RWD - Feb. Newsletter
How Do I Get My Site to Rank Higher in 2023? GA4 + GTranslate
I am asked this question every few months, so I wanted to gather MANY of my articles over the many years to answer the question, 'So how do I get my site to rank higher in 2023?' Below are 10 ways with various links for these archived articles. Select and read all you desire!

1. Fresh Content - This idea of having ever changing content has always been at the top of any SEO experts lists. 'Fresh' can be defined best as monthly or 'more often than your competition'. If your competitor has fresh monthly content, yours needs to change every few weeks. (Discussed 9/20 , 9/15 , 9/14 & 7/14 )
2. Have a Positive User Experience - This was a new concept in 2022 from Google and focuses on mobile-friendly, HTTPS, visual stability, loading speed, clear CTA's (Call-to-Actions), etc. (Discussed 10/21 & 5/21 )

3. Targeted Keywords Researched - What phrases do your potential customers use to search for your business in 2023? Having the correct keywords to target is usually the very first step in the SEO process. If you do not have the best keywords to target, then your success will be limited. (Discussed 10/16)
4. Fast Loading of Your Site - Does site speed influence SEO? – “Site speed is everything”. Google representatives tell us that optimizing for speed is one of the most important things you can do right now. (Discussed 12/20 )

5. Mobile Friendly / SSL - Google published in the Google webmaster blog their tips to getting ready for the mobile-first index. Since 80-85% of most web traffic is on mobile devices, it makes sense to base search results on a number of mobile factors. Having a https: URL creates an encrypted connection between your web server and your visitors’ web browser allowing for private information to be transmitted. (Discussed 1/18 , 5/15 & SSL )
6. Have Many Inbound Links - One of Google's longest maintained ranking factors is - How many OTHER web sites link to your site? If you have more related sites that link to you than your competition, Google thinks that your site is more valuable and will rank you higher, (Discussed 1/20 , 1/19 , 12/16 , 8/15 & 7/14 )
7. Have Many Google Reviews - Very similar to links, the more Google Reviews your site has in 2023, the better your site will rank. Once again - more than your competitors! Simply ask your customers for a review of your services. (Discussed 9/21 , 3/21 , 7/18 , 6/1511/14 )

8. Reduce your Bounce Rate - A website’s bounce rate is the percentage of people who leave the site from the same page they entered the site, without clicking through to any other pages. This can be a good indicator of how good a website’s navigation is, as well as an indicator of the quality of the site’s content. If your bounce rate is lower than your competition, then your site may / will rank better.

9. Use H1, Alt Tags, META info Correctly - Using H1 tags, alt tags, proper META information are all part of a properly constructed web site. Properly built web sites always rank better in Google (Discussed 1/21 , 4/20 , 1/18)

10. Fix Broken Links - (Discussed in Services) - Google knows when a link is bad / broken.
Google Analytics v.3 will no longer process new data in standard properties beginning July 1. Over the next few months, I will be setting up and switching all clients over to Google Analytics 4 properties. So far it is NOT an easy switch!
Does your site have visitors that speak languages other than English, or are from foreign lands? Do you wish to have an easy way to TRANSLATE your web site? GTranslate is a nice WordPress plugin that works with most sites. See it in action here - - - - Stoneville - MainStreetUMC - Let me know if you are interested!