February 2013 Update
February 2013

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February 2013
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Blog Riverside!

Do you Love Riverside?  We do!  With Valentine's Day just around the corner, we're counting down our top list of things that we love about Riverside.  For the next 10 days we'll add another item to our list each day, so click here and join the conversation. 
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Rain, Hail and Snow, Oh My!

Mt. Baldy Sunrise
A snowy Mt. Baldy at sunrise 

After a wonderful rainfall the sunshine is allowing frequent peeks of the snowy mountain vistas. Several areas of Riverside experienced a small covering of hail during the storm and the temperatures dropped to winter levels again. The canyon hills are green under billowing clouds, the Red Tail Hawks are tending their nest (and possibly young hawks), and Western Meadow Larks are bathing in the creek. Sugar peas are abundant in the vegetable garden as is the broccoli, lettuce and chard. Cara Cara and Blood Oranges fill the citrus basket while Valencia oranges will soon be sweet for picking. Charlotte and Connie have been reflecting on the good life in Riverside.

We are in LOVE with RIVERSIDE!
Love Riverside
As in the Valentine love poem - let us count the ways ... or at least some of them.  Join us this month as we count all the wonderful things that make the quality of life in Riverside so great!  We'll be adding a new story each day for the next 10 days on our Blog Riverside! page.  The countdown starts today!  Our first love is Riverside's History.

Riverside has a long history - for California. More importantly, the people of Riverside have a willingness to preserve history. Native cultures, early Hispanic settlements, frontier immigrants from the Midwest and east as well as immigrants from Europe, China and Japan add to the fabric of Riverside. The Gage and Riverside Canals were instrumental in setting our agricultural importance. Frank Miller, builder of, and keeper of, the Mission Inn, was a leader who invested in our infrastructure (canals and parks) and the notion of international relations. He championed the rights of minorities and immigrants.


Riverside has been forward thinking regarding preserving the historic architecture as well as our agricultural history. Travel along Magnolia Avenue or Victoria Avenue and enjoy the changing seasons - the blossoming trees and roses. Visit the Mission Inn, Heritage House, the Riverside Metropolitan Museum, the Harada House, the Riverside Art Museum or the Municipal Auditorium. These are only a few of the notable historic landmarks which have been preserved in Riverside.


For more stories about Riverside and all there is to love in our City of Arts & Innovation, visit our Blog Riverside! site and subscribe.  We'll be counting the ways we love Riverside all through February. 

Free Enterprise - "Out of this World"
At UCR ARTSblock Through May 2013 
Moon Goose Colony "Free Enterprise: The Art of Citizen Space Exploration", which opened last month at the UCR ARTSblock, has received rave reviews not only locally but also in LA and beyond.  Even the Los Angeles Times gave the exhibit a full write-up on their opening weekend.  This incredible, international exhibit which features international artists' views of space travel through a civilian's view. "Civilian space travel and space exploration represents a major political and cultural shift away from sponsorship by the federal government and toward a private enterprise model"

Free Enterprise is comprised of 25 artists, and artistic organizations, collectives and initiatives working together across borders here in our world and beyond to explore space in an artistic way.  For more information on this exhibit and partner exhibits at the UCR ARTSblock, visit their website at artsblock.ucr.edu.
Charlotte Stretches Her Theatrical Talents
March 22 - April 7, 2013 

Community Players You may have seen rumors of it on Facebook, but now we are here to confirm that Charlotte has been cast in Riverside Community Players' production of Agatha Christie's "Go Back for Murder" as the Governess, Miss Williams.

This will be her first show since doing theater as a child with RCT, at Poly High School and while studying at Scripps. Before we get too carried away, we must give credit to the organization making this possible.  RCP is a community run, volunteer group which has been performing in Riverside since 1925 when their founder Janet Scott first gathered a room of amateur players to produce plays.  They have been at the corner of Brockton & 14th since 1953.  Anyone can audition for their productions, and Charlotte took advantage of this opportunity in January.

To say that Charlotte is excited to be a part of this production is an understatement.  However, as the excitement wears off, and the work of learning her part sinks in, she is truly looking forward to seeing friends and family in the audience to see the show.  The show will run on Friday and Saturday nights and Saturday Matinees starting on Friday, March 22, 2013.  Stay tuned for updates and a chance for FREE tickets from the Ransom-McKenzie Team.

For more information and tickets, visit the Community Players website or just send an e-mail to Charlotte. Congratulations Charlotte!


Maloof Update: With Strings Attached
March 30 - October 2013

Jim & Connie
Connie Ransom & Jim Rawitsch
As you may know, Connie is the President of the Board of Directors for the Sam and Alfreda Maloof Foundation for Arts and Crafts, and the Board is pleased announce the appointment of Jim Rawitsch to the position of Executive Director as of January 1, 2013. Jim was chosen from a pool of more than 50 applicants during a national search that was conducted by The Turner Group. The timing for someone with Jim's qualifications to step up and lead the organization is just perfect. Three years of leadership in external relations at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art combined with six years of fundraising at USC would seem to provide excellent preparation for the role, which is expected to emphasize fundraising and outreach efforts on behalf of the Foundation. Rawitsch was introduced to Sam's furniture at an early age and developed his appreciation of this furniture by sitting in Sam's chairs and running his hands over the wood. Jim's passion for and commitment to California art, culture, education and preservation helped to make him the unanimous choice of the search committee. For more details and stories about happenings at the Maloof Foundation visit our online newsletter "The Wooden Latch".


