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January 21, 2024

Important Dates & Links

  • January 8-24: MAP Testing Window
  • January 25: 6th Grade Coffee Talk
  • January 30: 5th Grade Coffee Talk
  • February 1: 7th Grade Coffee Talk
  • February 6: PTO Meeting
  • February 28-March 1: Book Fair

Raider Shop Temporarily Closed

Due to recent water damage, the Raider Shop will be temporarily closed until further notice. Thank you for your patience.

5th Grade Coffee Talk 

Tuesday, January 30 at 8:30 am

5/6 Assembly room 

Guest Speaker: Jodie Elder, PhD, LPC-S, LMFT

Topic: "Getting to their Hearts Through Their Heads"

Friendship challenges, increasing academic demands, packed extracurricular schedules, plus hormones...middle school can feel like navigating a minefield! In this engaging and interactive presentation, Dr. Jodie Elder integrates current findings from neuroscience and the work of Dr. Brenè Brown to help you keep your sanity, and more importantly, show up in the ways your child needs during the middle school years.

6th Grade Coffee Talk

Thursday, January 25 at 9:00 am

5/6 Assembly room 

Guest Speaker: Counselor, Charlotte Richter

Topic: "Finishing 6th Grade Well & Looking Toward 7th Grade:​ ‌Supporting your student in the transition to HPMS"

Note: This 6th grade Coffee Talk presentation will focus on social & developmental components, not course selection. Please be sure to attend one of the 6th to 7th Grade Transition presentations for parents on Wednesday, February 7 (9:00 a.m. or 6:00 p.m. in the MIS/HPMS Auditorium) for information regarding academics & 7th grade course selection.

7th Grade Coffee Talk

Thursday, February 1 at 8:30 am

7/8 Assembly Room

Topic: "Empowering Parents with Evidence-Based Tools for Managing Screen Use in Adolescence" 

Come hear from Moms and Psychologists, Drs. Alex Foxwell, PhD; Hayley Fournier, PhD; and Betsy Kennard, PsyD, ABPP, about how provide science-driven strategies to manage screen time in families. The presentation will cover self and adolescent assessments of screen time, recognizing the pros and cons of social media and technology, signs of problematic use, and how to communicate with your teens about social media and technology, including listening/validation skills and tips for checking in. There will be an opportunity for Q&A, and you'll leave with a collaborative family social media plan to take home. For more details about the presenters and their backgrounds, please click HERE.

New to MIS/HPMS? Join Us for a New Parent Coffee

If you are new to HPISD, please join us to connect with other parents and learn key information to help you navigate MIS/HPMS.

Monday, January 29, 9-10 am

5/6 Assembly Room

MIS Principal Dr. Skip Moran, HPMS Principal Dr. Kevin Hunt, counselors, and others will share valuable insight and information about our schools, what parents need to know, and other helpful tips for MIS/HPMS.

Questions? Please contact Newcomers Chairs: Annie Cochran, Elizabeth Conger, Jackie Converse, Stephanie Rushing, or Kathia Steel.

Please Join Us for Our February PTO Meeting 

Tuesday, February 6

12 - 1pm (lunch service begins at 11:45am)

7/8 Assembly Room

Guest Speaker: 

Kathleen Fisher

Speaker, Author, Family/Parenting Coach

Questions for our guest speaker? 

Please use the button below to submit your questions by February 1. 

Submit Questions

Thank you to our community sponsor, Johnson Oral Facial Surgery, 

for generously providing lunch at our February PTO meeting.

Letter from the Principal

Dear Raider Families,

I hope everyone stayed safe and warm during our recent cold weather.  Our students and teachers continue to work hard daily, and great things are happening at MIS.

Last week, we met with each 5th grade house to review our campus expectations. Raiders are safe, kind, respectful, and responsible. Although many shared that they were nervous about coming to a new school, finding their way around to multiple classes and meeting multiple teachers, managing increased school work, and learning to open their lockers, our 5th graders have made a great transition during the first semester. We learned that some things we thought would be hard have actually turned out to be easier than expected. We also learned that some things we thought would be easy are actually pretty hard. For example, it can be pretty hard to make new friends, even if everyone is trying to meet new people. Our reminders for starting the second semester were to reflect on how we can be our best every day and to be kind to our classmates and respectful to our teachers.

