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Glorious new week to each of you!

I guess the big news this time around is the Pluto transfer from Capricorn to Aquarius. With me having 4 planets in Scorpio, the Pluto influence is big in my life in multiple ways, so I'm especially interested in learning about this transit and what it means for us. According to the astrologers I've been researching, it has bounced into Aquarius and back to Capricorn already once, yesterday it went back into Aquarius again until September sometime, then back to Capricorn. It will move full time into Aquarius on the day after my birthday. ( I'll be turning 33 for the 22nd time.) That date of entry will be November 19, after which it will be in a Aquarius for 19 years, so it will be impacting us all for a long time. Even those of us who don't have any planets in Scorpio or the eighth house.

On a side note, for at least the last few years it has seemed like SOMEthing significant has happened astrologically on my birthday or very near it. Is that just me? Or does it seem this way to everyone?

Pluto is best known for it's association with transformation. You know, everyone's favorite
It's also associated with things that happen below the surface. Secret things, things that are taboo, the occult, sex with a focus on the more kinky or secret sides of it, other peoples money (think loans, inheritances, grants, money of a partner, etc), poison, (sometimes literally) death and things related to it, endings, as well as the new beginnings.

It’s not the easiest planet to contend with. I have heard quite a few readings that forecast very negatively about this transit.
Now, most of you guys know me well enough by now that you know I’m not afraid of predicting the unpleasant. I don’t enjoy that. I particularly don’t enjoy feeling that energy that tells me what’s up. I hate bringing unpleasant news to others just as much as feeling into it myself. But I know that if I candy coat that, or skip over it completely, that cheats my people of having a chance to be prepared about how they can handle that rough energy when it shows up in their lives and lets it take you off guard. I would prefer that my people can react to that energy in a way that it becomes productive because they already have the heads up.

That’s all a side note though. I get people commenting that a reading was “negative” often enough that I’m a little sensitive about it. It’s ALWAYS the truth that sets us free. At least, that’s my belief.

Anyway, getting back to the Pluto shift topic, I’ve heard a lot of negative predictions about that. And I get it, but I also think that a lot of astrologers are going overboard with those. For every planet, the aspects can go in a positive direction and a negative one. The ones I’ve heard have delved deep into the negative, but barely glazed over the positive potentials if touching on them at all. As someone who is so influenced by Pluto everyday, it feels like that is a disservice to us all. Yes, it’s a difficult energy to handle, but the payoff for handling it on the other end is every bit as big as the trouble. It occurs to me that maybe this is why Scorpios are painted with such a dark brush a lot of times, because many have a more negative connotation with the planet that rules us in general.
I want to make my amateur attempt at giving us a more realistic look at what we could expect from this Pluto transit. First of all, I want to say that many people fear change because of all the unknowns that come with it. Since Pluto is the king of change, that makes him very unpopular to the mind of someone who hasn’t noticed the benefits that change can bring.

Pluto changes things beginning with the “underworld”. That means that those changes start in the subconscious and begin in secret, behind closed doors, before they emerge to shape the world around us. The changes that Pluto brings to us as a planet may take a while to notice because of that. These changes start in unnoticed and unseen places, and then grow from there. Think of “The Underground” network that helped slaves escape from the south around the time of the Civil War here in the United States, and all that followed afterwards around the issue of slavery in this country. Perfect example of a Plutonian type of change. It needed to happen and it brought great improvements, both in personal lives, and for this country, and it started in secret, and it came with a cost. It wasn’t easy because the change was a deep one, and drastic, forcing people to see things in a different light when in most cases, they had no desire to. I’m not saying that plutonian changes are easy. I’m saying though, that they are WORTH IT.

The last time Pluto made this transit would have been in 1775. At that point in time her in the United States the revolutionary war was just stepping up a notch. The second Congress of this country was raising militias to fight with the Brits for our freedom from their oppression and taxation without representation.

Capricorn, which Pluto is coming out of, talks about “the man” as the hippies would have said. Talks about authority and authority figures. Government leaders down to police officers and jailers, professors and teachers in the classrooms as well as deans & principles. It refers to fathers and male heads of households, to patriarchy in general. Pluto would have spent around 19 years there too. (Not that I’ve looked it up and it may have been more or less, but should be around that amount of time.) The world now has Brexit, which is still having mixed reviews actually. Over here, in the US, patriotism has lagged much lower than it used to be during this time frame. We trust the government much less than when that transit started, with us having a January 6 demonstration/insurrection depending who you talk to.

