July 20, 2023
Upcoming ITGA Webinar: Effective Approaches for Addressing
Housing Uncertainty in College Towns
The second webinar, in this three-part series of Leveraging Town & Gown Partnerships for Housing Solutions, is scheduled for Wednesday, August 2, 12:00-1:15pm (EDT). 

This webinar will highlight effective approaches for addressing housing uncertainty in college towns, including micro-units, blended developments, land use on and off-campus, and laws and regulations that support housing. 

Panelists include a consultant representing developer-led initiatives in major urban areas; an institutional representative; and municipal leadership. More details available soon. 
Attend this free webinar and learn ways colleges and their host communities are working together to address housing challenges. To register, click here.
The Value of Attending the Webinar
ITGA’s housing webinar hit home for the Town of Amherst. With over a dozen Town officials (appointed and elected) registered, the webinar clearly struck a chord. We appreciated the opportunity to join other communities in addressing the challenges of housing in a college community.”

Paul Bockelman, Town Manager, Town of Amherst
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