April 2024 Issue

A Note From Nancy

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, so be sure to place a blue ribbon on your jacket to remind us all why child safety matters. 

As you place that ribbon, consider why child abuse cases continue to grow in our communities every day.  Some say that child abuse has always existed.  However, what we see today is that more cases are being reported due to stricter safeguarding controls, regulations, and reporting resources available.  More importantly, there are more organizations that attempt to identify and potentially prevent child abuse.

As we move beyond the pandemic child abuse cases continue to increase and families face ongoing issues that have heightened the tension at home.  Many parents are still out of work or working jobs away from their families.  Children simply are still not getting the attention they deserve. The stressors of everyday life, does not change why children are neglected, abused or how parents are unprepared to care for their children. 

This year, it is important that we raise awareness about child abuse prevention and positive parenting. We need to encourage families to support each other and reach out for help when needed.   Take a minute to wear that blue ribbon this month and help protect the many kids who are isolated and in danger.  

Nancy's Visit with Paxtang Lion Club!

Nancy spoke at the Paxtang Lions Club on March 14 at the Paxton Presbyterian Church in Harrisburg.  Nancy shared her personal story and how Randi’s House of Angels (RHOA) began.  She talked in detail about how many children the organization has helped and fund-raising events that support the programs.   

Paxtang Lions serve the local community through the efforts of our club members, sponsors and individuals.   Throughout the years the Club has worked to provide funding and support to programs for the visually impaired, Paxtang Borough events, volunteer firefighters, youth sports programs, the PA Lions Beacon Lodge and many other worthy programs and organizations that serve many needs. 

Governor Shapiro's Advisory Commission on Women

We are pleased to announce that Nancy J. Chavez, Executive Director and Founder of Randi’s House of Angels, has been appointed to the Governor’s Advisory Commission on Women on March 19, 2024, issued by the Governor’s signature under the Great Seal of the Commonwealth.  

It is Nancy’s incredible honor to be appointed by Governor Shapiro to represent women in our Commonwealth. She is committed to working with members of the Women’s Commission to raise awareness of issues affecting women and families. In this role she will serve as a conduit between women and existing services, while advocating for programs, education, and legislation. 

The purpose of the Commission is to gather information regarding the experiences and needs specific to women in Pennsylvania. With a goal of meeting these needs, the Women’s Commission will be reviewing, evaluating and assessing available programs and provide the Governor with information and recommendations that are relevant to the challenges faced by Pennsylvania women. 

Special shoutout to the Sue Lyons team! In honor of loved one and domestic violence victim, Sue Lyons, they are putting on their annual April food sale and basket raffle at the Lyons Dairy Farm. All proceeds go to RHOA, and we couldn't be more grateful. Each year, their fundraising efforts raise over $12,000! Get your sweet fix - or any number of yummy goodies - and help put a STOP to to domestic violence.

Earlier this April, the Lyons Team hosted the first of two food sales to help raise money for Randi's House of Angels. Above is Beth Lyons, Nancy, and Diane McMillan at the April 6th food sale - which raised over $7,000! Thank you to the Lyons team!


on July 10, 11, and 12 for Randi’s Camp for Hope and Courage: A three-day outcome-based therapeutic/recreational camp for children ages 8-13 years. There is no cost for children to participate.

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A Round Fore Randi

Save the Date

Randi’s House of Angel’s 9th Annual ‘A Round for Randi’ Golf Outing - Friday, September 6th, 2024.

Stay tuned for more details ~

Learn More

Please take a minute to visit our website and listen to our series of ten podcasts about healthy relationships, the different types of abuse, supporting someone who is engaged in an unhealthy relationship, and criminal justice resources available to victims. They include testimonies and stories from courageous survivors who were victims of domestic violence. Visit randishouseofangels.org to view the entire list of podcasts at your leisure.

Our Programs

February 15, March 21, April 18 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Support Randi's House of Angels

We are looking for local young leaders who would like to join us for Randi's Race on May 11th, 2024, to help with our Kids' Activity Table. We're in search of volunteers to help with face painting, bracelet making, and other fun activities. This is a great way to get volunteer or community outreach hours!

If you're able to help, contact Nancy Chavez at njchavez@verizon.net or call 717-503-4498.

Visit our site to learn more about how you can contribute to Randi's House of Angels.


Make a Donation

Your generous contributions help us provide children in Central Pennsylvania with the help they deserve at no cost to families. Randi’s House of Angels promotes the well-being, health and personal safety of all children, which allows every child to grow up in a home where they feel loved and safe. Please take a few minutes to learn about the programs offered in your community. It only takes small steps to make a difference in the lives of our children tomorrow.


In Loving Memory of Randi Lee Trimble ~

December 15, 1974 - January 10, 2003



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