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Happy Sunday everyone!

I'm excited about a few things that came up over the past week as I sit down to write to you this morning! I hope you each have things to be excited about as well right now.

The first of these is that I was invited to present at the Denver Body MInd Spirit Expo Fair at the Crowne Plaza Denver Airport Convention Center. I don't have a booth there, but their presentation slots weren't filled up so they were looking for people to fill in the last holes in the itinerary. I have the first time slot on Friday the 15th of March starting at 1:00 and then later on at 7:00pm. That will give me time to look around at the booths and talk to people in between. Each of these presentations are set to be about 50 minutes. I would love it if some of you could be at either one of these!

There is a door charge for the event. Online it looks like you can buy a ticket for the whole weekend for $10. Once you are in though, all of the presentations are at no charge although you will have to pay if you want a reading with someone or if you want to buy any products there.

My first presentation is going to be called Beginning the Tarot Journey and it will be all about the things I wish I had known before I bought my first deck of tarot cards. If you are thinking about getting into reading, even just for yourself or your friends, this will be a really great presentation to catch.

The One Happening at 7:00 is going to be a fun exercise in psychic abilities. I have a bunch of photos in manilla envelopes that I will be holding up one at a time and you get a chance to see what you pick up from those pictures. Sometimes it's a color, a texture, a setting, a mood, even a smell or taste. This is a fun way to explore or to expand your own abilities. Even a good way to see if you have abilities if you are unsure.

I love to do these types of events where I can watch the light bulb come on for attendees and know that they took home some useful information that will help them moving forward. This is my JAM! I am so looking forward to both of these!

If you are someone who comes out to either of these because of reading this here, please be sure to come up and introduce yourself ~you probably know how I am with faces and names, so I'll need you to do that~ and let me know that's why you are there. It's so reassuring to have people that I've interacted with before show up at a new event.

For all of you reading this who are not local to the Denver area, I'm so sorry. I wish you could be here! (Also know it's on my agenda to get some online classes back on the schedule soon. Those of you who would be interested in those, if you would let me know that and give me an idea of what you might like to learn from me, I can start designing some classes in that area, or I can pull out ones that fit your interest that I've taught before.)

That's the first thing that I'm excited about this week.

The other one is that on Wednesday I got to facilitate another Spiritual Development Circle at For Heaven's Sake. These happen every third Wednesday from 5:30 to 7:00pm at their location on Youngfield in Lakewood. I used to hold them at the old Lakewood location before it closed. Now they are back at the new location and with a new time. I've been working on building up that group again. Ideally there would be 25 to 30 people at each of these every month but we aren't there yet at all. This last one though, was the most well attended so far and I really feel like the more people that are there, the more super good stuff comes out of these. Everyone's energy contributes so it all adds up. (Having said that, even the smaller groups still had a lot of good stuff come out of them as well. I don't want to downplay that fact or not be appreciative of what Spirit has shown to us in those groups.)

ANYway, to get to the point of what was so exciting about this last group is that as we were doing the meditation/visualization to set the space as a group, a couple of people had visions that were fascinating. (Clairvoyance is not my strongest part of my psychic abilities so I'm always fascinated when other people have visions at one of these.) In these visions, they both saw a white mist, and I believe both of these same people saw an inverted triangle. One with the single corner down and the 2 corners at the top. I didn't know the symbolism of those visions that night, and we all continued on with what we were about. The next morning I woke up thinking that I wanted to find out about those symbols. I turned to trusty Google. I find that if I look for the esoteric or the spiritual meaning of just about anything, I can find it there. I do this a lot for the animals I run across to see what messages Spirit wants me to have, especially while I'm out hiking.
There were several meanings for both symbols. Some of them actually overlapped. They both had to do with ascension, thinning of the veil and connecting with the Divine.

Once I investigated that, especially about the white mist, I had this sort of "Oh DUH!" moment. How could I have read "The Mists of Avalon" and not caught that reference?!? It was just really exciting to see how Spirit was interacting with us right from the start of us setting the space to tap in safely. I mean, I know they do, but that little bit of experiential evidence of it that was shared is really cool.

