enough to bear it. "
~ Stephenie Meyer, Breaking Dawn

“Getting a second life is one thing. Making a better life, that's the trick.”
~ Rick Riordan, The Blood of Olympus

“i learnt from the autumn leaves, the formula of healing.
every year, they break, fall off the trees and die.
and then again in a few months, they find their way back home.
reborn, living a new life just to die again.
but never did that stop them growing again.
so why can't we humans just live up to them.
fall, get hurt, bear pain but have enough
courage and energy to stand up and fight back again.”
~ Renesmee Stormer
"As the buds dare to show themselves off the tips of these bare branches, and slowly we see color emerge from forsythia and daffodils; we once again, succumb to re-birth, as a child pushed crying from the womb.
This time, we had no choice but to grow a year wiser, and see the earth and it's inhabitants through a new lens. What shall we do better in 2021? In what ways shall WE grow?"

~ Jacquie
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