Happy Father's Day
from Rafael the Turtle!

Hello, Christmas-loving friends:

For those of you who just joined my blog, I am Rafael, the newest elf here at The Christmas Shoppe. I was recently found walking Main Street in Boerne and offered employment in the jolliest store in town. My most important task is to share with you the fun things I've learned about holidays, ornaments, decorating, and especially Christmas. I'm hoping that by reading my experiences, you will get to experience just some of the joys found inside our doors and "Celebrate Always" where it's Christmas everyday.

This week's big news is FATHER'S DAY! Some other big news is BERGES FEST!

For those of you are new to the area, Berges Fest is a local festival celebrating The Hill Country and our German Heritage. For as far back as The Christmas Shoppe can remember, it falls on Father's Day weekend. We don't know why. Maybe it's because it's hard to find something men like, and men like our Berges Fest. They get to dress in liederhosen (or not), eat German food, drink beer, watch a parade (or help build a float), and enjoy the sights of a happening fair ground. The festival is conveniently located at the Kendall County Fairgrounds where you can see Dachshund Races, Strudel Baking Contests, Polka Bands, and other German fun. Honestly, the Dachshund Races are probably the most fun thing you will ever experience in your life! No joke. The Berges Fest Parade will be parading down Main Street on Saturday morning. So, between the parade and the construction on IH-10, be aware of traffic jams. If you live in Boerne, the parade is a real highlight to the event. You will see your neighbors. You will see your friends. Most locals are either in the parade or watching it. So, get your smile and arm wave ready to "say hello to friends you know and everyone you meet." For more information about the event, you can click here.

Now, about dads: Dads are great! Sure they are all different, with different interests and personalities, but they are there when we need them. They teach us to do oil changes. They teach us to drive. They give us dating advice. O_O They teach us to swim (mine did). They dole out money when we need a little extra cash. So, let's celebrate our dads. Take them out to eat a local restaurant. Give them a good slap on the back or high five or a big hug. Kick back, share a laugh, and relax with a ice, cold beer alongside the big guy. Sure, we have several awesome gifts and cards for dads that will make him smile (some are pictured here and on our facebook page, pinterest, and instagram), but it's the time you spend with him that he will truly treasure. If you are out and about on Father's Day, whether you are a father or have one in tow, drop by our shoppe. We have a special gift for all dads who come in our store.

We hope you have enjoyed Rafael's latest blog. Unfortunately, he has gone missing. No ransom has come in yet, but until he returns, another elf may be stepping in to help with blogging. You can check our Facebook page,   Pinterest, or Instagram for other fun news. You can, also, forward this to friends and invite them to get our latest musings direct to their inbox when they join our blog email list. All of the elves love to share stories, tips, recipes, and odd bits of information they pick up around town. We may, also, throw in an occasional coupon for our closest followers.
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