I'm always saying that in this profession/lifestyle, there is always so much more to learn. We never run out of things to understand or deeper levels to go with our understanding. That's one of the things I love about this. I might be at a level where I can share/teach/show people a lot of things in this area, but there is always more for me to learn on my journey. By the time I kick the bucket, I won't have understood it all. I'll still be learning. I find that so exciting and invigorating! I like to go deep, (4 planets in Scorpio), and I like to keep things fresh as well when it comes to work, (10th house being ruled by Uranus with Mars in it).

The last thing I want to talk about that's exciting is that I am starting a Usui Reiki level 2 class online soon. For anyone wanting to know more about these, please text me at 720-980-3550. First class is coming up in March!

Many thanks to each of you for your ongoing support of me as time goes by. It is my honor and my pleasure to have each and every one of you as influences in my life. Wishing you all wonderful excitement and fascinations this week!

Tarot Topic of the Week
Our topic to look at with the Tarot cards this week has a lot to do with taking care of business. Looking at things logically. Picking them apart while keeping emotions around these topics or this topic at a distance. It seems that there is something that has been throwing our balance off and we are analytically looking at what we need to do to come back into our own balance and authenticity.
Astrologically we have Chiron and the North node in a conjunction this week that only gets tighter as the week progresses. This would indicate that collectively we all have something that we are working on healing in ourselves or our lives, and that once it's healed, we will be able to show other people how to heal that same thing in their lives in the future because now we have that experience. That ties in beautifully with what I see here in the tarot.
It's going to be interesting to see what shows up for best advice in this as we look at each sign.

Remember to check not only your sun sign, but also your rising and your moon sign to get a more full & layered picture. :)

Tarot for Aries: Here we see you showing up in your own major arcana card. This tells me that you are operating in your full authentic self as you take control of this situation where the unbalance is showing up in your life. It seems here that you are facing this situation head on and recognizing that you can change this situation with a little bit of thought and preparation to pull things back together in a more balanced way for you.
Tarot Tells All
March 3, 2024,
3:00 to 5:00pm



In this Gallery reading Amista will be reading cards psychically for attendees while mixing in tips on the art of reading the cards accurately.

You should expect to come away from this event with some transformational messages for your life to help you move forward in it productively. In addition, you will hear some tips and tricks about how to improve your personal reading skills as they apply to your everyday life.

This event will benefit:
~ those who are curious about the tarot but have never had their cards read before
~ those who are fascinated by the tarot and it’s use
~ those who are looking for a little guidance or confirmation of something in their lives
~ those who want to have their cards read but don’t feel the need for a full on reading
~ those who already know and love the tarot, who enjoy the idea of someone else reading for THEM
~ those who read the tarot for themselves or for friends who would like to see how someone else reads and who might like some insider tips and tricks to reading accurately
~ those who are skeptics and would love to see a tarot demonstration up close and personal so that they can pick it apart intellectually...You are Amista's favories, actually, and are totally welcome. :)

For Heaven's Sake Metaphysical Center
2680 Youngfield St.
Lakewood, Co. 80215

To register for this event, please call For Heaven's Sake at 303-284-3470.

Tarot for Taurus: This can have to do with money or support networks for you. We see you taking action to stay focused on improving the unbalance in this situation. You are not allowing yourself to be distracted by collaborating with others on projects that pull you away from your balance instead of pulling you towards it. It seems that those kind of distractions are only adding to your motivation to keep the momentum going forward in finding your balance.
Tarot for Gemini: What's showing up for you is that you are seeing that there is a situation different from what you previously thought it was. Knowing this information seems to put you into a place that feels more vulnerable and less defendable. With that four of cups reversed at the end of the week, we see that you aren't letting this new information slow you down. Instead you are looking around for the opportunities that ARE open to you and helpful in getting into a good, healthy, balanced position again.
Come Out and See Me Here:

(Friday March 15)

Crowne Plaza Denver Airport Convention Center
15500 E. 40th Avenue
Denver, Co. 80239

Presentations have no charge but there is a fee to get in the door to the fair. What I'm seeing online is that that fee is $10 per person for the whole week-end. I don't know if that will be the same at the door.

Beginning the Tarot Journey will be at 1:00pm on stage 1. In that presentation we'll cover all the things I wish I had known before I bought my first tarot deck.