Strings come in all shapes & sizes
The new & upcoming exhibit at the Sam & Alfreda Maloof Foundation for Arts & Crafts will bring together Sam Maloof's exquisite music stands and beautifully hand crafted wooden stringed instruments from around the globe.  In conjunction with the Claremont Folk Music Center we will celebrate the craftsman's intrinsic need to go beyond the utilitarian basics when creating musical instruments and beyond. 

Hand-crafted instruments will be on display at the Jacobs Center throughout the exhibit.  There will also be numerous live concert events scheduled which will feature the instruments being played by local and international musicians.
Art Picks & More
February - March 2013 

Through March 11, 2013: On the Line at the Brandstater Gallery on the La Sierra University campus.  This exhibit features paintings by one of our friends Susan Ossman.  This exhibit opens this week and will continue through March.  Ossman is director of the Global Studies program at UCR and has also written several books. The Brandstater Gallery strives to provide the opportunity to interact with artists and artistic projects by featuring exhibits of regional, national, and international importance.  For more information regarding this exhibit, click here.


Through April 7, 2013: Denatured Nature: Scripps College 69th Ceramic Annual at the Ruth Chandler Williamson Gallery

on the Scripps College campus in Claremont. The Scripps College Ceramic Annual is the longest running exhibition of contemporary ceramics in the United States. This year's guest curator, Virginia Scotchie, is a professor of art and the head of ceramics at the University of South Carolina. The gallery is open Wednesday thru Sunday, 1-5pm. For more information visit their website.  

Through May 5, 2013: Friendship Forged in Fire: British Ceramics

in America at The American Museum of Ceramic Art in Claremont.   In this show AMOCA honors the rich ceramic legacy of previous centuries and the innovations of contemporary British artists as seen through the eyes of American collectors. For more information regarding this exhibit and ongoing collaborative events taking place at AMOCA, visit their website.

February 14 - March 16, 2013: New Visions RCAA Members Exhibit at the Riverside Community Arts Association gallery in Downtown Riverside. This exhibit features photography by member artists. The opening reception for this exhibit will be at during Arts Walk on Thursday, March 7th. For more information about RCAA's exhibits and programs visit their website at www.rcaaarts.org.


February 15, 2013: The Ugly Duckling at Riverside Community Players.  This classic tale of the little "duckling" who doesn't quite fit in comes to life this weekend.  The RCP Family Series is a great way to introduce little ones to theater.  The intimate theatre in the round setting allows them to see up close and personal all that is happening on the stage.  For tickets and showtimes visit the RCP website or call 951-686-4030.  


Saturday, February 16, 2013: Inlandia Workshop: What about me? What about Poetry? 3-4pm  at Cellar Door Books in the Canyon Crest Town Centre.  We are so excited that we have a local, independent book store in Riverside again.  You should be too!  This Saturday join Inlandia fellow Angela Penaredono for this UCR Gluck Fellows Writing Workshop.  This is a workshop for writers of all ages so come join the fun.  For more information and reservations e-mail Cati Porter or call 951-218-4464.  Also be sure to "like" Cellar Door Books on Facebook for updates from the store. 


February 22 - March 2, 2013: Riverside Children's Theatre presents PETER PAN at Ramona High School's Theater.  Join Peter, Wendy, John, Michael and, of course, Tinkerbell who, along with the lost boys, do battle with the sinister Captain Hook & his pirate crew.   This is one of RCT's most popular shows so make sure you mark your calendars. As always this performance will be held at the Ramona High School auditorium with the kids' singing and dancing accompanied by a live orchestra. For tickets and additional information visit the RCT website.


Saturday, February 23, 2013: Inlandia Institute: "Bite Size Poems"

 at Cellar Door Books in the Canyon Crest Town Centre.  Join Inlandia fellow Vickie Vertiz for this UCR Gluck Fellows Writing Workshop.  This is a workshop for young writers to come join the fun.  For more information and reservations e-mail Cati Porter or call 951-218-4464.  Also be sure to "like"  Cellar Door Books on Facebook for updates from the store.  


Saturday, February 23, 2013: Black Tie Bingo with the Riverside Sunrise Rotary at the Riverside Art Museum. This event is always a favorite of ours and the Ransom-McKenzie Team is a sponsor for the evening as well. Come enjoy dinner, Bingo, and music at this funraising event. All proceeds from the event go towards the Riverside Sunrise Rotary Foundation's wonderful programs. For tickets and more information give Charlotte a call at 951-237-2044.


Thursday, March 6, 2013: Arts Walk! 6-9pm  This monthly event takes place on the first Thursday of every month.  Events are planned from the UCR ARTSblock, to the Riverside Art Museum and everywhere in between.  Come down for a fun evening of Art and Community.


Saturday, March 9, 2013: Art D'Vine 2-5pm at the Riverside Art Museum.  This event includes an afternoon of art, free flowing wind, music and Matisse.  This themed fundraiser features Greg Adamson as the featured artist who will guide you through the process of creating your own acrylic painting. The cost is $50 for a perfect afternoon at the museum, so don your painting attire and join in the fun.  For more information and tickets visit the RAM website


Sunday, March 9, 2013: First Sundays! 1-4pm  Once again Downtown Riverside comes alive with art.  This popular family event takes place on the first Sunday of every month. Once again, museums, galleries and theaters open up and provide hands on activities for children of all ages.  



It is never too difficult to realize why we have such a great quality of life here in the City of Arts & Innovation.  With wonderful events taking place every month, the opportunities to get out and about seem endless.  We look forward to seeing you at one or more of our featured events this month.

Best Regards,


Connie & Charlotte

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