´╗┐Ramadan-Shawwal 1445

´╗┐Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family!

We pray that this Ramadan be one of deep reflection, productive, and full of blessings for you and yours (Ameen).

We look forward to seeing everyone during this blessed month!

We thank Allah Almighty for His enormous blessings on the ISCJ community and Barakah. May Allah Almighty provide us with calm hearts, good health, and strong Imaan.

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ISCJ Taraweeh Guidelines and Pertinent Info

Imam Chebli will give a talk 20 minutes before Isha Adhan daily!

Isha Adhan will be on time for the entire month of Ramadan!

Arrive early! Come with Wudu!

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  • Car Pool, Let the elderly park near Route 1 side entrance!
  • Cooperate with parking staff and volunteers at all times!


  • We have dedicated prayer rooms for parents and children on

the 2nd floor!

  • Children should not be running around in the masjid and MPR!´╗┐
  • Kids must stay with their parents! No babysitting will be provided!


  • Bring reusable water containers from home.
  • Be mindful of water wastage when making Wudu. 


  • Limited spots, come visit the office in person to register and abide by the written guidelines that will be provided during the in-person registration.


  • Fundraising will be limited as always, we ask everyone to participate in our 5K challenge and ISCJ envelope challenge!


As a reminder protocols have been put in place in order

to protect our congregants.

 ISCJ expects full cooperation from the WHOLE community!

ISCJ DAILY IFTAR Potluck in the Tent

Please note Only Saturday Iftar will be provided by ISCJ and generous donors

Daily Potluck Rules!

Each dish must be large enough to be shared

Upon coming to ISCJ, drop food off at the Tent for volunteers and then head to the Masjid for Maghrib. Food will be served ONLY after Maghrib.

Guests may bring in any food, from the main course to desserts.

Food is not allowed inside the masjid, only inside the tent!

 ISCJ expects full cooperation from the WHOLE community!

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