Exploring Your Psychic Abilities through Hidden Images will be happening at 7:00pm, again on stage 1. That will be a fun exercise in seeing how your own abilities work and tapping in to them.

Tarot for Cancer: These cards tell me that you will be very focused this week on taking some alone time to really go deep and consider how to impact the people in your sphere of influence in a more balanced and healthy way than maybe you have before.
Tarot for Leo: What we see for you in the cards, Leo, is that what you are working on is your own emotions and maybe even a relationship with another person. There is tons of communication showing up here, between you and someone else. (For many of you, this someone else may be Spirit). It seems that this communication leads towards forgiveness or letting go of some hurt from the past so that you can have more balance in your life again.
Springing Forward with Scripting (Creating Breakthrough)
March 19, 2024, 5:30 to 7:00



Are you looking for a way to break though barriers and obstacles in your life more effectively and move forward in a healthy and joyful way? Sometimes things are a lot easier than we could ever imagine!
Come on out and let Amista guide you through a technique that can bring radical improvements to your life. Then be ready to amaze yourself by what manifestations you create in your life as you apply this technique.
This is a festive workshop/social event that facilitates interactions with like minded people as we encourage, inspire and support each other to create some real breakthroughs in our lives.
Please bring a soft beverage with you, along with a notebook and pencil.
Finger foods will be provided.
Also bring with you, your ideas about the section of your life where you would like to see the most improvement and what you might like that to be like if it could be any way that you wanted it to.
Would you like improvements in your relationship sector? Your home? Your health? Your finances? Or something else. Bring the thorniest areas of your life to the table and let’s play with it and start turning that around.
Our own energy is much more powerful than most of us realize. Let Amista show you one way to use it to create a healthier, more joyful life!

To register for this event, please call For Heaven's Sake at 303-284-3470.

For Heaven's Sake Metaphysical Center
2680 Youngfield St.
Lakewood, Co. 80215

Tarot for Virgo: we see some kind of heartache or heartbreak in play here for you. (People tend to want to take this straight to their romantic lives, but that's often a mistake. It can play out just as easily in a family relationship or a strong friendship many times instead.) It looks like you are trying to logically analyze what your part in this was, and what you can do different in the future to sidestep further situations like this. You are taking the time to really think this through before you go into communication around this relationship, or maybe even this type of relationship again, so that the next time around, things can be more balanced.
March 20, 5:30 to 7:00pm




This is a fun and interesting opportunity to explore and practice your own intuitive abilities in a spiritually safe space with other people at all different skill levels. 

After this circle you will have more confidence in your intuitive abilities. 

People who will benefit from this circle are:
~Those who are curious about psychic and mediumship abilities
~Those who don't know if they have any abilities at all but would like to find out. 
~Those who are just discovering their abilites and would like to understand them better
~Those who have used their abilities regularly in the past but have gotten away from it and would like to get back into doing that more consistently
~Those who use their abilities on a regular basis but would like to have the fun and excitement of doing something different with new, like-minded people. 

To register for this event, please call For Heaven's Sake at 303-284-3470.

Location: For Heaven's Sake Metaphysical Store; 2680 Youngfield St.; Lakewood, Co. 80215
Date: January 17th, 2024
Time: 5:30 to 7:00pm
Cost: 35.00
Tarot for Libra: It seems to me here that finding your balance again through using your logical capabilities is actually something that is an ongoing project for you. It seems that you are in a fairly good space with this and still improving that. The only fly in the soup here is that you would like to have someone to share that balance with.
Tarot for Scorpio: It looks like we are putting a lot of our resources towards getting out of an obligation created by a contract or commitment we've made in the past. (This could be very literal, or it could be our own commitment to certain thought patterns even.) Whatever this commitment we were carrying is, it has been draining the happiness and sense of satisfaction from us. As we recognize how this is throwing our balance off, we also recognize that we aren't going to continue to let this go on anymore.