Some are convinced an election was stolen, either in 2016 or in 2020. Some are convinced that that is not the case. It must be a real challenge for the government to represent a people who is so divided in their frames of reference. Add to that, the whole defund the police movement that was intensely happening until the last couple or few years here in this country. All of that plus much more would be related to Pluto in Capricorn. It brings big shake-ups and re-evaluations causing us to make changes. It seems that many times, we swing the pendulum to hard in the opposite direction of the problem, then realizing that the solution lies somewhere on the middle ground and working our way to that, rather than going straight to a more balanced solution.

As Pluto moves into Aquarius, he will now be interacting not so much with “the man” anymore, as the people, the masses, the organizations, the groups, and their structures, as well as with technology because Aquarius is ruled by Uranus which is all about groups and technological advancements. We are coming into a time, worldwide, where we, the people will be going through some changes and also changing things up. How we organize ourselves is changing. I believe that we’ve had our first little tastes of that, and will have more as Pluto stays more consistently in Aquarius. We, as people will be realizing to a fuller and fuller extent, the power that we actually have. I believe that we won’t be relying on governments as much to take care of certain things as we have before. I don’t know that things like public services and social security and that type of thing will go away. Maybe. But I do expect that people will start genuinely helping other people on more personal levels than we have in a long time. Crowdsourcing will become much more of a thing. Right now we are starting to see this with the defense of Ukraine. Many people who have a digital presence and connections in that country, have been raising money or collecting goods needed over there, not only for the army to continue defending, but also for humanitarian aide for those devastated by what’s happening there. (I’m sure this is happening in other areas too, this just happens to be the one that I’m tuned into.) People are starting to realize that even as individuals, we can make a critical difference in other people’s lives. We don’t have to wait for the government to take action to get things done. (Not saying we don’t need the government to help, but saying that as people we are and will be realizing more and more, that we have a bigger part in the lives of other’s on this planet than we ever realized before.) We are moving slowly maybe, but surely, into the idea that we all really are one and to act as if we know that is true. I expect that to continue to unfold in bigger and bigger ways as this transit develops over the next 19 years.

This is going to be a time when the regular people have more power in general, and they realize it.

There will be shake-ups in the way that we organize ourselves. Company organization, 12 step group organizations, parent-teacher organizations, veterans organizations, homeowners organizations, banking organizations, agricultural organizations, real estate organizations, investing organizations, churches, families. We will be getting together differently as groups.

Not all of it, but a lot of it will have to do with how technology develops.  Technology will have a huge impact on how we organize ourselves moving forward. We are already seeing a lot of that as a result of the great period of staying at home. I think that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Many people have created their own organizations coming out of that time. That means there is a lot of new small business out there, thinking about solutions differently than what was the norm before. There is no way to avoid new advances that will come from those creative minds who did what they needed to do to make it through and even to thrive in that situation.

I think in a lot of ways, Pluto in Aquarius is the Anti to Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto brought out the secrets in the governments to the light. A lot of those secrets weren’t so pretty. Now Pluto will be bringing out the secrets of the people to light. In places in the world where people were secretly against their government, over the next 19 years, this will be fully brought to light as the people make their thoughts known more publicly. If the governments don’t pay attention and fix the issues of the people, then the people will be taking things into their own hands to get them fixed. The next 19 years will be a dangerous time to be part of an oppressive regime.

People will rally around the causes that make sense to them, use their newfound power to bring situations to full justice where justice has been abandoned in the past. Aquarius may be about technology and surprises, but it is also a very analytical sign. It keeps emotions away from it’s important decisions. It doesn’t allow attachments to influence it. So I think that all of these changes will lean towards fairness in a very impersonal, analytical sort of way. As these changes take effect, there will be no favorites taken. The changes will benefit those who are worthy of those benefits. Cheaters, liars? They will be called out and any changes will only make life harder for them, especially if they are leading organizations. But those who are acting fairly and genuinely will benefit greatly from the changes that are coming up. It will be innately harder to be anything but transparent when it comes to leading any organization of people.

I see a lot of these changes as good ones. Not easy ones to make, sometimes, but good ones, none the less. 

Pluto doesn’t change things just for the sake of change. He puts them through a metamorphosis so that in the end, the lowly caterpillar can become the freer, more independent, beautiful butterfly, with a whole new perspective on her environment as she flies above the paths that she used to walk.

I love and appreciate each of you so much! Have a fantastic week!

Each one of you is a treasure. Thank you for being in my life. Sincerely.

Topic of the Week
Our topic this week shows that someone is paying us back for something that we have invested in somehow, which adds to the security that we feel in life. (This investment could be into something financial, of course, or it could be into something much more personal like a hobby or relationship etc. Also this investment can be made with tangible things, time, energy, effort or money.)

