MAY 2023

Celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) sheds light on Mental Health Awareness during the month of May. It aims to bring awareness to, and fight the stigma around, mental illness. The theme this year is #MoreThanEnough which speaks to every person being more than enough just by being! 

Throughout the CBSG® Program emphasis is placed on celebrating ourselves and each other. Each one of us is unique and brings our own special qualities to life. Each one of us is important, not because of what we do or what we have but because of who we are! 

The CBSG® Program Domains help children and youth know they are #MoreThanEnough and in keeping with this year’s Mental Health Awareness Month theme, #MoreThanEnough, we thought it would be a good opportunity to describe how the five CBSG® Program Domains help kids embrace the idea they are not just enough, but #MoreThanEnough!

I AM – Self-Awareness: I AM likeable, capable, unique, and valued.

Unfortunately, all too often kids believe the negative messages they may receive from those around them. Through self-exploration and discovery, they can identify their strengths and positive character traits. Of course, everyone can make improvements, but this in no way diminishes their value.


I AM More Than Enough.

I CAN – Social Awareness & Competence: I CAN treat others like I want to be treated.

It is important for kids to know they deserve to be treated with kindness and respect, not as a reward based on their performance, but because they are part of the human race. When they learn to treat themselves well, they can in turn treat others with the kindness and respect they deserve.

I CAN treat others like they are More Than Enough.

I HAVE – Relationship Skills: I HAVE meaningful relationships and people who care about me.

Through connections we build strong, meaningful foundations. Our innate need to connect is universal, including all cultures and generations. The family, no matter its configuration, is designed to be where healthy relations and connections begin. But this may not be the reality for many kids. Through caring adult relationships and meaningful friendships kids can connect and fulfill their sense of belonging.

I HAVE connections with others who are More Than Enough.

I Will – Responsible Decision Making: I WILL make healthy, responsible decisions.

The consequences of some decisions can have a life-long impact and can be either positive or negative. This fact is critical for kids to understand. Knowing how to make healthy and responsible decisions is a skill that is learned. 

I WILL make healthy decisions because I am More Than Enough.

I BELIEVE – Sense of Purpose & Future: I BELIEVE in my purpose and future.

Recognizing their purpose both now and in the future, is critical for kids to maintain hope and persevere despite what their current circumstances may want them to believe. Embracing that they are, can, and have More Than Enough propels them into a future filled with positive possibilities.

I BELIEVE I am More Than Enough today and in the future.

Thank you for joining us this month as we shed light on mental health and equip children and youth with skills to know they are #MoreThanEnough through the CBSG® Program. 

With gratitude for your partnership,

The Rainbow Days Training Team

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Rainbow Days 2023 Impact Video

Be sure and checkout the NEW Rainbow Days’ Impact Video which debuted at the 26th Annual Pot of Gold Luncheon on Friday, May 5, 2023. Please enjoy the wonderful stories showcasing the impact Rainbow Days is making in our community!

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This training is designed to fully prepare schools, community-based organizations, churches, juvenile justice divisions, volunteers, and other youth service professionals to fully implement the CBSG® Program with fidelity. Those completing this training will receive their choice one of the CBSG® Program Facilitator manuals: 

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