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I hope you each are having a glorious day today!

As I go through my weeks, looking for what I can talk to all of you about here is never far from top of mind.

This weeks topic is a little bit different than my normal.

Well... is there even a normal in this space yet?


Most of you know that I've been on YouTube since 2013. It always surprises me how many of you have been watching my content for that long that are still around and in contact here and there.

Besides and because of creating content there for so long, when I'm not reading for clients, creating my own content, or doing any of the other work involved with being a sole proprietor in this industry, I'm usually listening to YouTube. I put my headphones on so I don't disturb the people above me in the house and do any chores or prepare my meals or whatever with YouTube on in my ear. What I listen to morphs from one thing to another over time. The last few months I have mostly listened to updates on how Ukraine is handling the invasion from it's neighbor, videos about autism so that I can understand it better, some spiritually oriented podcasts...(go figure), a little bit of astrology, a little bit of tarot, a little bit of LeNormand, a little bit of Abraham Hicks, a little bit of my favorite Christian preachers and a tiny bit about politics in this country. I read through this list, I wonder if my interests are a part of why I can go years between

In my YouTube wanderings this past week, I came across a title from a young tarot reader whom I had never run across before but who has apparently been reading for 3 or 4 years so far. The title of her video was something along the lines of: Is Reading the Tarot Wrong? Of course, that title intrigued me. With my strict Catholic upbringing, when I realized I was psychic, I had to wrestle with similar questions. It still fascinates me to hear about other peoples journey through that mental and emotional minefield. And then Doreen Virtue is always in the back of my mind when it comes to this topic, so I wonder where others will land with all of their mental wrestling's.

Where she started off with was talking about how so many times along her path, she has heard "I hope you choose love". I think she was mostly feeling like this was a message coming in on the regular from her ancestors and a couple of other sources along the way as well. I can track with that, and for so many reasons that that would take up more than one "Ramblings" session of a newsletter. I feel like we see the results all around us when people don't choose love, but instead choose to act out of fear. That's not rocket science really. Just most people don't so much think about it.

Than she went on to say that she has always given people the truth and not watered it down or sugar coated it. (You who have been with me even just a little while, know that I think and read along the same I was still tracking with this young lady.)

Then she really veered AWAY from my perspective. Everyone has a right to their own perspective. I like to say that we are all exactly where we need to be on our own paths at any given time. She started talking about how talking about things that are hard to hear about and that are not so "positive" is something that she doesn't feel like is acting in love. She gave the example of third party relationships as one of those. It was at this point that I went from relating totally, to listening, not really in agreement, but curious to see where she would end up going with this.

In the end, she has decided that the tarot can be used for good or bad, just like any other tool our there in the world, but that she had been using it for bad previously. (I haven't seen any of her previous videos. I have no opinion about that.) Her plan that she landed on was that from now on, she was going to use her cards to talk only about Jesus and God, with no mention of things that are not "love".

Hearing this gave me a lot to think about. Honestly it helped me to reclarify, and maybe to clarify even more deeply what I feel/think about using the cards and doing readings in general, with or without the cards.

My prayer to Sacred Spirit when it comes to doing readings of any kind is that they will give me only whatever if for the highest and best good of all involved. Sometimes people need to know about stuff that isn't exactly love coming down the pike so that they can prepare for it. Whether that means transmuting that energy or just having a good plan for how they might deal with the circumstance productively and not be taken by surprise when it shows up.

I'm a big believer that it's the truth that sets anyone free. We have to have it to make good decisions.

And to be honest, I was totally blown away when she started talking about that she hadn't been using her tarot cards in love in the past. I don't understand. I feel like reading the cards for someone is in itself an act of love. Even though I'm paid for it, which is just an exchange of energy and a topic for a whole different newsletter, I still an act of love to read for someone. In that moment that I agree to a reading, I'm agreeing to not judge that person in any kind of human way, no matter what they might say to me during that space in time. I am agreeing to set aside human judgements, and to see that person through God's eyes. With all of their potential, and all of their goodness. I am agreeing to help them to find solutions that allow them to uncover even more of that wholeness that is the God in them, to the world, with no judgement for where they are with that process right now.

You can't do that for money, or reputation, or ego! You won't be in the correct headspace to be able to pull that off. If this person who's video I viewed wasn't choosing love when she read for people, then I am totally lost. What WAS she doing? Does she not realize that really she was? She didn't hit me as a scammer at all. She seemed really sincere. Was she just reading for money previously? How could you read successfully that way?

So many questions. I just don't understand.

By speaking only about Jesus and God in a reading, can we really give people the guidance they are seeking when they come to us? My opinion is no. We have to face the struggles head on. We can't just not mention them. We have to be able to give Spirit's perspective and advice on them. You can't do that effectively by dancing around the mulberry bush. You HAVE to take the bull by the horns. People can't just dance around their problems in real life without addressing them.

