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Happy Sunday y'all!

(Yes I spent 5 years of my life in Texas and I like the way they talk

I've been thinking about peace and jewelry and influences a lot today. I lost a pinkie ring again. They are the hardest ones to keep because when the weather gets cold they get loose and on those fingers, they seem to slip off really easily without being noticed as I go through my day.

I surround myself with the symbol for peace. My jewelry is no exception. I have 2 rings with that symbol, a pendant, a wall-hanging, and about 5 of them on a string that I like to hang from the ceiling throughout my place.

You would think that my parents are hippies. Far from it. My Dad fought in Viet Naam. My mom was a pretty straight laced nurse.

Scott was a hippie (minus the smoke, acid and any other drugs). He and I used to talk a lot about peace, especially inner peace and how if everyone in the world would work on their inner peace, then we would have peace in the world.


His influence on me was (and is still) profound.

That influence is really the beginning of my obsession with peace.

I want to share with you a little story.

A few weeks before Scotts passing, I had begun to look for some kind of peace pendant that wasn't clunky and wasn't hanging on a hemp rope. Something that was ladylike but not overly girly. I have always been a tomboy after all, and besides, peace is a strong thing. It's always precarious, and takes real resilience to maintain on the long term.

The search had already been going on for a couple of months when one day I was walking for exercise in the mall in Lakewood. Scott had already been out of his body for about a month and a half by that time. It was about 10ish days from Christmas and on my first lap of the mall, I was drawn to check out a shop that had popped up in there which had all kinds of booths for crafted items of all kinds. I ignored that initial drawing, thinking it was my own temptation and that I was not there to shop but to get in some exercise. On the second lap I ignored that drawing in sensation again, the same on the third. On the last lap, I caved and went into that space. I knew by then that Scott was directing me there because he wanted to show me something.

To be honest, I was a little bit frustrated that he wanted to show me something here because I was trying to be serious about my exercise practice, and this was totally mucking up my flow. But I began to look through the booths carefully, with my eye out for something that would trigger a memory with him or anything else that he might want to show me. Since I has stopped walking, I wanted to be sure I didn't miss whatever it might be, while internally I was hoping to be on my way again quickly so maybe I wouldn't feel like my momentum was totally shot.

I had spent 20 minutes, looking, looking, looking, and was starting to think that I was just making up things in my head and had ruined my walking momentum for nothing. That maybe he hadn't really directed me to this store. I almost just walked out without looking at the last 2 booths. Then I heard him say: "don't give up. Just keep looking."

In the very next booth I came across a pendent that was a basic silver plated peace symbol connected on a jump ring with a symbol of love. As soon as I saw it, I knew that was what he wanted me to see. I bought it and walked out of there wearing it.

I wore it every day until the finish was wearing off and it started looking funky. Then I walked over to Creekside Jewelers in Golden and asked them if they could make me one like that in solid sterling silver. I used some of my inheritance money to pay for it, and consider it a gift from Scott. The only time I have not worn this pendent is when the chain broke after 7 years and it was lost for about 24 hours.

This morning I was thinking about all these things. Then a friend of mine pulled a card for me today and told me about it with a picture and messages on Facebook messenger. The card she pulled was titled "Peacemaker". (Pretty cool how things like that work, huh?)

That got me thinking about my personality and my work. And it made me wonder, what came first? Was it the idea that I was becoming a more peaceful person that drew me to that first pendent? and then all the other peace symbols that surround me? Or is it that wearing that pendent and the rings imprinted me with that peace? Is it a little bit of both maybe?

They say that if you write something on a container of water, that changes the makeup of the water inside that container. Our bodies are supposed to be 60% made up of water. Does wearing a pendent with a particular symbol on it every day for years change the makeup of our DNA's? I never considered that when I first put this pendant on, and when I first started surrounding myself with peace symbols. Now I wonder.

Thank you each of you for being here and for putting up with my wildly all over the map ramblings in the newsletter. I can only imagine what it is like for you, to open this email, never knowing what kind of path you will be led down in your minds and imaginations as you do. Each one of you is AMAZING. I appreciate you all.

Have a glorious week!

Topic of the Week
This week it looks like our topic has to do with the idea that there was someone in the past that we were being generous to in hopes of helping them to become more independent or self sufficient. In the past we realized that we needed to cut off that generosity because it was being misused or abused. Now we see the person who misused our generosity in the past coming back and trying to get back into our good graces while not acknowledging that they did nothing wrong to start with.

