September 7, 2023
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Craig Melvin Helps Freshman Move into Rutgers Dorm
In May, Ethan announced his decision to attend Rutgers live on TODAY, showing off some sweet dance moves after he revealed his choice. Now, the time has come to begin his college experience.
Mayor Touts New Tax Agreements with Universities
Mayor Brett P. Smiley on Tuesday announced his administration has reached tentative payment-in-lieu-of-taxes deals with the four private higher education institutions based in the city.
Planners Dissect Solutions to Housing Woes in Amherst
Amherst could follow Ithaca, New York, where housemates are limited to three unrelated, though Boulder, Colorado, recently increased its allowable unrelated housemates to five.
Therapy Dogs Ease Stress For UCC Students
The college's first-of-its-kind programme is all about well-being, using doggies to put a smile on stressed students' faces. University College Cork is bringing in therapy dogs to help their students.
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