In a way I feel sorry for this young woman who is trying to find her way. Much like how I feel about Doreen Virtue, I feel like "they" got her. "They" are watering her down and making her less effective in her contribution to humanity and the world. She mentioned several times, the judgements that other people had put on her for what she does. She was obviously grappling with what other people thought was right about her and, more to the point, what was not. When I refer to "they" in these instances, I just mean old school versions of right and wrong. Those values that someone put in place, usuallycenturies ago, to keep the masses from becoming to powerful in the world. The rules that were meant to make sure that only the people at the top were empowered enough to have authority over their own lives. I feel sorry for her because those rules that have been passed down through the generations got their talons into her, even after she had broken free of them a little bit. I don't know if I can think of anything sadder than that. Sadder than not recognizing your own good....because the old rules say that you are not good.

We each have to find our path, chop down the undergrowth and make a way through the forest of our lives. I hope she will return to her freedom and empowerment soon. By walking in her freedom, and her empowerment, she will automatically empower those around her to reach for theirs as well, whatever that might look like for them.

Thank you for allowing me the honor of being a part of your life. Sometimes it's overwhelming to think about. I hope I'm having a positive impact on each of you.

Have a fantastically empowered week! You guys are amazing!

Topic of the Week
Our topic this week is kind of blowing my mind already, without even looking at anyone's specific cards. This talks about the idea of tapping into our intuitive abilities independently of other people.

It's blowing my mind because I love to teach and mentor people on this topic, and because I just started taking a new class to deepen my abilities in my work so that I can bring more clarity into my readings for my clients. AND it's blowing my mind because I see this as a first step towards bringing more peace and more freedom into our lives at the individual level, which I have been praying for every day, for everyone in the world open to it, for at least a couple of months now. Probably longer.

I CAN'T WAIT to see what comes up about this topic for each sign!!!!

Remember to check not only your sun sign, but also your rising and your moon sign to get a more full & layered picture. :)

Aries: Your cards talk about tapping into your own creative powers working alongside those of the Divine. They show that you don't need to go any special place to do this but instead can accomplish what you want in this area right where you are. What also shows up, is that you are using these powers to help you with your own self-love story.
(February 21)
Online Workshop

Billet is a French word for note or letter. To read billets is to take a sealed envelope and read about it’s contents without opening the envelope. Reading Billets is a practice dating back to the 1800’s. 

In this workshop Amista will facilitate as you explore your own psychic abilities in a way that is a lot of fun.

Who is this workshop for? 
1. People who don’t know if they are psychic or not but think it would be nice to know if they are. 
2. People who already know they are psychic or have strong intuition and would like to explore that a little further. 
3. People who are experienced in following their intuitive/psychic abilities and want to exercise their “psychic muscle” in a collaborative way that is safe and lots of fun. 
4. Open minded people looking for something fun and interactive to do that has the possibility of broadening their horizons.  

This workshop is happening on February 21, 2024 at 11:35am Mountain Time, 12:35 Central, 1:35 Eastern, 10:35 Pacific

Registration fee is $20.08

Registration fees are non-refundable. 
Taurus: What we are seeing here is that we have friendships or people in our support network coming into focus in our lives that are helping us to put an end to that lack of self confidence and doubt that has previously held us back in this area in a way that was less than ideal. 
Gemini: It looks like you are letting your intuition guide you in a situation where you have been overly invested to the point that other things have fallen through the cracks while you focused on that one thing. Now we see you, by intuition, putting a lot of energy and effort into holding yourself back from over giving where the gift isn't really being used in a productive way anyway.
Cancer: Your intuition is guiding you through a situation where you have something going on in your life that you were hoping would work out well. Instead it has turned sour. We can see that the disappointment is real. It's also leading to stress as you work through if this is fixable or something that you just fully need to walk away from, in search of something that is more solid than what this was. Try to remember that Spirit has your back, and your intuition will certainly lead you in the right direction regarding this.
Leo: What we see in these cards Leos is that you are really holding your own when it comes to your intuition. It seems that you have someone trying to kick away at your confidence in it , however you are recognizing it's power in your live and for yourself. Therefor you aren't allowing anyone to chew away at your confidence in it.
Virgo: It seems here that you are really feeling the energy and the excitement of what a difference tapping into your own intuition more regularly would do for you. You are starting to recognize the level of security this brings to you. It looks like there is someone here lying to you about something and your gut instinct or intuition is making you wary enough to protect you from the lies impact on your life.
February 21, 5:30 to 7:00pm




This is a fun and interesting opportunity to explore and practice your own intuitive abilities in a spiritually safe space with other people at all different skill levels. 

After this circle you will have more confidence in your intuitive abilities. 

People who will benefit from this circle are:
~Those who are curious about psychic and mediumship abilities
~Those who don't know if they have any abilities at all but would like to find out. 
~Those who are just discovering their abilites and would like to understand them better
~Those who have used their abilities regularly in the past but have gotten away from it and would like to get back into doing that more consistently
~Those who use their abilities on a regular basis but would like to have the fun and excitement of doing something different with new, like-minded people. 

To register for this event, please call For Heaven's Sake at 303-284-3470.

