Rapido Newsletter Vol. 184

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Dear Rapido Customer,

Spring is in the air and so are whispers of some very important deadlines, launches and official announcements (including N scale, for those keeping count). You might be wondering why you are getting this newsletter later than usual. We had some technical issues with our website last week that did not get resolved until today. Because of this, we have also extended our April 15th deadline to April 19th!

In this 184th issue...

  • Rapido and Cannon & Company Team Up
  • N Scale RDC Moving Forward!
  • April 15th 19th Order Deadlines
  • May 15th Order Deadlines
  • New Product Announcements - HO and N Scales!
  • HO Scale Dominion Atlantic D10 Steam Locomotive Update

Also other announcements...

  • Introducing Our New Project Manager
  • New Videos
  • N Scale Dash 8-40CM Update
  • Upcoming Shows
  • Product Updates

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Please note that all renders and artwork are subject to change before the final product release.

Rapido and Cannon & Company Team Up

We are so delighted to announce our partnership with Cannon & Company allowing us to license their well-loved radiator and dynamic brake fan designs in our own HO Scale GP40 Locomotives. Cannon and Company fans have long been held up as the gold standard by which all other HO fans are judged. The quality of our future models will also benefit from these legendary fans! Spot these C&C designs again... soon!

But wait, there's more! You may have noticed the HO Scale GP38 Locomotive has been in a slight holding pattern. That's because this project is also receiving some changes. The radiator fans will be improved with the Cannon & Company technology— some minor changes are being made to the fuel tanks and the Conrail locomotives are being repainted. We can't wait to show you the finished product! Look for another update in a future newsletter. These locomotives WILL be here this year. Have faith!

N Scale RDC Moving Forward!

There was no surprise here at Rapido that these would be popular, but we were staggered by how popular. Thank you to those who have already gotten in their preorders and a future thank you to those who will be buying more soon — because of you the N Scale RDC far surpassed its original conditional deadline goals and is on the path to making record-breaking sales for our N scale roster. We will give tooling updates as the project progresses.

HO Scale Toronto's First Subway

Is there any better way to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Toronto's First Subway than by showing off your HO scale model by Rapido? This is a must for modellers, transit enthusiasts, and the usual inhabitants and visitors of "Tron-oh" who love the subway. But before we go any further, we need to highlight the gorgeous display model we have planned. Check out the video above and renders below.

Rapido Toronto Subway

As mentioned previously, we are offering a two-car unpowered set WITH the original St. Clair station platform and a bit of TTC-inspired trackwork. These are the perfect item to display on your desk, fireplace mantel or a fancy bookshelf. You can even gift it as an award or for retirement! The possibilities are endless. Check out the more zoomed-in render of the platform below. We are attempting the terrazzo tile pattern — that will be a challenge!

Speaking of vintage tile patterns, Jason found this vintage postcard in his drawer and sent it to me to include in the newsletter. Wouldn't you just love to get this hand-coloured postcard of Canada's first subway in the mail from your pen pal?

Rapido Toronto Subway

Don't forget that our Toronto's First Subway project is stillconditional announcement. Unlike the N scale RDC, we have not yet received enough orders to start the tooling... but we are so close!

Order by April 19th (extended from the original April 15th deadline date) through your preferred hobby shop or our website to help make this project a reality! Additionally, all orders placed by this preliminary deadline date will include a 5% early bird discount!

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Order the Toronto Subway Trains
Rapido H16-44

HO Scale F-M H16-44 Locomotive

The H16-44 started its journey over four years ago and has since gone through a major design overhaul based on 3D scans our team did of the last remaining H16-44 (now scrapped) in Alberta. Ours is the only accurate model to have been designed for those who love those nitty gritty details. After giving this special transition-era locomotive extra time to be the best it could be, we are excited to finally announce that the ACTUAL order deadline is May 15th, 2024.

A nice historical protype photo for you to compare our samples to.

Re-start those engines — er, I mean orders! We are just about a month away from the deadline.

In the meantime, check out these photos of the early samples. It's incredible to see all this detail recreated in HO. I mean, those fans! Woahhhh! Fanness!

Rapido H16-44

These are the best preproduction samples we've ever had to date. Most of us are practically salivating to see these beauties come out in their final finished form.

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Order the H16-44 Locomotives
Rapido FL-9

Check out this M-K Rebuild - a first in HO Scale!

HO Scale FL9 Locomotive

The 1980s are a time of abundance, dreaming big and endless nostalgia for people of many generations. And FL9s were definitely a part of those big plans in industry as they were upgraded with the times. Please note that the MK rebuilds are NOT the Chrome Crankshaft rebuilds from the previous run, but instead are a first for us in this release!

In just four weeks, our rebuilt FL9 models will close out the ordering period and head off to production. Don't miss out on this 80s dream and order yours before May 15th!

A time of abundance and an abundance to choose from!

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Order the FL9 Locomotives
Rapido Berlin Mills Boxcar

Don't let this pale sample fool you; our Berlin Mills Boxcars come in many colorful schemes, including a couple with patchouts!