It will be interesting to see best advice or heads up for each of us in this situation.

Remember to check not only your sun sign, but also your rising and your moon sign to get a more full & layered picture. :)

Aries: It looks like what's on your mind right now is upgrading your sense of security in the world, either through relationships, or through tangible assets or money. It seems that this is what you bring up to the other person when they try to win your generosity back.
It seems that they aren't on board with your goals and so you separate ways. This allows you to move forward more directly with whatever are your long term plans that are showing up here.
(February 21)
Online Workshop

Billet is a French word for note or letter. To read billets is to take a sealed envelope and read about it’s contents without opening the envelope. Reading Billets is a practice dating back to the 1800’s. 

In this workshop Amista will facilitate as you explore your own psychic abilities in a way that is a lot of fun.

Who is this workshop for? 
1. People who don’t know if they are psychic or not but think it would be nice to know if they are. 
2. People who already know they are psychic or have strong intuition and would like to explore that a little further. 
3. People who are experienced in following their intuitive/psychic abilities and want to exercise their “psychic muscle” in a collaborative way that is safe and lots of fun. 
4. Open minded people looking for something fun and interactive to do that has the possibility of broadening their horizons.  

This workshop is happening on February 21, 2024 at 11:35am Mountain Time, 12:35 Central, 1:35 Eastern, 10:35 Pacific

Registration fee is $20.08

Registration fees are non-refundable. 
Taurus: It looks to me here like when this person tries to get you to be generous with them again, you just don't have the energy or the bandwidth for it. I think that what you are not saying to them is that you are happier when you aren't trying to help them in ways that are misused.
Gemini: It seems that this person is coming back around trying to get in your good graces again right after you have had a payday of some sort. It looks like you don't have the fight in you to turn them down. That last card tells me that after you capitulate to them, the regret you feel is strong.
Remember, you have free will. You don't have to follow this pattern. You can do things differently if you decide to.
Cancer: It seems here that by the time this person tries to get back into your favor again, you have seen the truth that wasn't so apparent before. I think that you are willing to try this again but even though you are willing, you are certainly not in a hurry to jump back on that wagon and we see you taking your time to dole out this generosity bit by bit again.
Leo: It looks like when this person is trying to get you to go back to sharing that generosity again, you tell them no politely the first time. The second time is a little bit more enthusiastic. Right now you are just not in the mindset to try to collaborate with this person again who never seems to do what they say they will whenever you have tried before.
Virgo: It seems to me here that this person that wants to get back into your good graces isn't going about it in a very smart way. They are showing up here as trying to be excessively controlling and manipulating of you about this. It looks here like you are stepping back from all this to allow yourself some breathing room.
February 21, 5:30 to 7:00pm




This is a fun and interesting opportunity to explore and practice your own intuitive abilities in a spiritually safe space with other people at all different skill levels. 

After this circle you will have more confidence in your intuitive abilities. 

People who will benefit from this circle are:
~Those who are curious about psychic and mediumship abilities
~Those who don't know if they have any abilities at all but would like to find out. 
~Those who are just discovering their abilites and would like to understand them better
~Those who have used their abilities regularly in the past but have gotten away from it and would like to get back into doing that more consistently
~Those who use their abilities on a regular basis but would like to have the fun and excitement of doing something different with new, like-minded people. 

To register for this event, please call For Heaven's Sake at 303-284-3470.

Location: For Heaven's Sake Metaphysical Store; 2680 Youngfield St.; Lakewood, Co. 80215
Date: January 17th, 2024
Time: 5:30 to 7:00pm
Cost: 35.00
Libra: It looks like when this person tries to win your favors back, you do give this situation some serious thought. Looking at it from the angles of how your reaction will effect not only this person, but also others who are in your sphere of influence as well. Once you've done that, we see you walking away from the idea of getting back into this situation again in search of doing something more productive with your energy and or assets.
Scorpio: It looks like when this person tries to get you to go back to this generosity you had with them in the past, you are completely not open to it because you have already seen that there is no long term future in what you were doing before and you are cutting ties, at least with that generosity in this situation, if not completely with this person.
Tarot Tells All
March 3, 2024,
3:00 to 5:00pm



In this Gallery reading Amista will be reading cards psychically for attendees while mixing in tips on the art of reading the cards accurately.