Location: For Heaven's Sake Metaphysical Store; 2680 Youngfield St.; Lakewood, Co. 80215
Date: January 17th, 2024
Time: 5:30 to 7:00pm
Cost: 35.00
Libra: What's showing up here for you is that as you pay more attention to what's going on with you intuitively, that is allowing you to relax, especially about certain areas of your life. You are becoming more able to see something that was disappointing or upsetting much more clearly now and to allow some healing to roll into your soul. As you notice these things happening this week, it's only going to make your thirst for the intuition to be more active in your life greater and greater by the end of the week.
Scorpio: It looks here like we are reaching a certain level of happiness or accomplishment when it comes to using our intuition independently. Accomplishing this goal that we've had is allowing us to move forward in a way that feels really good to us. We are doing things indicated by that second card that bring us real satisfaction and joy because of this accomplishment achieved. No one is now looking over our shoulders or breathing down our necks when it comes to our intuition. That last card indicates that we are receiving and sending messages back and forth to Spirit on the regular by the end of the week, for those of us that haven't already been doing that. This is all very satisfying and happiness-making for us.
Springing Forward with Scripting (Creating Breakthrough)
March 19, 2024, 5:30 to 7:00



Are you looking for a way to break though barriers and obstacles in your life more effectively and move forward in a healthy and joyful way? Sometimes things are a lot easier than we could ever imagine!
Come on out and let Amista guide you through a technique that can bring radical improvements to your life. Then be ready to amaze yourself by what manifestations you create in your life as you apply this technique.
This is a festive workshop/social event that facilitates interactions with like minded people as we encourage, inspire and support each other to create some real breakthroughs in our lives.
Please bring a soft beverage with you, along with a notebook and pencil.
Finger foods will be provided.
Also bring with you, your ideas about the section of your life where you would like to see the most improvement and what you might like that to be like if it could be any way that you wanted it to.
Would you like improvements in your relationship sector? Your home? Your health? Your finances? Or something else. Bring the thorniest areas of your life to the table and let’s play with it and start turning that around.
Our own energy is much more powerful than most of us realize. Let Amista show you one way to use it to create a healthier, more joyful life!

To register for this event, please call For Heaven's Sake at 303-284-3470.

For Heaven's Sake Metaphysical Center
2680 Youngfield St.
Lakewood, Co. 80215

Sagittarius: It looks to me like your intuitive hits are coming in pretty good with that wheel of fortune there, and doing you a lot of good in the process. What's showing up as a problem is the idea that you don't trust it when you hear something good from your intuition and we see you assuming that that must all be your ego and nothing more. Please don't do this to yourself. It's ok to trust that spirit has your back.
Capricorn: It seems that at the beginning of the week you may be feeling like you are having a hard time tuning in to your own psychic hits. By the middle of the week we see acknowledging the disappointment of that which causes you to take action so that by the end of the week we do see you working with someone who can help you find your way with that.
~Pick me...I do mentoring! plug there. In all seriousness though, it doesn't have to be me to be perfectly effective.~
illustration of zodiac sign_ Aquarius.
Happy Birthday Aquarians!

Please accept as my birthday present to celebrate you, a 40% discount towards a live reading as long as you order it from me while the Sun is in Aquarius! (This does not have to be in person to be live, this also counts towards online or phone readings.)
Just let me know when you book the reading that you are having a birthday during the time of Capricorn Sun and that you want the "newsletter birthday discount" and I will be happy to apply that to your total.

(Aquarius Sun runs through February 18.)

Wishing you all the best on your Solar Returns!
Call, text or WhatsApp me to schedule your discounted reading for your birthday season.
Aquarius: What we see here is very exciting. We see you tapping into that deeper part of you and bringing it to the surface in the first card. The second one shows you taking inspired action forward because of this truth that has been hiding in the depths of you, waiting for the intuition to float it up to the surface. In that last card we see you putting these inspired actions to good use, using them to generate even more creativity in the pards of the world that you have control over.
Pisces: It looks to me from these cards, that you are feeling your way into relaxing into the intuitive messages coming your way. There is a fine line between trying to receive an intuitive message, and being open and relaxed enough to receive one. Trying to explain this to someone makes about as much sense as telling someone in deep water who can't swim, to "relax and let yourself float". It's not something easy to wrap the brain around, until we've actually pulled it off once or twice. It seems that you are learning this week to relax and let the messages come in. It's like sitting in your house with the door open, rather than going outside and chasing down a wayward dog, putting him on a leash and dragging him into the house. Those messages come in when we make them feel welcomed...not pressured. You're getting it. All your energy and effort that you are putting into developing your practice is certainly paying off by the end of the week.
Connect with Loved Ones Who Have Crossed Over (Gallery Reading by Amista Bennett)
April 28, 2024, 5:30 to 7:00

If you have been longing to hear from someone who has crossed over, now is the perfect time to attend a gallery reading! This will be a fascinating and fulfilling event!

To register for this event, please call For Heaven's Sake at 303-284-3470.

For Heaven's Sake Metaphysical Center
2680 Youngfield St.
Lakewood, Co. 80215