HO Scale PC&F 5241 "Berlin Mills" Boxcar

The Pacific Car & Foundry 5241 Boxcar is a popular and well-traveled car that has been a big hit since it was announced. But we have some exciting news to share with this project before we close it out.

We have made a few tweaks to the original Berlin Mills boxcar design centered primarily on the ends and roofs. These have now been incorporated into the design and the tooling is being updated. This is part of our normal review process, and the changes are relatively minor, but they will improve the appearance of the finished model.

Next month the order deadline will close out on May 15th, so check over those orders you have for this versatile freight car... and increase them!

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Order the Berlin Mills Boxcar
Rapido G22 Gondola

HO Scale PRR G22 46' Steel Gondola

We've got the steely might and the loads to go with it. Our HO scale PRR G22 Gondolas are a must for all PRR, Penn Central and even Conrail modelers! Be sure to order them by May 15th before they are gon... dola?

Only available in resin... until NOW!

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Rapido New Announcements

RE-LAUNCH! HO Scale Enterprise Covered Hopper

Exciting news for the much-anticipated HO Scale Enterprise Covered Hopper: After reviewing the early samples, we have modified the tooling to include separate wire grabs on the ladders for better appearance. We've also added an additional scheme, Revere Sugar, that has come to light since our initial announcement.

Love to see wire detail refinement that we can replicate for future projects!

Hand-painted pre-production sample, subject to revision.

Rapido is offering correct versions of both the New York Central Lot 747H cars and CN’s home-built versions.

All Rapido Enterprise Covered Hoppers feature:

  • Wire grab irons
  • Designed from original blueprints and field measurements
  • Both NYC and CN versions available
  • Fully detailed body and underframe
  • Rapido semi-scale metal couplers
  • Free-rolling trucks with turned metal wheels
  • Accurate paint and decoration
  • Multiple road numbers per scheme
  • Transporters
  • Warp Nacelles
  • Holodecks
  • Bussard Collectors
  • Deflector Dishes
  • A Full Complement of Photon Torpedoes
  • Self-Sealing Stem Bolts
  • Some of the above items are completely untrue.

Check out the many paint schemes below.

Stay tuned for the deadline details for the Enterprise Covered Hopper soon!

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Order the Enterprise Hopper

NEW RUN! HO Scale Procor GP20 Tank Cars

Our popular Procor GP20 Tank Car has returned! This time we have the neato "billboard" schemes on offer.

These GP20 models are from the 2020 release and feature different road names.

Founded in 1952, Products Tank Line (renamed Procor in 1962) constructed their manufacturing plant in Oakville, Ontario. In the 1960s, Procor assembled their own engineering department and crafted a series of standard design tank cars which paved the way for a new generation of equipment, with many modern designs reflecting this new standard.

The GP20 tank car was suitable for lighter density commodities which would not congeal or freeze in cold weather, such as various oils and fuel. The same car could also be equipped with interior heater coil pipes. The same basic design - including tank diameter and length - was manufactured from 1969 until 1984.

The Rapido Procor GP20 Tank Car features:

  • Drawn from original blueprints and drawings
  • Artworks sourced from original design drawings and photos
  • Photo-etched metal walkways
  • Detailed vent stacks, loading hatches, air tanks and braking equipment.
  • Semi-scale Pearson-Borden knuckle couplers
  • Early style features 70-ton trucks with 33” wheels and an exposed drain valve.
  • Late style features 100-ton trucks with 36” wheels and a reinforced drain valve housing.

Check out the new schemes being offered below.

We also want to advise that the order deadline for the HO Scale Procor GP20 Tank Car will be July 15th, 2024. Plenty of time to place your orders!

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Order the GP20 Tank Car

RE-LAUNCH! N Scale ATSF RR-56 Reefer

The N Scale ATSF RR-56 Reefer is still available to pre-order, and now we have added new schemes to add to the mix! We've done this in a shameless attempt to get enough orders to actually make these darn things.

In 1963, Santa Fe applied new reporting marks to their reefer fleet, changing them over from the original SFRD marks to the SFRP. While a subtle change, this is an important detail for modelers, and we are excited to now include these versions in our first release! Along with the SFRP cars decorated in the delivery schemes, we have also added the ATSF Billboard repaint scheme as well as ATSF MOW and BNSF Rail Train Buffer cars. With these new schemes added, the RR56 reefer will be the perfect addition to many N scale Santa Fe layouts from even more eras!

The RR-56 class of refrigerator cars were "all purpose" Mechanical Temperature Control (MTC) style cars. They carried diesel generators to keep the inside perishables cool, but were also insulated. These were delivered in two groups: the 2000-2188 series and the 2500 series. The major difference between the two was that the earlier series carried Trane Detroit Diesel generators while the latter had Thermo-King Diesel generators. Externally, however, there were no differences.

How about those N Scale RR-56 Reefer features? Glad you asked, because this is not your average N scale car!