You should expect to come away from this event with some transformational messages for your life to help you move forward in it productively. In addition, you will hear some tips and tricks about how to improve your personal reading skills as they apply to your everyday life.

This event will benefit:
~ those who are curious about the tarot but have never had their cards read before
~ those who are fascinated by the tarot and it’s use
~ those who are looking for a little guidance or confirmation of something in their lives
~ those who want to have their cards read but don’t feel the need for a full on reading
~ those who already know and love the tarot, who enjoy the idea of someone else reading for THEM
~ those who read the tarot for themselves or for friends who would like to see how someone else reads and who might like some insider tips and tricks to reading accurately
~ those who are skeptics and would love to see a tarot demonstration up close and personal so that they can pick it apart intellectually...You are Amista's favories, actually, and are totally welcome. :)

For Heaven's Sake Metaphysical Center
2680 Youngfield St.
Lakewood, Co. 80215

To register for this event, please call For Heaven's Sake at 303-284-3470.

Sagittarius: It looks like in the time between when you were being generous to this person in the past and the time that they try to convince you of the validity of that generosity again, the truth has come out and you are now seeing that person for more of what they are. In addition to that, you have had some revelations about your purpose and your direction and are making strong progress in that direction. It looks to me like you may only just barely notice this person trying to get back in the side door with you again because you are so focused on your own goals at this point.
Capricorn: It looks like this other person doesn't have a chance with you nowadays. Since you cut off your generosity to them, (in whatever form that generosity took), you have been manifesting more of what you actually want in your life. Just that little shift has really broken you free from the emotional manipulation that this person is trying to pull out of their back pocket to suck you in again.
Springing Forward with Scripting (Creating Breakthrough)
March 19, 2024, 5:30 to 7:00



Are you looking for a way to break though barriers and obstacles in your life more effectively and move forward in a healthy and joyful way? Sometimes things are a lot easier than we could ever imagine!
Come on out and let Amista guide you through a technique that can bring radical improvements to your life. Then be ready to amaze yourself by what manifestations you create in your life as you apply this technique.
This is a festive workshop/social event that facilitates interactions with like minded people as we encourage, inspire and support each other to create some real breakthroughs in our lives.
Please bring a soft beverage with you, along with a notebook and pencil.
Finger foods will be provided.
Also bring with you, your ideas about the section of your life where you would like to see the most improvement and what you might like that to be like if it could be any way that you wanted it to.
Would you like improvements in your relationship sector? Your home? Your health? Your finances? Or something else. Bring the thorniest areas of your life to the table and let’s play with it and start turning that around.
Our own energy is much more powerful than most of us realize. Let Amista show you one way to use it to create a healthier, more joyful life!

To register for this event, please call For Heaven's Sake at 303-284-3470.

For Heaven's Sake Metaphysical Center
2680 Youngfield St.
Lakewood, Co. 80215

Aquarius: It looks like you are really focused on creating some paydays so that you can do something that really makes you happy. I would say that the only way you are returning to whatever this generosity you were giving to someone else is if you can do that without interfering with your own goals.
Pisces sign of the zodiac
Happy Birthday Pisces!

Please accept as my birthday present to celebrate you, a 40% discount towards a live reading as long as you order it from me while the Sun is in Aquarius! (This does not have to be in person to be live, this also counts towards online or phone readings.)
Just let me know when you book the reading that you are having a birthday during the time of Pisces Sun and that you want the "newsletter birthday discount" and I will be happy to apply that to your total.

(Pisces Sun runs through March 20.)

Wishing you all the best on your Solar Returns!
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Pisces: It looks here to me like cutting off that generosity to this other person was a pretty big shake-up. In your life AND in theirs. Holding back from that lately has allowed you to start to build up a little bit of reserves and you seem to have plans to use those reserves for a new beginning that is very exciting to you.
Connect with Loved Ones Who Have Crossed Over (Gallery Reading by Amista Bennett)
April 28, 2024, 5:30 to 7:00

If you have been longing to hear from someone who has crossed over, now is the perfect time to attend a gallery reading! This will be a fascinating and fulfilling event!

To register for this event, please call For Heaven's Sake at 303-284-3470.

For Heaven's Sake Metaphysical Center
2680 Youngfield St.
Lakewood, Co. 80215