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By Jeff Mahl
Many remember the classic comedy “The Great Race” starring Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon, Natalie Wood, and Peter Falk. Few realize that film was based upon a true story of the epic 1908 New York to Paris Race. Who would have guessed that a quiet mechanic from Buffalo, NY would win a race most felt would never succeed even as far as Chicago, much less around the world to Paris? 
Photo courtesy of Jeff Mahl
Andretti. No other name is singularly identified with racing anywhere in the world than 2005 Automotive Hall of Fame inductee Mario Andretti. Andretti recently granted us an exclusive, candid interview detailing his childhood in Italy, his first glimpse of racing in a Hollywood movie, his early career and his favorite cars and racers.

The Andretti dynasty, which spans 70 years and three generations, continues to dominate headlines through Mario's son and grandson. 
Photo courtesy of Mario Andretti
We are proud to share three segments of our conversation with this living legend of the Automotive Hall of Fame. Click the button below to watch his interviews. 
Three new cars are coming to the Automotive Hall of Fame that highlight important milestones in the career of 2017 inductee Ed Welburn. The Hall is open by reservation only. Visit our website to schedule your visit to view these exciting vehicles, on display until February 2021.

Oldsmobile Aerotech. This vehicle elevated the career of the future GM Global Vice President of Design Ed Welburn. The Indy car chassis underneath the elegant aerodynamic helped A. J. Foyt to set five world speed records.

Cadillac Ciel. The Cadillac Ciel is a modern vision of the luxury convertible. Since its debut at the 2011 Pebble Beach Concours de Elegance, it served as a vision of Cadillac's design aspirations.
Bumblebee Camaro. This design served as the “Hero Car” in all five of the "Transformer" blockbuster films.
Photos and vehicles courtesy of GM Heritage.
By Nick Gargaro
While browsing my Netflix recommendations, I found a gem in "Senna" (2010). This 106-minute documentary follows the racing career of famed Brazilian driver Ayrton Senna, from his humble beginnings as a kart racer all the way to his three-peat as Formula One World Champion.

Senna’s racing career was shaped by controversy and competition. His famous rivalry with French driver Alain Prost is well documented throughout this film, from their start as teammates, to their bitter and often public disagreements.
Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Ayrton Senna would have been 60 years old in 2020 and is still cherished as one of Brazil's finest sons. There is a terrific scene in which Senna wins the Brazilian Grand Prix and is visibly overcome with emotion in front of his home crowd. "Senna" also discusses his philanthropic work in Brazil, specifically focused on education.

The film clearly portrays the dangers facing Formula One racers, and does not shy away from depicting some of the catastrophic wrecks that make many people question the sport’s safety.

"Senna" is one of the most entertaining and profound sports documentaries I have ever seen. I was unaware of the impact Senna had on the racing world in his day, and while the film ends on a note of tragedy, it is still a mesmerizing piece that will entertain even the most casual racing fans. Enjoy!
1999 Automotive Hall of Fame inductee Jack J. Telnack launched our Lecture Series in September 2019.

The Lecture Series has continued through the challenges of the recent months. We have switched to a virtual Zoom format for lectures on similarities in automotive design and the history and future of electric cars. On October 22, Automotive Hall of Fame Principal Historian Brian Baker shared the fourth lecture in the series - “Mobility: How Did We Get Here?” On November 5, we will welcome 2017 Automotive Hall of Fame inductee Ed Welburn and former head of GM design to share details of his inspirational automotive design career in a presentation entitled “Tunnel Vision.” If you are a student, and would like to join us through Zoom, visit our website to register.
Jack Telnack. Photo courtesy of Jack Telnack.
Ed Welburn. Photo courtesy of GM Heritage.
At the Automotive Hall of Fame, we challenge young and old alike to higher levels of personal achievement through inspiring stories of accomplishment in the international motor vehicle industry. We focus on preserving history so that we can shape a better future for all. One way that we achieve this is through programs designed for the next generation of industry leaders. The Automotive Hall of Fame supports these leaders by providing direct financial support, enhanced programs, and work experiences.
We are dedicated to providing educational opportunities. We awarded scholarships to nine students for the 2020 - 2021 school year. This includes two Northwood University students who received the Jim Moran Scholarship and two students who received the Wilton Looney/Carlyle Fraser Scholarship. Visit our Facebook page to read testimonials from past scholarship recipients KendallNino, and Sam.

Students and early career professionals are given exclusive access to our lecture series, which features intimate discussions with some of the industry’s top leaders. It was such a pleasure to watch Jack Telnack launch the series last year. Automotive Hall of Fame Principal Historian Brian Baker and retired GM designer Ed Welburn will deliver additional lectures in October and November. If you are a student or intern, please click here to register.

Finally, the intern program gives students and young professionals an opportunity for paid work with the Automotive Hall of Fame. We currently employ two interns who are making real contributions to the development and historical preservation efforts of the Hall. 

I’d like to invite you to join us in the work of inspiring future automotive innovators. As a nonprofit organization, our work is made possible thanks to generous donors. Visit our website to learn more about how you can help us make a difference. 

Sarah Cook
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