August 10, 2023
ITGA and Co-hosts Plan for 2024 Conference!
The Planning Committee
The Planning Committee, comprised of members from both the city and university, are working hard to prepare for your stay in College Park, MD, June 5-7. Learn more about our conference hosts.
Terp Traditions: Luck of Testudo
Tradition holds that rubbing Testudo's nose brings good luck. Like all college and university mascots, the legacy has a special meaning on campus, especially during final exams!
UKTGA August Webinar: Harm Reduction
Thursday, August 17, 9:00am (EDT)
Tracy Lumb, Senior Project Manager, Wellbeing-Students Organising for Sustainability (UK)
Attend this webinar and learn how Tracy led the team that designed SOS-UK’s Drug & Alcohol Impact accreditation programme, which embeds social norms of responsible drinking on campuses and refocuses the conversation on drugs towards reducing harm. Register here.
National & International Headlines
Habitats: Students In Their Municipalities Report 2023
The Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance, representing 160,000 students at nine universities in Ontario, Canada has released their annual Habitats: Students in their Municipalities report. 
Student Health and Wellness Survey
Major findings from our Student Voice survey on health and wellness link stress to decreased academic performance, poorer mental health and more. Read on for the survey's biggest takeaways.
74% of Wales Graduates Credit University For Success
New data revealed that 74% of Welsh graduates credit going to university with enabling them to find the job they wanted. The research is based on perspectives of 3,500 UK graduates and 3,500 UK business leaders. 
America's Colleges Also Facing Housing Crisis
There’s more to the elite college admissions game than a tilted playing field. It’s also about zoning squabbles and NIMBYism. State governments should take a larger role in land-use policy and overrule local stakeholders.
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