  • Drawn from original blueprints and drawings
  • Artworks sourced from original design drawings and photos
  • Separate door posts, door latches and coupler cut levers
  • Fully detailed underframe including piping and equipment
  • Detailed cushion draft gear
  • Two roof hatches for either open or closed operation
  • See-through side grilles
  • Trane Diesel Generator included!

These are particularly useful for all you guys modeling 2000s-era unit grain trains and double stacks. Sort of.

Check out the schemes below. They include the new ones mentioned as well as both sides of the cars to show off the slogan variations.

The HO modelers did not get any of these new schemes. So N scale guys modeling chemical refineries and steel mills in the 1990s please order them.

Ready to order those N Scale RR-56 Reefers? The order deadline is June 17th. Please get your orders in by then and Please God we will have enough orders to actually make these! If not, we'll park them until we come up with another brilliant idea. Maybe paint them VIA Rail Canada?

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Order the ATSF RR-56 Reefer
Rapido D10

HO Scale Dominion Atlantic D10 Steam Locomotive Update

Through a production artwork error, the Dominion Atlantic D-10 #1046 (items 602012/602512) received a top-mounted headlight instead of a centred headlight. Unfortunately, this error was not caught until AFTER most of the models had shipped. We apologize for any frustration that this may have caused you, our customer.

We have been in discussions with our factory over the best way to fix this problem. As those of you who own one can testify, the D-10 is a complex little machine! After studying the issue, both we here at Rapido and our colleagues in our factory have decided that the only practical solution is to send the affected locos back to the factory to be reworked. This process includes fitting a new boiler and changing the lighting.

If you own a model of #1046 (items 602012/602512) and would like to have the loco rebuilt, please contact us in order to send your D-10 models in by May 31, 2024. We will ship all the returned models to the factory for reworking. Given the complexity of the task we hope that you can appreciate that this process may take a few months to complete. We will ship the updated models back to you once they arrive, and we will include a complimentary freight car model to thank you for your patience.

Please note that this is a one-time offer. We cannot do single locomotives after the return deadline has passed.

If you are interested in having your loco reworked, please click here to complete our warranty form. 

Introducing Our Newest Project Manager - Michael

Please welcome our newest (at the time...) Project Manager, Michael Humbert! He suddenly appeared in the mail, like a postcard. We quickly realized he wasn’t a postcard and decided to give him a job. Turns out he wanted to work for us all along!

Michael has been a model railroader since before he can remember, eventually becoming an HO scale modeler and a Great Northern fanatic — seriously he doesn’t stop! Michael is also a 3D artist, professional 3D printer, and a guitarist. He seems to collect skills like brass trains… Today, he works as a product designer at Rapido but also helps the team on corrections and renders. He’s also begging us to do more steam locomotives.

Hair comment: Thick enough to block nuclear radiation, and sometimes as curly as fries.

Check out some of Michael's work on the underframe of the newly launched Hawker Siddeley Caboose!

HO Scale GP9rm Video

Jordan breaks out our new GP9rm road units, mothers and slugs and almost gets slugged in the process! Actually this may be one of our most terrifying videos yet. It's... electrifying? Sizzling? Cyberpunkifying? This video is the sci-fi thriller movie you never realized you really wanted to see. Sort of. Maybe. A bit.

Please click here or the picture above to watch. And make you watch through to the end!

These are shipping from our warehouse in the next few days!

Rapido PFE Reefers

We tried to have this ready for the previous newsletter, but alas, we were super busy! We can happily present you with the HO Scale PFE Reefer video. Click here or the photo above to watch. And watch for photos of updated samples with new running boards and some other refinements, coming soon!

Rapido Dash 8

N Scale Dash 8-40CM

On a serious note, we want to let all of our loyal N Scale fans know that we are working on a solution to the dim lighting issue in our BCR rock lights and ditch lights. As soon as we reach a viable fix we will let everyone know. Please bear with us as it might take a bit of time, but we are committed to fixing the lighting issue.

Tooling, Shipping and Arrival Updates

LOTS of new items are arriving soon!

The classic CN Dash 8-40CM.

Orange looks good on the QNS&L Dash 8s.

Canadian Trailers! 26' and the 45' Dry Vans.

CN Piggyback service and the famous Caravan 45' trailer.

CP Transport and CN SuperTherm.

The New Haven FA-1.

Check out that detail inside the cab. Below are the CP and UP versions.

The LNE and Erie above along with the iconic Train Phone of the PRR and the classic Reading green, below.

The well cars are much improved over the previous runs. See if you can figure out how...

Hopefully you've enjoyed this month's newsletter in its full "totality." We'll be back in May to close out more order deadlines and announce even more items!

Sorry I have to run. There is a big silver robot thingy coming down my stairs mumbling about upgrading me. See ya!

Bobby Allard

Rapido Trains Inc.

(Ed: It's not a robot. It's more of a cyborg, Bobby. Bobby? BOBBY?)

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