McCulloch is a great place to learn because we work hard, we have fun, and we are kind. Thank you for your support in raising safe, kind, respectful, and responsible students.

Go Raiders!

Dr. Skip Moran, Principal

McCulloch Intermediate School (214) 780-3500

Community Service Spotlight

McCulloch Intermediate School and the Student Leadership Committee will be hosting a Food Drive from January 22 through February 2, benefitting the Children’s Hunger Fund. Families interested in participating can request a FoodPak box from their student's advisory teacher, fill the box with items from the requested shopping list, and return the full box along with an $8 handling donation to support distribution.

Letter from the Principal

Hello Parents and Families,

I hope everyone had a great week and enjoyed the extra days off. We had a good week at school although an abbreviated one. We are looking forward to the coming weeks when we can hopefully have consecutive weeks without interruption. Below are a few items to keep in mind:

We have updated office procedures that will hopefully help everyone. In the front atrium inside the front door, there is a shelf where you can drop off any items with a note. We will then deliver all of those items to students. 

We also ask that you come inside to check students out of school. Once you have completed early dismissal checkout, you can wait in the front atrium or in the parking lot. We will send students to you once they make it to the office.

Thanks so much for all your help!

Study Skill Focus - Goal Setting - Setting short and long term goals

Set SMART goals at school

  1. Specific - Make your goal as specific as possible.
  2. Measurable - What gets measured is what gets done.
  3. Attainable - Make sure your goal is realistic.
  4. Relevant - Your goals should relate to and help you be successful at school.
  5. Time-Bound - There should be an end date or "finish line" so you can recognize and celebrate success.

Our mission at HPMS is to ensure high levels of learning and personal growth for all Raiders in and beyond the classroom. Thank you for helping us achieve our mission!

As always, please let me know if you have questions, suggestions, or concerns.

Thanks and Go Raiders!

Dr. Kevin Hunt, Principal

Highland Park Middle School  214-780-3600

8th Grade Parent Meeting at HPHS: January 24

8th grade parents are invited to attend a meeting at Highland Park High School on Wednesday, January 24 at 6:00 pm in the High School Auditorium to learn about the transition to high school.

Interested in auditioning for The SpongeBob Musical? Students in all grades (5th-8th) are welcome!

  • Crew auditions will be Jan 25, 26 and 29 from 4-5pm in Ms. Croft's classroom, B152. To sign up, please click HERE.

  • Cast auditions will be Jan 30, 31 and Feb 1 from 4-7pm in the Black Box Theatre, D105. To sign up, please click HERE.

For more information please join the Google Classroom (Code: hemqtvb)


Please congratulate the 7th grade girls basketball team on bringing home two more wins this week against McKinney Dowell.

HP A vs Dowell A

Dowell Wins


MVP: Addie Edwards

HP B vs Dowell B

HP Wins


MVP: Piper LaGere

HP C vs Dowell C

HP Wins


MVP: Stella Kovac

Please congratulate your 8th grade basketball teams on their wins against McKinney Dowell this week!

HP A vs Dowell A

HP Wins


MVP: Penny Armbrister

HP B vs Dowell B

HP Wins


MVP: Vivyana Bhatnagar

HP C vs Dowell C

HP Wins

31 - 6

MVP: Caroline Vardeman

Please congratulate the 8th Grade boys basketball team on breaking in our crisp new gym floor against McKinney Dowell with three quality team victories! Congratulations to this week's toughness award winners, Britton Anderson and Ben Parks.

White Team

HP Wins


Gold Team

HP Wins


Leading Scorers

Sebastian Kalil


Crews Messer (6pts)

Red Team

HP Wins


Leading Scorers

Britton Anderson (10pts)

Walker Wegman (9pts)

Matthew Cooper (8pts)


Attention 7th and 8th grade parents! If your son or daughter is interested in playing tennis this spring for Highland Park Middle School, please attend the mandatory parent meeting on Thursday, February 1, at 6:00pm. The meeting will be virtual and should take no more than 30 minutes. If interested, please use the link below to attend the meeting:

Questions? Please contact Coach Hogan.