We'll see more about the specifics as we look at the best advice or heads up around this situation for each

Remember to check not only your sun sign, but also your rising and your moon sign to get a more full & layered picture. :)

Aries: What I'm seeing here tells me that at the start of the week you are not so much putting making your budget work as a top priority. It seems that there is something on your mind that is more important than that at the moment. It looks to me like towards the end of the week is when we see someone paying you back for something, for some of you that will be something that you accomplish this week, but for others of you, this payback will be coming because of something you did in the past. Whatever it comes in for, we see that by the end of the week, whatever was on your mind has been resolved to the point that you are able to move forward successfully when it comes to that budget of yours after all.
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Taurus: What shows up in your cards is that this payback, in whatever form it shows up in, is coming back from your family or a tribe member (chosen family but not blood family). It does seem to help to smooth things out for you. The last bit of information that shows up here is that this is a payback you may have thought would never come to you, just because it has been so much time that it didn't.
Gemini: It looks like this situation comes about for you because you are taking a break from investing your time, energy, effort or money into something because there has not been appropriate reciprocation in this situation. It seems that you taking this break is what will bring about a conversation which will trigger someone to pay you back for something invested in the past. They are trying to pay you back without drama or fanfare, now that the subject has come up and now that you are not continuing with your part of things. You deciding it was time to step back and take a break is what got the ball rolling towards getting you paid back, otherwise this situation could have gone on indefinitely.
Cancer: What shows up here is that you are paid back this week for passing along good advice or information to someone else. It turns out that what you told them is information that really went to work for them and so now they are repaying you for that.
Leo: It seems that coming away from some kind of partnership early in the week gives you the opportunity to choose where you want to put your energy and effort to create a payback that will come back to you before the week is over.
Virgo: We see you receiving a payback from picking up a responsibility that makes you feel happy and productive. Not only does it make you feel happy and productive to be handling this responsibility, but you also enjoy the people that handling this responsibility puts you in contact with. These seems to be one of those situations where you would do this thing regardless, because you enjoy it. That someone pays you back for doing this is almost an extra bonus to you.
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Libra: What shows up in your topic is very directly tied to a monetary payback. It seems that at the beginning of the week you have to let someone know that they held back either some or all of your paycheck and that that isn't going to fly with you. It seems that once there is a little verbal wrangling about this situation, you do finally receive your full paycheck, but it will take a while and it will take you staying on top of the purse-bearers.
Scorpio: What shows up here for us is that we are staying focused in the early parts of this week even though there are distractions around us. It looks like by doing this and by staying very much in the moment and going with the flow of whatever comes up during the week, we allow people the opportunity to pay us back for something we have invested our time, energy and effort in so that by the end of the week we are really feeling that sense of security in our lives.
Sagittarius: What shows up here is that you are collaborating with someone in the beginning of the week, but you aren't very hopeful that much will come out of it. Towards the end of the week though, we see you holding your ground about what you deserve and not letting anyone push you around.
Capricorn: It looks to me here like you are relieving some stress or anxiety by spending some nice time together with someone else this week. Once we get to the end of the week, though, we see that in spite of this, you are still waiting on that payback for time, energy, effort or money that you have invested with the understanding that there will be a payoff at some point. For some of you, this time you are spending doing these things with another person or other people is what you were hoping to be paid back for by the end of the week but for others of you, spending that pleasant and productive time, was actually to take your mind off of the stress of wondering if this payoff is really coming back to you in a timely manner or not.
illustration of zodiac sign_ Aquarius.
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Aquarius: What shows up in your cards is the idea that someone paying you back for something in a reciprocal manner triggers you into spending some time by yourself trying to sort some things out. For some of you, you will be wondering how much you are really needed if this other person can pay you back now for what you have done for them. There is something going on here with your self esteem when you are paid back in this particular case for sure, and it has to do with a sense of unworthiness. It seems that you are feeling that because of whatever this payback is, you are feeling uneasy and like your world is off kilter now. This is a good time to examine why this is causing such an uneasy feeling and to do something around self work so that when something that actually puts you in a more secure situation happens, you can enjoy that instead of doubting whether you are worth being in that position or not.
(February 21)
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Pisces: What shows up in your cards is that whenever someone pays you back for something you had invested in originally, (and in your case this very well could have been a long time ago), this allows you to break free of something that you have been doing to create some kind of stability, and to go back to an old idea that you had about doing that on a more permanent basis. It almost looks like you took some kind of position because something wasn't working out with an idea that you had to make income, but now that you have received that payback, you feel that you can go back to devoting your time more fully on that thing that wasn't working out as quickly as you needed it to previously.