March 23, 2:00pm to 4:00pm Mountain (4:00-6:00 Eastern, 3:00-5:00 Central, 1:00-3:00 Pacific) time

Online Course

For decades Reiki was passed along from Master to student by word of mouth, demonstration & practice….personally. Amista will be teaching Usui Reiki in the Sacred and traditional way. This is the way that she was taught, and she believes that this kind of personal, traditional teaching is the best way to pass along the nuances of working with the energy.   
There is one twist though. These classes will be conducted online. In a world where our connections are scattered all over the globe, it’s important to be able to conduct classes that connect any who wish to participate from anywhere. 
Class size will be strictly limited so that everyone can get the personal attention that they need as Amista passes along the principles and practices of Reiki to each of her students.  

This is a certificate class, Meaning you will receive a certificate upon successful completion.  

At the end of this class, you will learn to perform Reiki on others, whether they are in the same room with you or at a distance. You will also learn the technique to do reiki for increasing mental and emotional good health in yourself or others. 

This class is for you if:  
~ you want to take your reiki practice to the next level
~ you want to assist others in improving health issues in their lives
~ you want to assist others in improving their mental and emotional health
~ you want to assist others to improve relationship issues in their lives
~ you want to assist others in improving toxic situations of any kind in thier lives
~ you would like to be able to assist people with reiki at a professional level and to have the certificate that allows you to charge for your services of this kind
This course is divided into 8, 2-hour segments. (Attendance
for each of them is necessary for course completion. If you miss one segment along the way, Amista may schedule you for a make-up session for an additional fee, at her discretion.) 
The first session will be February 23rd from 2:00pm to 4:00pm Mountain (4-6 Eastern, 3-5 Central, 1-3 Pacific) time. At that session we will be setting the schedule for the following classes together. 
Cost for course registration is $350 
Registration fees are non-refundable.
For questions about this course, feel free to contact Amista via text or Whatsapp at 1-720-980-3550
Tarot for Sagittarius: What we see you doing is cutting yourself loose from a thought process, perspective or state of mind that was holding you captive early in the week. This allows you to do some things mid-week that are for your own satisfaction and pleasure without anyone looking over your shoulder or trying to give you directives about it. It's important to note that whatever this is that you are doing mid-week is not something that you are doing alone. You have company in this endeavor, expedition or general adventure. This activity leads you to more clear communication with someone or with a multiple someone's by the end of the week....all of this being focused on bringing more balance to your life.
Tarot for Capricorn: What we see here indicates that for your balance, you are looking to bring more happiness, satisfaction or fulfillment to your life. We see you making preparations to do that mid-week. By the end of the week you are in full throttle creation mode when it comes to those things that you want to bring yourself into a more full and stable balance in your life, (happiness, satisfaction or fulfillment).
Tarot for Aquarius: It seems that there has been something you have been contributing too, either time, energy, money or effort, but what's been coming back to you as a result of your energy is not enough to make it feel like this situation is worth your while. It looks to me like stepping away from putting anything more into this situation in order to bring balance back to your life pays off in a big sense of relief for you.
Pisces sign of the zodiac
Happy Birthday Pisces!

Please accept as my birthday present to celebrate you, a 40% discount towards a live reading as long as you order it from me while the Sun is in Aquarius! (This does not have to be in person to be live, this also counts towards online or phone readings.)
Just let me know when you book the reading that you are having a birthday during the time of Pisces Sun and that you want the "newsletter birthday discount" and I will be happy to apply that to your total.

(Pisces Sun runs through March 20.)

Wishing you all the best on your Solar Returns!
Call, text or WhatsApp me to schedule your discounted reading for your birthday season.
Tarot for Pisces: Because of the imbalance that you are feeling in your life, we see you looking at what impression you are giving or how you are impacting those people who are in your sphere of influence. What shows up here is that as you do that, you begin to see that you and the way you present yourself to others is a significant part of the problem. By the end of the week, we see you deciding that it's important to invest in yourself to be able to make the impact that you want to on those around you.
Connect with Loved Ones Who Have Crossed Over (Gallery Reading by Amista Bennett)
April 28, 2024, 5:30 to 7:00

If you have been longing to hear from someone who has crossed over, now is the perfect time to attend a gallery reading! This will be a fascinating and fulfilling event!

To register for this event, please call For Heaven's Sake at 303-284-3470.

For Heaven's Sake Metaphysical Center
2680 Youngfield St.
Lakewood, Co. 80215