Attention 7th Grade Parents:

Is Your Student Interested in 8th Grade Cheerleading?

Does your student want to be an 8th grade cheerleader for the 2024-2025 school year? 


If so, please save the date of Tuesday, January 30, at 6:30pm for a mandatory parent meeting at HPMS in the 7/8 Assembly Room.


Please contact Erika Hultsman with questions.

Save the Date: Transition Meetings Coming in February

6th to 7th Grade Upcoming Transition Dates

HP Class of 2030


  • Monday, February 5: 6th to 7th Transition Presentations for Students during their Social Studies classes
  • Wednesday, February 7: 6th to 7th Transition Presentations for Parents in the MIS/HPMS Auditorium (9:00 a.m. or 6:00 p.m.)
  • Friday, February 16: 7th grade Elective Choice Sheets due to Students' Advisory Teachers
  • Friday, February 16: Deadline for 7th grade elective selections submission on Skyward
  • Friday, February 23: Deadline for Skyward Parent Verification of 7th grade elective selections


Google Slides from the Transition Presentations will be posted on Mrs. Richter's webpage after those meeting dates. Students & parents can also access additional helpful transition resources on the same website as the information is released in February.


Questions? Please contact 6th grade counselor Charlotte Richter.

5th to 6th Grade Upcoming Transition Dates

HP Class of 2031


  • Friday, February 2: 5th Grade Fine Arts Showcase for Students during their Fine Arts Specials classes
  • Thursday, February 8: 5th to 6th Grade Transition Presentations for Parents in the MIS/HPMS Auditorium (9:30am or 6:00pm)
  • Monday, February 12 - Friday, February 16: 5th to 6th Grade Transition Presentations for Students during their Advisory by House
  • Wednesday, February 21: 6th Grade Elective Choice Sheets due to Students' Advisory Teachers
  • Friday, February 23: Deadline for 6th grade elective selections submission on Skyward

Questions? Please contact 5th grade counselor Rae Harvill.

SEPAC Valentine's Day Fundraiser

Show Your Love to Staff Members During the Valentine’s Day Notecard Sale


Recognize special teachers and staff members by purchasing a Valentine’s Day gift! This year, sale features packs of blank notecards with the theme "Kindness Matters" for $7 or 4 packs for $20. Our teachers and staff are always in need of blank notecards for use throughout the year for thank you notes and sending words of encouragement to students and each other.  Ordering is easy. Just click HERE.  The Special Education Parent Advisory Committee (SEPAC) will take care of delivery, so this is a super easy way to show your support and treat our amazing teachers and staff!


Deadline to order is February 3 or when our stock runs out, so please hurry! We have limited quantities available.


Money raised funds school materials, technology, events, and education that benefit special education teachers and students within HPISD.

Instructional Materials Reconsideration Committee Interest Form

HPISD parents who are interested in serving on the Instructional Materials Reconsideration Committee should submit an interest form by Jan. 26. Per EF (LOCAL), in the event that a book or other instructional resource is challenged, a reconsideration committee will be convened to review the resource and determine whether it should remain in use. Each time there is a need for a reconsideration committee, members will be randomly selected from the list of volunteers in accordance with administrative regulations. Each reconsideration committee shall consist of at least seven members. The chair shall be a District-level administrator and a non-voting member. The remaining committee members shall consist of an equal number of District staff and parents who are not employed by the District. Parents/Guardians who serve on a reconsideration committee shall have students enrolled at campuses with the grade level in which the challenged instructional resource is being used. 

Committee members can choose to remove themselves from the list of volunteers at any time. The administration will work to accommodate the schedules of committee members. If you have any questions, please contact Deputy Superintendent Dr. Shorr Heathcote at

To submit an interest form, click HERE.

HP Cheer

Raiders Reaching Out

Raiders Reaching Out is ready to serve our Raider students, families, and staff in need of support and to honor those who go above and beyond to serve our school and children. Please let us know if you know someone in our Raider community who needs some sunshine sent their way! You can email us confidentially

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